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Name: Download MTC - Sorry I think I overkilled
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   MEFjihr
Version: 23-Aug-2019
Released: 23-Aug-2019
TMX id: 5350157
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 31,253
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
8:14.94   MEFjihr+ 0:00.0031,253
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
9:26.93   NitroGuy!»UD+ 1:11.993,978
9:36.23   Frozenkhaos»UD+ 1:21.29454
9:38.37   ziro_der_hutt+ 1:23.430
9:49.47   rad+ 1:34.530
9:53.65   Kiemmas+ 1:38.710
10:44.04   OLDA_X+ 2:29.100
10:53.58   gazo+ 2:38.640
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Author Comments

Hello guys,

This is my MTC map for this month which is "Long" and the criteria is min 3 minutes AT...
and since everyone building 3-4 mins map which is like the minimum, i decided to build a real LONG map (without multilap ofc). So here u have it 8 min map , wooooow!!! Good job man! .. Thank you, thank you, no problem

Some small info about the map

Outro: done:
Muffins .. oh wait, got distracted

Coppers: Unbeievable 16 141 - U might need to lower ur graphics for this one

Btw. This map is a huge colaboration of excellent Island drivers

Map built buy "MEFjihr" and "LadybugLover"
GPS driven by "Strawberry Muffin" which is 8:14:01 +- dont remember and i m too lazy
MT done by "CUTjihr"

How many hours did u spend on this map?

This map was build for DCC (Dual Chase Cup) and I spent 1,5hour building the map + 2-3 hours building the scenery and the time in the finish was 2:30mins (U can see you re going near the start in this part (might be 2:10-3:00 depends on ur skill), but then DCC was cancelled for a while so I decided to build this map for CRC (Copper Rift Challenge)... so I had a really difficut job of building the map into an existing scenery, which I loved, so I couldnt delete it easily, but I somehow made another 5mins of the map -> this took me another 6 hours (especially because of the existing scenery), but I got it right into the Multilap block - I loved that idea of finishing right where u started... But then again - the scenery.. this time it wasnt that hard since the scenery kinda already existed, so I ve been doing it for another 4 hours (Signage was the main problem, I wanted to make this map clear and it was really tricky... So ok, this was for CrC... but then... HMMM, MTC "long"!!!!!!! Hey, perfect! lets extend this map a bit so it fits the theme perfectly -> I made the loop right after the start which might be a bit confusing but I believe u can find the way there... Then was a problem - How to get again to the start? (I loved the idea, so I had to go for it), so I just try to build more and more, but go towards the start block and then finally got the idea of how to do it with a double reuse! (first one is the road, second one is the platform before the fin)! I was so happy about it - this part I was building 1,5 hours (was pretty difficult to find a free space for this, then scenery another 1 hour,,,, So the map was complete and now I had to make GPS run + MT + delete all bugs and weird spots - this whole part I was doing like 5 hours? maybe 6.. dont remember and the final part - test of others and feedback - since this map was tested for DCC, CrC and Mtc, I think it should be really good in every way, especially the scenery and the signage, but improving according to the feedbacks of all the great players (Frozen, Blackq, Hawki), I managed to do this! (This took me like 2h+)
So the Final Number of hours spent on this map:4+6+4+1,5+1+5+2= That means 28 hours spent on this map! ... wow, didnt realise it untill now

Enjoy and have a great time siding on this noslide map, Cya!

(Screenshot will be added maybe =that means 1% chance) = already added dx


And also - who beats the AT gets 1 copper! But dont tell anyone, dont want to become poor human being

User Comments
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  NitroGuy!»UD 24-Aug-2019
thank you for not making a map as long as this:

"CMC - Lethal Overdose"
  MEFjihr 24-Aug-2019
Nitro: Yes, I oculd make this map a bit longer, but it would become too bad and the route wouldnt be clear enough, so I preffered this, which should be great imo


thank you so much Raspberry muffin! Glad u liked it ur time is pretty good tho, this map is really hard to make it clean - I was making the gps for 1h+ and still managed to slide in one turn. Thanks!

Olda_x: Thank you!

Kiemmas: Thanks, I was really trying hard to make everything clear and to have nice scenery everywhere which helps u with the right direction. I m happy that u appreciated it and don't worry about your time, it's good!

Ziro_der_hut: not sure if it's chill since I kinda rage while doing the gps, because the map is so long and hard on same places.. and u know - GPS should be smooth, u really don't want to see crashes in the run anyways, thank you for an award

gazo: Thank you very much, I m so happy that noone got lost there (or at least for a moment and then found a way again)
How many hours did I spend? This is interesting question, thank you -> I will answer above .. Thanks!
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Frozenkhaos»UD 24-Aug-2019
i uploaded my first try , god that cool work you did here

You deserve this Great job cheater!
User Award   OLDA_X 24-Aug-2019
Very nice
User Award   Kiemmas 24-Aug-2019
In this site, long tracks are above 5 minutes, not just 3 minutes as the minimum requirement for this month MTC.

I award this track since I did not get lost thanks to the amazing use of signage and the mock finish lines that makes you feel "Ohh I'ts finally over...oops not yet, wait !" and the fact that it does not get boring for its size.

Sorry for my time
User Award   ziro_der_hutt 24-Aug-2019
Very nice Long Chill Track
User Award   gazo 25-Aug-2019

Excellent track. Fortunately signage directions are very well placed because it is a real labyrinth.

How many hours did you spend building this track?
User Award   NoTimeToDrive 26-Aug-2019
Nice build MEF
I'm not a fan of long tracks,
but you say senery was sweet.
So I thought I'd give it a try

Overall...Well done and not bored!!
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