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Name: Download Pool Party!!!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   NoTimeToDrive
Version: 18-Aug-2019
Released: 18-Aug-2019
TMX id: 5348258
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 36,762
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:50.70   MEFjihr+ 0:00.0036,762
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:51.25   Fallout Boy+ 0:00.5534,369
0:52.20   OLDA_X+ 0:01.5030,236
0:52.32   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:01.6229,714
0:53.44   astra0815+ 0:02.7424,841
0:54.84   gazo+ 0:04.1418,750
0:55.30   ziro_der_hutt+ 0:04.6016,749
0:55.65   P&H+ 0:04.9515,227
0:59.47   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:08.770
1:01.70   Halogucker+ 0:11.000
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Author Comments

Hello all

Just an Island track
I'll hope you enjoy the ride

For the people who can't play this track with this mod!
Here the version without the MOD!
"Pool Party - Without MOD now!! by   NoTimeToDrive"

Extra comment i forgot to mention here:
It's from below..copy to here for all readers

Thanks a lot for friendly comment DMW»UD
And of course also for

I forgot to tell that you are the one,
who said it's better to keep road darker,
and the sides a bit lighter!
Even Jebe brought it up after you told it.
He say the same,
that he fail on the darker part on the edge
So i tried different things...but i think i nailed it now

Thanks a lot for input DMW»UD
You are a real designer
UD rocks

BTW: UD means United Designers
If i have it wrong..correct me please

Thanks to everybody for the cool replays!!
Love to watch them

User Comments
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  NoTimeToDrive 18-Aug-2019
Lol thanks kaugummi59
Nice comment
Thx for

Thx a lot OLDA_X
I appreciate your response
You set a great time!!
Thx for

hahah P&H
Thx for
Glad you like it

Argg sorry to hear gazo
But glad you give it an
Thanks for that

Grass is almost in HD mode.
It is very textured.
Maybe thats it

Thanks a lot for friendly comment DMW»UD
And of course also for

I forgot to tell that you are the one,
who said it's better to keep road darker,
and the sides a bit lighter!
Even Jebe brought it up after you told it.
He say the same,
that he fail on the darker part on the edge
So i tried different things...but i think i nailed it now

Thanks a lot for input DMW»UD
You are a real designer
UD rocks

Thx a lot Halogucker for

Thx ziro_der_hutt for

Thx a lot for MEFjihr
Do you have the right MOD
Now the edge is very good visible
Change the road 4 times before upload stuff here
You drove the beta..that was bad i notice later
DMW told me where the problem was

Thx for Dengel
I appreciate your response

Hahaha lol Dvil»ken
Better late then sorry
So sad you have trouble to see the road
I put the track without mod online to
Of course thx for

"Pool Party - Without MOD now!! by   NoTimeToDrive"

  OLDA_X 18-Aug-2019
Thanks! If i see astra record i must find an other way. Some turbos maybe contraproductive. Exactly I do not understand that overtaking me where I hold noslide. He only better caught a yellow boost (after long jump) that I narrowly missed, but this should not be essential think because i hold no-slide here again.

Nt Astra
  NoTimeToDrive 18-Aug-2019

I think you don't need red after first cp.
Without you can make a sharper bend.

And on the second platform your bend is bit wide.
You lose some speed in the curve after tunnel

after have some spots where you still get some time

Thanks for trying
  OLDA_X 18-Aug-2019
"You lose some speed in the curve after tunnel" Yes there my big problem I lose here aroun 0,6 sec
  NoTimeToDrive 18-Aug-2019
My GPS can help you a little maybe
If you do that curve a bit better..even slide is no problem
Then you can jump a bit to right on the platform.
Give you some time to

PS:GPS is with keyboard
  OLDA_X 18-Aug-2019
done but astra still better He killing me
  NoTimeToDrive 18-Aug-2019
Hahha great job OLDA_X
But you are close now
Keep your head up
  OLDA_X 18-Aug-2019
It is very difficult to ride it without mistakes. My ride certainly not precise. I think 51 possible, but I leave it to younger drivers .
  NoTimeToDrive 18-Aug-2019
Wow respect OLDA_X!!
Great great time you set
Thats hard to beat
Thanks for the replay

I see indeed you can improve it a little if you want to watch it

And just when i wrote this
There is an faster replay show up
Oh boy

Well done Fallout Boy
Thats fast
  Fallout Boy 18-Aug-2019
I saw the comment 51 is possible and thought "huh? not unless the other way is faster"
It's faster
  NoTimeToDrive 18-Aug-2019
OMG!!! Fallout Boy!!
Men!!..thats a realy say double realy fast time!!
What a cool ride
Well done Mister

Maybe 50 is possible
  OLDA_X 18-Aug-2019
I seriously considered about this alternative way at the end, but I never really tried it, because the tiny unpleasant crossing of roads is too difficult for me. But here it still possible to take twoo (not only one) yellow boosters after impact of platform. Also the left red booster (after a first CP) is certainly faster than yellow and noslide possible of course.
that's why I said 51. An alternative way at the end of track is another bonus.
  NoTimeToDrive 19-Aug-2019
Yes OLDA_X you are so right with that red booster!
I thought it only slow you down.
But it doesn''s indeed faster
I was terribly wrong

That alternative way at the end..i love it
I know there where more ways to finsh.
Didn't thought that indoor road was faster

Thanks for all comments here
  OLDA_X 19-Aug-2019
I have added all my records and also all TMX records as my opponents. I accidentally shot a personal record. Video here
And only for fun twoo boosters acceleration video shot
  NoTimeToDrive 19-Aug-2019
Wow OLDA_X!!!
That looks wonderful!!
What an amazing video you shoot here!!
Thanks a million time Mister!!

I have NO yt account
OtherWays you get a big thumbs up

So here your thumbs up from me!!

BTW:Very nice video jump!!
  OLDA_X 19-Aug-2019
  MEFjihr 20-Aug-2019
I saw "maybe 50 possible?" - Thanks for a challenge Ed!
  NoTimeToDrive 21-Aug-2019
Dang MEF
BIg time you set here!!

I see Fallout Boy improve his time to
Go get him Fallout!!

And it looks OLDA_X set his time better to
Have a couple replays from you now

Thanks for the nice times all
  MEFjihr 21-Aug-2019
ye, had .98 yesterday, then saw fallout improving, so i set few .9x (like 5 times) and then i got this bad boy my max would be .4 or .5, but that would be with luck, lets see if anyone can beat it
  NoTimeToDrive 21-Aug-2019
Well....i need some practice
But maybe i can beat it!!

One day!!
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   kaugummi59 18-Aug-2019
Video in the race.
Good mod
Best work.
Have fun driving
Here is your Price
User Award   OLDA_X 18-Aug-2019
Super map Nice work
User Award   P&H 18-Aug-2019
fantastic easy fun track.....gimme more
User Award   gazo 18-Aug-2019

The track is not fluid, my computer has a hard time displaying all the images.
User Award   DMW»UD 18-Aug-2019
Great work Eddie

your new map is super fun to ride, the mod and videos give it a cool atmosphere

Let's Party
User Award   Halogucker 18-Aug-2019
Good track, nice speed, great flow
User Award   ziro_der_hutt 19-Aug-2019
User Award   MEFjihr 21-Aug-2019
Nice map with a lot of interesting lines, which needs to be found before hunting

Just the end is a bit tricky since u can't see the edge of the wall with this mod
User Award   Dengel 23-Aug-2019
Cool Track

we wanna see more
User Award   Dvil»ken 28-Aug-2019
Sorry for my late award my super friend

You know that i like it, but the end (only because of my bad old eyes

Thank you for this map Ed !!!!!!

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