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Name: Download Drive This
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Zooz
Version: 13-Nov-2007
Released: 13-Nov-2007
TMX id: 534823
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,319
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Platform Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Lunatic
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Bay
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World RecordPenByDifferenceScoreLB
13:59.86 + 260s  Zooz+ 0:00.001,319
Top 10PenByDifferenceScore  LB
33:24.64 + 760s  CubicReg+ 19:24.780
88:46.54 + 2690s  klovni+ 74:46.680
258:58.37 + 7760s  maphios+ 244:58.510
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
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Author Comments

Here's a little Platform track for you all. It's pretty hard. Try to finish it!

If driven perfectly (without respawns), it is about 3:45, maybe 4 mins long. The problem is driving it perfectly. As you can see from my author time I didn't manage it, but i'm not that good at Platform. I bet someone can. In fact, I think I'll make a contest out of it.
Update: You can find it here, 4000 coppers up for grabs!

The track's difficulty has a lot to do with the jumps, but there are other hard stunts as well like that one wallride for example. On this one you don't just need to be lucky, you also need to drive good. Just look at that tunnel section where you'll probably get stuck, can't do that with bad steering.

Have fun, and good luck!

NOTE: If you can't make the tunnel (the hardest part, probably impossible with keyboard (edit: it's not)), and still want to check more of the track, drop to the road on the left and down from the checkpoint before the tunnel. You skipped 2 checks then, so not too much of the track.

User Comments
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  Zooz 13-Nov-2007
Just updated it (changed medal goals), so to the 1 person who already got it, please redownload it or you'll have wasted your time
  Dengel 13-Nov-2007
i did the tunnel after 82 trys , to reach the speed to make it possible was nearly impossible ... i was so lucky to reach the road after it , but then i did a stupid mistake and pressed the del button .... now i am demotivated ... lol anyway what i sawn yet , it was nice

but: do u believe any keyboarder will finish it ?
  Zooz 13-Nov-2007
I don't think keyboarders will make it ^^
But that's normal for Zooz platform tracks: "Controller Discrimination by   Zooz"

Hmm, while i was validating it i got the tunnel about 1 of 10 times on average, keep trying ^^

There's another such part near the end, although it's a bit less "don't slide" and more "don't hit one of the walls".
  Dengel 13-Nov-2007
lol , u should write it in your comments, i guess there will be a lot of guys who try it and they won´t even have a chance to finish it (evil-lol)

i will finish it if i won´t see a time in a week , don´t wanna steal coopers for the drivers who can need them ... but i will use 200 trys i believe .... good to hear that the tunnel part is the hardest one (or that the rest of the track isn´t harder )
  Zooz 13-Nov-2007
Hah, just made it past the tunnel with 1 respawn, and that one was from before the tunnel. Too bad i kept crashing the next hard part :/

Still finished the run, with 26 respawns, same as author run...
Now someone else do it ^^
  Dengel 13-Nov-2007
lol nice i will watch your other one soon btw,
u have to motivate some bay lovers out of your team if u wanna see finishes ... i think its a unhuman map for a "normal" tmx-player (its even unhuman for me and i would call me a tms specialist )
  X-ray 13-Nov-2007
Come on Dengy, you can really do it if you try
Would like to see Zooz' replay eventually...
  Zooz 14-Nov-2007
Thx for the award Xray! You need about 388+ kmh I think. Who knows, maybe its possible with keyboard with the right line, I dunno. Don't think so though.

My replays are full of respawns

Added a note on how to check the rest of the track if you can't make the tunnel
  Dengel 14-Nov-2007
of course i can xray but i am bored of playing longer then 20 mins , and i wasn´t able to finish it in those 20 mins

btw: pjw platform tracks are harder then this one
  NitroGuy!»UD 17-Nov-2007
It's very easy for me to make it to the 2nd checkpoint!
But to the third....
  Zooz 17-Nov-2007
Well, it would be pretty impressive, but how would you know the driver drove the whole thing with keyboard? Maybe they used an analog stick for one or two turns
  maphios 19-Nov-2007
Is there a prize for the 2nd one to finish also ? I don´t think that anyone will make it with 0 respawns, so there would be enough coppers left .
Unfortunately my replay is too large for TMX ( ~1,44 MB:$).
But here is the link: Replay
Took me 2 h to finish.......
  MikoZ 24-Nov-2007
i did the tunnel part with kb.. it was luck anyways but.
  maphios 07-Jul-2008
Now the upload worked
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   X-ray 13-Nov-2007
Hmm Zooz, being a keyboard driver I had to try this one... I got to the tunnel but it's damn near impossible to do with keys, I couldn't get more than 380 km/h (or tmu speed actually) in there, while 400+ is needed I suppose... then I just dropped down from the cp in front of the tunnel to the one below the platform and could do all the following parts, even if they were hard. When I had made it over the red reverse booster after that big jump later on, I accidently pressed del instead of enter, which is kinda unpreventable if you respawn that often - but all the parts before were possible and I think the parts after that (couldn't try, stupid del key ) might be possible with keys too... so without the tunnel I could maybe finish it
Anyway, lots of great ideas in here so I needed to award it, especially because I managed to experience quite a few of them
Maybe you shouldn't have passworded it, I know players are supposed to do it in one go but - let's face it - most of them just can't, so it would've been nice to be able to skip parts (like that nasty tunnel^^) or get back to where you were after pressing del :/
All in all a fantastic track for the most deviant masochists out there Lovely
User Award   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 15-Nov-2007
Nothing to say ...
Awesome platform track 4 real experts!

Nothing 4 the normal level in TMU!
But watching your replay was very funny, and how much bad luck you got!

- Impossible! -
User Award   clutch32 15-Nov-2007

+Mega super hard. I tried with keyboard and didn't reach
the first cp.

This is impossible. But it takes some skills to create this hard
platform track

User Award   Tuta 15-Nov-2007
sooo hard it makes me angry wanna crack your password to play all parts the way i want good job

<--From: >>Tuta<<
User Award   maphios 18-Nov-2007
Finally finihsed it with 776 respawns
most of my tries ( about 550) were at the third last CP, where u have to drive this super tight curve to get clean to the next street part, to make a wide jump to the CP. This part was insane , the hardest of the track for me
unfortunately i can´t upload my replay as it´s too large for TMX !
but here an award for this crazy track
btw: is there any prize for the second one to finsih thie one ?! Would be cool.....

User Award   JumperJack 07-Jul-2008
well, after being stucked somewhere, and having seen your replay, i've got to say, i'm amazed. this track is just insane!!

and then i thought to have made the hardest platform track of all, and two days after its release, i come across this one... well, i guess this must be the hardest one around, and i guess indeed, that you're probably the only one capable of driving that zero respawn run!!

i might just finish it... sometimes... ^^

an for you
User Award   Sandder 23-Nov-2008
Awesome track^^
User Award   occam 13-Jan-2010
i couldn't finish it...not by a long shot...i usually want to finish a track (obvious for race tracks^^ but as RPG fan that sometimes takes time and patience) but in the case of Drive This i am pretty confident all the time and patience in the world would not make me see the finish line :-)...and so i award this track not for the fun i had on it...but for the sheer outstanding difficulty. After all it is not the poor tracks fault, that its author is driving in his own League of Joystick driven Masterskills, so i want to award it (together with Controller Discrimination). 'Drive This' is one step beyond insane :->>

YouTube --> DriveThis
User Award   klovni 23-Mar-2010
Great and VERY challenging track
This was the very first platform track which i drove. (except some random nadeo's)
I liked it much, couple of amazing little tricks. Only negative side is that the track was made (IMO) for players who handle joystick or wheel well, not for the ones who plays with kb or pad with tapping like me. So without "the correct steering style" it is very hard to get enough speed to complete some of the jumps. But it was fun, maybe not when you play the one jump for the 90th time, but at least the feeling when you see the finish-line after over 1 hour of tired playing When I decide to complete track, it's very hard for me to just quit before I have reached the finish-line.

So keep on mapping zooz-style, I kinda like it when it isn't league track

I'm sure that building this track took you some time, so here it goes:
A well deserved award for great track
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