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Name: >> Dakkon Tribute <<
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   lui tim
Version: 23-Jun-2019
Released: 23-Jun-2019
TMX id: 5304873
LB Rating: 37,086
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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0:46.05   Kif+ 0:00.0037,086
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0:48.31   rulz+ 0:02.2626,165
0:48.76   Psikopate+ 0:02.7123,991
0:49.32   uk.VR+ 0:03.2721,285
0:49.72   wardav+ 0:03.6719,352
0:52.28   speedy_57+ 0:06.236,982
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Author Comments

Hey Folks on TMX,
this is my latest creation, i´m especially proud of . Sorry for all that text btw.

In the last time i´ve been driving a few Dakkon maps, with their unique style and incredible speed. Sadly this mapper isn´t roaming the halls of TMX anymore. So i decided to build a map that tributes him. Be aware that i am not trying to copy him, but build a map that catches the spirit (at least i tried ).

To the map:
It is a Fullspeed map (yes you heard right, Fullspeed on coast ) with fast pace, wide Corners and red Boosters. As the coast car is quite difficult to handle at such high speeds (although 300 isn´t even that fast ) i left lots of room in the wide Corners, so that you don´t have to be an expert to take them FS. That´s also the reason i tagged it as intermediate and not expert. Nevertheless it still FS and small mistakes will be punished. Additionally, as it is FS, the CP´s are respawnable, but it should be your goal not to make use of that .
The map is only drivable FS, if u take at least 80-90% of the antiboosters after the first jump. However, if you really want get the best possible time out of this map, it is wise to skip as much of these antiboosters as possible and regulate your speed afterwards by breaking and/or releasing. That way you keep more speed afterwards, but obviously it is more difficult to get the following Corners right. (A bit weird that a FS map is faster not driving it FS )

- Map Size: 5822cc. The map is quite huge as i used almost all of the space available and put in lots of scenery for the Special experience .
- Map has Intro (First one i ever made. Huge Thanks to rulz for introducing me to the Basics of how to make an intro. Check out his maps, to see how it´s really done ), GPS and Outro
- Held myself back with AT this time, hope it´s not too hard to beat this time
All in all the map is quite basic (actually only 3 Corners to drive), but i hope the scenery as well as MT makes it a bit of an experience .

P.S.: If you like These kind of fast coast maps, where the car is on the edge of it´s possibilities, check out Dakkon´s maps. For example this one: "E x t r e m B"

User Comments
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  lui tim 23-Jun-2019
Thank you very much for the Award,
Frozenkhaos, good to hear such nice words
Kif, i´m glad that u like it . You´ll surely get it FS, just try to get all of the first red antiboosters, then the following Corners are quite doable FS
rulz. For the jump onto the 2nd antiboosters you have to get the right angle. It´s quite unavoidable, that, now and then, the car gets thrown sideways . Your tips made a great base Intro. The rest just came out that way by playing with all the other functions
wardav, thanks for all the compliments, and i´m happy you like the MT
Vivid, thank you so much for the compliments I´m sure after a few tries you can get it, too. You don´t have to drive it FS of course
  Kif 23-Jun-2019
I haven't been able to drive it full speed yet. I'll keep trying, though
Woohoo! Full speed and AT

@tim thanks
  lui tim 24-Jun-2019
Clean run, very nice m8
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User Awards
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  frozenkhaos»UD 23-Jun-2019
Heyo mate! Really cool map.
On the other hand I would like to emphasize this very nice intro.
I can not believe that this your first time.
it is really very well done, congratulations.!!!
  ichq 23-Jun-2019
lui tim
  Kif 23-Jun-2019
Fantastic full speeder and nice tribute I have to admit that I'm not familiar with dakkon's work Also a beautiful scenery which makes it even more enjoyable to race the track Congrats for the complete and nice MT work Lots of mappers skip this part because it is indeed time consuming (I'm guilty of that too lately ) Here is a well deserved
  rulz 23-Jun-2019
This is an amazing track I have not tried full speed everywhere but getting close The reverse boosters are always a bit of a surprise how they work The first one was easy to avoid but the second one threw me sideways a lot of times Great scenery Enjoyed racing this track The INTRO is way more than I expected you to do for a first try. The "End of Race" Camera work is very well done It's always hard to keep the car in view with so many different times. A well deserved award for you
  wardav 24-Jun-2019
First of all.
Nice to see, that You built track for Dakkon, becouse Dakkon was a great builder
Another what we and I can say, is not easy build fast,
wild and wide track and also drive it, manage it and find a way for flow design whenb You create it.

You made and b uild a biug tracka and I rly like it, becouse it is cup of my good hot black coffee.

MT wokr deserve another and from my piont of view is number 1.

So enjoy your and keep your work for us

  Psikopate 26-Jun-2019
The Dakkon spirit it !
  uk.VR 30-Jun-2019
full speed..? on Coast..??
the map looks excellent mate, but i fear all those red boosters
Sadly my coast driving is not as good as this map demands. But it's clear your build-skills are as good as your driving
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