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Track Name
Name: Left Right & Center
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   roenie
Version: 17-Mar-2019
Released: 12-Mar-2019
TMX id: 5224155
LB Rating: 30,177
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Multi
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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Offline World Record
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:19.82   Zooz+ 0:00.0030,177
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:19.94   *Garfovsky+ 0:00.1229,904
1:22.13   rad+ 0:02.3124,937
1:22.24   roenie+ 0:02.4224,687
1:25.31   OLDA_X+ 0:05.4917,723
1:30.22   PoisonWasp+ 0:10.406,586
1:37.66   Frx ben75+ 0:17.840
1:40.82   Bladerunner78+ 0:21.000
2:50.55   kaugummi59+ 1:30.730
1:23.13   onway+ 0:03.31-
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Author Comments

YouTube video of the track:

A complete 2019 overhaul of a track project from 2004, which is over here: . I changed more than I didn't, and it's a vastly better experience. I added an intro explaining the 3 multi-routes - you can't go wrong. The track has a new tunnel complex. Everything has been refined to provide the right look, feel and challenge without being unfairly punishing/annoying.

In 2004 I built a castle with a moat for TM Original:
"Kamikaze" was even better received: .
These still work in United, so check them out.

User Comments
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  roenie 12-Mar-2019
Thanks OLDA_X, nice WR.
  OLDA_X 12-Mar-2019
Thanks but my time is not too goog, I thing records under 1:22 certainly possible
  roenie 12-Mar-2019
I believe you, and I'd love to see that replay. Players of older games tend to get extremely good over the years.
  onway 13-Mar-2019
  roenie 13-Mar-2019
Track updated: added two checkpoints. New author replay uploaded.
  onway 14-Mar-2019
Thanks for the update
  roenie 15-Mar-2019
Nice lap! Thanks for the awards. Edit: LOL Zooz, thanks.
  rad 15-Mar-2019
I'm sorry but I found another one

Welcome back to the game btw!
  *Garfovsky 16-Mar-2019
would love to play this once cuts are fixed completely. seems like a really cool map concept.
  roenie 17-Mar-2019
Added checkpoints. Should prevent all possible cuts.
New author replay uploaded. Have fun.
  Frx ben75 17-Mar-2019
The checkpoint after the tunnel should be placed a little further.
  roenie 17-Mar-2019
Why would that be? It was a deliberate choice, so unless the reason is that there's a cut (unlikely) or something else very important, it stays put. Trying to basically skip the obstacles by jumping off the ramp wasn't by design and ruins the flow. So if you flew over or straight into the checkpoint sign I'm sorry but the double caution signs are there for a reason - to tell you to slow down, to flow with the ramp. If people ignore the signs that's not the checkpoint's fault, and it did exactly the job it is there for (besides preventing cuts). There are only 2 alternative locations for this checkpoint (there is no "a little further" because that's a one-piece turn), and I like neither of those locations for various reasons.

If this isn't why you're mentioning it, please explain. There would have to be a VERY good reason for me to edit this track yet again, though.

Edit: Thanks Garfield. That replay is bananas, looks like perfection.
  Zooz 21-Mar-2019
Slowing down for the downhills? Pff, if you're a noob, perhaps! Here is the pro way to handle those hills
  roenie 21-Mar-2019
At least this noob didn't hit the wall in the tunnel. Pro tip, from noob to pro: on the left route, after the jump when your car lands, when you get the left 2 wheels to land first (like you did), the car instantly and automatically rolls its weight onto the right 2 wheels a bit. If you then immediately keep it on those right 2 wheels by starting to steer left before the car levels out, the car seems to go faster.

I experimented with hitting the guard rail on the left route instead of using the brakes, didn't quite get it to work. Nice to see how that's done. Not slowing for the right route's ramp was a known trick but so difficult to do (with gamepad at least) that I gave up on it. Nice lap!

Apart from going 'middle first' maybe not being the best due to the car's relatively low speed at the start, I like that there doesn't seem to be a clear pattern to the order in which drivers take the 3 routes when setting WRs.
  Zooz 21-Mar-2019
I tried middle first and it was not bad either, I expected it to be slower but with the booster the start is pretty fast also! But I mostly went with this way as it seems to have less crossing over.

I don't think the wallbounce is actually faster, I just didn't slow down in time
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User Awards
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  OLDA_X 12-Mar-2019
Nice map
  Frx ben75 13-Mar-2019
Good job!
  onway 14-Mar-2019
Creative and fun track
  Zooz 15-Mar-2019
I awarded this almost 15 years ago and I'll award it again now! Nice to see some classic style stuff, and welcome back
  *Garfovsky 20-Mar-2019
Very cool map here. It has that classic TMO feel that I still love to this day. n1
  unclepeanuts 20-Mar-2019
feels a lot like a map from the tmo era, love the concept of this track
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