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Name: Download Looking Up
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   maphios
Version: 19-Nov-2008
TMX id: 518906
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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0:45.18   Mr. Bones+ 0:00.10-
0:45.25   spedzo+ 0:00.17-
0:45.61   WAB+ 0:00.53-
0:45.61   maphios+ 0:00.53-
0:46.59   rad+ 0:01.51-
0:47.53   KiWiNiNjA+ 0:02.45-
0:47.81   Eternity+ 0:02.73-
0:49.64   ljfa-ag+ 0:04.56-
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Author Comments

Hey all,
i´m back with a brand new track . A track dedicated to the persons i´m Looking Up to .
There were many changes in the community over the last months, but 2 player were everytime there to give some support and tipps.
So this trackname is inspired by Andree &Smok3y, the most active testers around here. And i always had much respect for them and of course still have .
So here is the track:
It offers u some tricky spots, but should always be fair. I tried to make this one online-compatible .
Coppers: 2676
Loops: 2
Authortime: 46.31s
Intro: maybe a bit confusing
Ingame: some nice cams
Outro: some fx colors and cams

As everytime any feedback&replays are welcome and if u like the track feel free to award it .
So have fun out there !

Update !:
The PF was cutable, so i had to fix it. Sorry for the broken replays. Hope to see some new ones soon .

Update #2 :
X-ray still found a whole to slip through, so i had to fix the track again, hope it works now.
Sry for the broken replays though.

User Comments
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  maphios 01-Nov-2007
Thanks list :

Hui fast award pistep . Thanks a lot for ur award&replay and for testing this one so quick .

hey Manu16 thanks for ur effort by testing and awarding this. Ur award is highly appreciated and ur replay is nice furthermore !

Hehe, i just saw that u released a bay track just a few minutes after i uploaded mine KEV Fan . Of course i´ve already tested yours, nice one .
And thank u very much for this nice award&replay.

JahRacer, always good to see u around . Thanks for ur feedback&award!

Hehe, what an obscure award Dartz4 . Anyway i´m glad u liked the track and thanks for this "feedback".

[SP]Skiller nice to have u around here . As always a damn fast time from u , thanks for this ride and for ur award&nice comment!

Hey, that was much a much faster award than on my last track X-ray . But the rest is somehow the same, you´re racing my tracks like a mad one - great ! Thank u very much for this time and the nice words. I´m thinking about making my next track abit longer, thanks for this tip .

"Interesting to drive", that´s what i tried to make my tracks . Great feedback from u Kendar and thanks for ur award !

Hehe, you´re driving in your on world aren´t you DEnGel . Thanks for your feedback and award !

Hey lolo i´m sure u can get a low 46 if you get used to the track, i know you can race damn fast . Thx for ur kind words&award.

Thank you very much for the kind words and your award Sivert. I´m glad u liked the track and the screenie, which is my favourite so far:) !

Also Vincent thanks for ur award and your feedback. I tried to make this track not so hard, but to go for a good time can be tricky though, maybe you have to get more used to the track .

Great award MasterDisaster ! Thanks for mentioning the screenie , and thanks a lot for this nice feedback and your award.

Ui , i´m a bit proud now . Really a great feedback Ricardo Rix! Thank u very much for those lovely words and your replay. I´m really really glad you had fun here and i loved to read this comment !

Sharolley, super award ! Thanks a lot for your kind words and your replay, they´re highly appreciated.

The best screen ?! Maybe a bit too high rated, but i´m so glad u liked it Mr._Impossible ! Thx a thousand times for this award !

Also PapyChampy great award . Thanks also for your replay and your feedback. I wanted to have a waterbounce in my track and tough it could be better i´m quite satisfied with it .

Bay Gold !! Yeehaa, that´s a great honor to reveive such an award from a great mapper like you tmjonas ! Thank you very much for the super feedback and your kind words. I´ll try to put not to much signs next time .

Good to hear your pc is running again dgp ! And thx for your nice words and your award!

Hey DaKKon, good to hear you hang in there . It takes some time to get used to the map, but i´m glad you had fun here and made a good replay! Thanks for mentioning the screenie aswell and for your award .

Yes, i´ll better do that ORA ! Thx for your feedback and this award !

Big Thanks OLDA_X for this award ! I´m glad you had some fun here .

Ravager thx a lot man, for this nice award ! Good to hear, that such an author like you, who has built some great tracks, liked the map .

Yeah, that award makes me feel warm crooms ! Thx so much for this one and especially for your replay, nice time btw :

The Devil himself, pjw . Thank you man, an award from you means a lot to me! You are probably one of the moste creative guys out there and i´m respecting your work from the start .
  Ricardo Rix 09-Nov-2007
Awesome screen, and a nice title too, this 1 seems to have slipped through my net
  maphios 04-Dec-2007
Thanks to:

KiWiNiNjA'w4 thank you for testing and judging the track at the contest, i´m glad you had some fun herre !

Hey scala, master of madness , you are always full of some crazy ideas and a very creative author! Thanks for your cup .

Thank you very much bachl for this big award ! I´m really glad you had fun there and enjoyed it.

Also insane thx for your nice words and your testing . A great time from you furthermore, thanks to hang in there !

[ATP]Jonkster_NZ, thanks for such a great award, man! Also a good replay from you and i know the top times are super and homie and x-ray are also out of my range !

Owrleyus thanks for your award. The PF-start is cutable ! Damn . I tried to watch your replay but you have another TMU version than me, so it didn´t work . I don´t know if i can update the track, will see it if i know the trick.

Ui MExUnited thats a big award for me . Thank you so much ! Maybe it´s not one of the best tracks, but i´m glad that many people like it .

Mr. Bones is here! Excellent time here from you, what will Homie look like, when he sees that time : . Hehe. Big thanks for the replay and for your nice award .

[RX]Kamistar thanks for this nice award. Feels always great to hear such words .

What a time Koroner! I´ll have to see this damn fast replay . And thx for your award and the kind words.

Hehe, I tried hard to get a waterbounce in here which isn´t too random or annyoing. Maybe it could be better, but it works as it is. So thanks for the award and the kinf words FT»Wallaby !

Hey Luka_1999 thanks for your award and the kind awards .
  smok3y 06-Mar-2008
*phew* finally in the top 10
  maphios 18-Mar-2008
Thanks for your replay smok3y would also be nice to hear some feedback about the track .
And also all others thanks for the great replays, that helped this track to become classic !

X-ray, cuthunter ?
I will make an update soon here.

Edit: Update complete. Sry again for the invalid times .
  X-ray 19-Nov-2008
Sorry, couldn't resist too bad for the replays
  rad 21-Nov-2008
Is it second or third update?
  maphios 22-Nov-2008
2nd I think

I know this is stuff which should have been done when i built the track. So, sry again for the broken replays.
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User Awards
Showing 38 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   OLDA_X 24-Nov-2007
awesome bay track
nice scenery and cool track


.... .... OLDA_X
User Award   Rava 24-Nov-2007
well designed mix out of full speed and tech, awesome great turns and nice jumps
User Award   crooms 26-Nov-2007
Really a very cool track
Imaginative use of the black pieces and great flowing style

Crazy intro, and great MT

User Award   pjw 28-Nov-2007
Very cool track! The PF start is a bit jouncy on the landing, but I very much like the rest of it. Great tech bits--lots of intricacy there and quick reflexes needed; at times, I felt like I was driving the Alpine jeep. The water bounce is a nice touch also, and the ending is just fun.

Great job!
User Award   KiWiNiNjA 04-Dec-2007
What crooms said!!

Nice and creative.

User Award   scala 04-Dec-2007
orsm track but dead hard to get a good lap in.
n1 matey
User Award   bachl 09-Dec-2007
Wow really a super track
Great Intro, and here in this Track are all great things incluedet A lot of Speed, cool Jumps and even a little bit tech
Also nice design. This Bay Track resives a big
User Award   insane 09-Dec-2007
nice one with a rocking scenery
love the dock racing in the first part
Keep it up
User Award   Jonkster 18-Dec-2007
Sweet bay blast maphois!

Beautifull screenie! Lovely MT.

Excelent race, great fun trying again and again to improve your time, your AT is still something miles off for me though!

Nice PF, but the landing is a bit unsmooth.

Great track, nice work!

User Award   Owrleyus 29-Dec-2007
I think this track is good work and the MT is very good, too.
but he PF is cutable^^
User Award   MExUnited 07-Jan-2008
This is an AWESOME track!!
Amazing layout
Great speed
Extremely fun and addictive
Spectacular screeny also!
One of the best bay tracks there is!!

User Award   Mr. Bones 08-Feb-2008
Everything is said:
cool ideas
superb mt-work
nice layout
all in all smooth
good flow

Great Work
User Award   Kamistar 12-Feb-2008
Outstanding bay track O_O
User Award   Koroner (inactive) 24-Mar-2008
Fun techy track. More of these are but welcome.
User Award   Wallaby 06-Jan-2009
Cool Track
Nice Technical courves^^
Waterbounce is lol

User Award   ljfa-ag 10-Dec-2009
Nice track!
User Award   kaugummi59 14-Sep-2012
User Award   Aar1401 11-May-2019
nice track
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