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Name: Download Hoppididop
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Pacha»UD
Version: 11-Jan-2019
TMX id: 5183957
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 32,451
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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0:42.22   X_Darkman_X+ 0:00.0032,451
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0:42.46   Revmo»UD+ 0:00.2431,344
0:42.51   waitforme_2+ 0:00.2931,113
0:44.75   DMW»UD+ 0:02.5320,783
0:46.02   rad+ 0:03.8014,926
0:47.92   speedy_57+ 0:05.706,164
0:43.20   wormi+ 0:00.98-
0:43.94   Pacha»UD+ 0:01.72-
0:44.41   timmy»UD+ 0:02.19-
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Author Comments

Hoppididop everybody
today i give you a fullspeed rally (exept one turn close of the start )
pretty easy to finish, some cool jumps into lands block!
music : fat rat by Xenogenesis
like always intro, gps and outro into the track
also i would suggest you to load the track then restart it if you want to see the sign during the intro (not really important.. but whatever^^)
hopefully you guys like it also i would like to introduce the new mapping team Line and me create ! UD!
UD stands for "United Designers", a new mapping team that is forming including some of the best mappers currently active on TMX. We aim to make quality maps, collaborate with teammates and fellow mappers, and promote creativity in the map making scene. Our styles range from everything to transitional, tech, and everything in between. Look out for the »UD tag on names as more of our members come online!
thanks to Line for this great idea of making a new mapping team and thanks for him again for the Scenery and screenshot

Leader of the UD member , here is new track uploaded at the same time of mine

Rainbow Road by   Line»UD

and a creative map by Drannn^^ Enjoy
Planispheric by   Drannn»UD

User Comments
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  Brainhead 09-Jan-2019
would had loved to join the "mapping team" but noone asked me, why is that? hmmmm :/
  Pacha»UD 09-Jan-2019
  Freddys5 09-Jan-2019
and how to join lol
  Pacha»UD 09-Jan-2019
we don't find a ultime way yet... so far.. me and line added some mappers we really like and active into our discord server (ofc for now it's some people that we already talked too) , more information will follow during the time
p.s you should ask Line for more information^^ i don't want to take decission without him^^ if you want to talk to him, send him a PM on TMX or a PM into discord
  Brainhead 10-Jan-2019
@Pacha: #fkdiscord
  *Garfield 10-Jan-2019
  Pacha»UD 11-Jan-2019
@everyone : cut fixed... sorry for replay, also needed to do the AT on kb due to my second 'new' opération and thanks for all your award

@brain, it's just a easier way for the team to try track, give help, sending sign, talking whit the team of collab and project...
  Speedyfast 11-Jan-2019
I agree with you Revo!
  timmy»UD 12-Jan-2019
  X_Darkman_X 14-Jan-2019
Thanks for update
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Revmo»UD 09-Jan-2019
I really like the first 15 seconds, this start is way more technical than it seems! This is what gets you an award here

The rest of the track is ok, just easy and not very challenging. The offroad cliffs parts are a bit random (but not buggy), sometimes you loose more speed than others. The very last offroad part is a bit slow, almost ending up at the offroad cruising speed before hitting the road again

I like the use of the finish bug, it's surprising at the first drive because the run ends unexpectedly

User Award   waitforme_2 09-Jan-2019
User Award   timmy»UD 09-Jan-2019
super smooth!
User Award   Drannn»UD 09-Jan-2019
Classic Pacha track, super fun and easy. And thx for the showcase!
User Award   rad 09-Jan-2019
Nice track here. Fast, challenging, fun to drive. Good job
User Award   Freddys5 09-Jan-2019
Nice rally map,
that bugfin is very cool idea
Well done
User Award   wormi 09-Jan-2019
User Award   Line»UD 09-Jan-2019
I feel I can award this since ive beta tested and driven the final version, a slick rally map that I know almost anyone will be able to enjoy. Great first as part of the team!
User Award   *Garfield 10-Jan-2019
I'll give the map props for being fun to play for a quick online session.
However, I don't find it to be that engaging, similar to what Revo mentioned. I agree with what his award says. & 90% of the map depends on that first dirt turn and the drop right after.
though anyways for the great scenery and for it being good for some fun online play.
Very creative bug fin as well
User Award   X_Darkman_X 14-Jan-2019
Nice Map fun to drive Great work! music
User Award   DMW»UD 03-Feb-2019
lot of fun here good job man
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