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Name: Download Planispheric
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Drannn»UD
Version: 08-Jan-2019
TMX id: 5183730
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 11,651
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Bay
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:53.36   Drannn»UD+ 0:00.0011,651
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:54.65   Lux»UD+ 0:01.299,961
0:54.70   timmy»UD+ 0:01.349,895
0:55.01   Pacha»UD+ 0:01.659,489
0:55.51   Xendramir»UD+ 0:02.158,834
0:56.63   dodosky+ 0:03.277,367
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Author Comments

Hola !

Long time no see. Had the inspiration to build something in the bay at morning - here it is.
Isn't it strange that our ancestors fought lions and mammoths just so that now we all can enjoy some sweet transitions in TM? I think that's amazing!

Have fun!

There's still an easter egg hidden in this super old track of mine btw.

Cumulusly Clouded by   Drannn»UD

User Comments
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  Line»UD 08-Jan-2019
  Drannn»UD 08-Jan-2019
Thanks a lot for the feedbacks guys. Need a couple replays tho!

52 is definitely possible!
  dodosky 09-Jan-2019
this ain't a map, i'd rather call it as "agglomerate of blocks"
  Drannn»UD 09-Jan-2019
Not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?
  Xendramir»UD 09-Jan-2019
You want replays ... meh - here it is Could be better, but the house-wall slide isn't my friend. This is my best result so far

... and ... @dodosky - I think you have should hang back ... this is years of mapping-experience and lots of trying out stuff. Your tracks are far away from that ... using turbos befor u-turns, no intuitive transitioons and trackflow ... work a bit harder at your stuff and don't be toxic if you can't handle tracks like this.
  Pacha»UD 09-Jan-2019
lol... first of all... the creativity in is track just something else... it's maybe not your style cause some prefer hunting and some prefer creativity..
but don't say it's not a track... this is more creativity than you will be able to put in all your track ! (not saying your track is bad) but this track is really good...
  dodosky 10-Jan-2019
just personal opinion
and excuse, where do you see what you call it "trackflow" in this map? i might be blind but not to this point
  Pacha»UD 10-Jan-2019
  NitroGuy!»UD 10-Jan-2019
watch the GPS and observe the flow for yourself
  Drannn»UD 10-Jan-2019
I think the notion is pretty funny, because can't every map be described as an "agglomerate of blocks"? Maybe we've reached the abstract art level of TM which depends on your interpretation of the block placement? Or it's just taste in general? Or just skill? We'll never now...
  dodosky 10-Jan-2019
Since I've received so many insults either here or discord, I've uploaded my replay (not even tryharding that much, also I'm an Island player yet my replay is way better than many of these keyboard lions), it's fun to see 10+ awards and only few replays
Drannn I'm not offending you, just to make it clear, I just don't like the map, you mixed too many elements together and that makes it "undrivable", also the part with the cage is real cancer xD
have a nice day
  Drannn»UD 10-Jan-2019
Not offended at all, no worries
  timmy»UD 12-Jan-2019
  Drannn»UD 12-Jan-2019
Awesome timmy, thanks!
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User Awards
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User Award   boulbi 08-Jan-2019
Just wooow !
Fantastic creativity here !
Your transitionnal Bay maps always amazes me, especially those perfect and so fun transitions and bounces
I like the great diversity of transitions used, you found the perfect balance between hard bounces and sweet turns/transitions
Map is challenging but once you understood how to drive it it's not so hard I think because you can respawn to learn the line and you can finish it even without a perfect or very clean run
It's challenging but doable and that make this map really enjoyable to play !
User Award   FT»@ndy 08-Jan-2019
User Award   Acid 08-Jan-2019
New Drannnmap, nice ! Not sure about the grass angled drop into the curve, could never do it yet. Rest is hard, but works well. Very cool bridge ride !


User Award   Xendramir»UD 08-Jan-2019
Like it. Ideas are great, flow is good - my skill so bad, that my finish is not showable
... you deserv this, just because!
User Award   Line»UD 09-Jan-2019
This map absolutely kicked my behind hard. Would have uploaded a replay otherwise but my run is horrible. Regardless, glad to have you back! Very nice ideas for transitions and the flow is techy but very speedy. Very much enjoyed this one
User Award   Pacha»UD 09-Jan-2019
awesome idea some part are a bit buggy and if you go to fast you go over the curve ... also the middle part is a bit too narrow for my taste
but in general, super creative , fun to play !
Enjoy your
User Award   NitroGuy!»UD 09-Jan-2019
always a pleasure
User Award   Freddys5 09-Jan-2019
2 hard for me xD
but it's very good track

User Award   Lux»UD 10-Jan-2019
Great comeback map! Really enjoy this "house-garden" transition that leads the driver into the bowl ride and the passage where you drive over the top of the bridge. My replay inclused a part where I had a lot of luck.^^ But this map definitely is doable and with some tricks you can control the car quiet well on these transitions!
User Award   timmy»UD 10-Jan-2019
w o a h
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