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Name: Download On & On...
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Line»UD
Version: 03-Jan-2019
TMX id: 5182000
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 24,122
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Bay
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0:53.33   WAB+ 0:00.0024,122
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0:53.45   Pacha»UD+ 0:00.1223,796
0:56.31   OLDA_X+ 0:02.9816,034
0:57.86   timmy»UD+ 0:04.5311,828
1:05.51   Lux»UD+ 0:12.180
6:28.68   rad+ 5:35.350
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Author Comments

Hey all!

This is the spiritual successor to Drain Bramage; my older bay track made way back when, in which I tried to innovate as many creative transitions as possible. Years later, there is still much to be done in track building. Maybe these stunts have been built by someone else, but I believe you'll find something special in this track! It was a blast to make and hell to finish, and a little infuriating to drive.


Roof slams
Weird wallrides
Driving upside down twice
Difficult transitions

Song: Never Off (On & On) - Y Society)

Have fun!

User Comments
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  Line»UD 03-Jan-2019
Thank you:
Revo, yeah this map is a bit tricky!
Lux, I will definitely put more time into MT in the future. I was sick of not having this map released. I also always drive in cam 3, which means I had a difficult time testing out the loop cams. Promise I will figure it out!
Pacha, your reaction was my intended effect
WAB, thanks for the forgiveness!
Nitro, no
  Pacha»UD 04-Jan-2019
@WAB : lol i laugh so hard my award was more ''humor'' than something else... but i really enjoy those new idea in the track^^
also it's FS ... if you don't have the good speed your car start to do weird thing like flipping ect...
i finally did a great run as you can see whit my replay^^
i'm a big transitional lovers^^ and i really enjoy line style! hopefully you understand cause my english suck
  timmy»UD 04-Jan-2019

(sorry for the blocky quality - next videos will all be 4K)
  WAB 04-Jan-2019
@Pacha: Ok, you can do that with FS, but I'm not, and despite that, I'm faster than you.
And yes, I'm just kidding too, but I'm glad you did not do 150 smilies in the award.

@timmy: the end is probably not as thought, as it is shown in the video,
the car should probably forward come to the finish,
at least it is so faster.
That's also the really big bug in this map
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Revo»UD 03-Jan-2019
Wow, I'll be honnest, I'm only awarding it after watching the GPS. I might try to achieve a clean run myself later, but this looks hard to drive and it's not the kind of map I enjoy the most.
But the massive work put into this deserves an award.
User Award   timmy»UD 03-Jan-2019
I hope I'll see more this great tracks this year - I love all the fresh ideas in here
User Award   Lux»UD 03-Jan-2019
Wow, this is one of the most impressive tracks I've ever played. For driving it's far away from good, but from the driving experience it's a masterpiece.
This 180° right turn on the roof top is the most awesome in-game pf ride I've ever saw.
Whereas some rides, like these where the car is on its roof, very often don't work. Unforunately I experienced the MT work as very unlucky, both GPS cam and outro cam aren't a help to find a good line and also don't look good - sorry to say that

Yet I really admiring the work you did here, especially in the middle you created things I've never saw before, which are complex as hell and even work well, at least for me. You used the scenery and road blocks perfectly to direct the car - wonderful
User Award   Acid 03-Jan-2019
Very creative. First half is awesome. Not a fan of the roof rides. Way to bumpy and lucky. Wallride i tuff, but works well. Overall fun and challenging one. Nothing to hunt obv


User Award   OLDA_X 03-Jan-2019
, but crappy outro
User Award   Pacha»UD 03-Jan-2019
those transition and idea...are just... i don't have word... probably one... no.. THE best transitional bay i never see
if i could give you 100000 award i would... but unfortunatly... i only can give 1
seriously... i want to see more of those track so continue your good work
maybe a duo whit lux or timmy also could be awesome
and hopefully another duo whit me again
Enjoy this diserved
User Award   WAB 03-Jan-2019
Impressive, a lot of good ideas, but totally unsuitable as a racetrack.
Also, it is not FS, you have to do some tricks that the Baycar,
also use, otherwise you can hardly ride this route to the end.
Despite all this, I forgive a award here, but I get no orgasm like Pacha.
Nice work
User Award   ziro_der_hutt 04-Jan-2019
User Award   NitroGuy!»UD 05-Jan-2019
come to brasil
User Award   boulbi 05-Jan-2019
You're definitely the block mixing master
Very flowy and just so creative Bay FS !
I don't like that much the start and loopings but here it's really fun to play and easier than I tought to at least finish the map, even with a KS and bad skills, so difficulty level is perfectly set, it's challenging but hunteable at the same time
Awesome work overall
User Award   Drannn»UD 06-Jan-2019
Crazy crazy stuff. You became one of the best ones out there man! The finish is super buggy for me. But it's amazing. Love every bit of it. Godlike blockmixing. Huge
User Award   Fallout Boy 07-Jan-2019
ok dude have some early 2000's msn emotes

collect them all and win a prize
User Award   FT»@ndy 08-Jan-2019
worst map i ever played in this game
User Award   FT»Superal 11-Jan-2019
Looking fresh. I always like those tracks that showcase newer, creative transitions and combinations despite maybe not being suitable for driving itself. Props to you, definitely makes me want to dust off the editor again.
User Award   osko 01-Mar-2019
very creative!
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