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Name: Download 15 Coyotes in a Box
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TMX Discord Community
Version: 27-Sep-2018
TMX id: 5151985
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 34,639
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
7:40.90   *Garfovsky+ 0:00.0034,639
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
7:51.44   Acid+ 0:10.5429,886
8:00.45   rad+ 0:19.5525,823
8:05.58   Pacha»UD+ 0:24.6823,510
8:14.36   Owen J+ 0:33.4619,550
8:40.80   Ricke+ 0:59.907,628
9:01.57   OLDA_X+ 1:20.670
9:07.97   T4B_M3RC+ 1:27.070
9:29.31   Marieftf+ 1:48.410
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Author Comments

Discord Community is proud to present their second map, this time in desert environment!

Here's a list of all 15 mappers that took part in the project:

Owen J

More information:
Project leaders: nod32 & Pauu3r
Media tracker (intro, GPS, outro): cold-d(pacharoyal), Garfovsky
Author time: Garfovsky
Screenshot: shortz
Custom signs: Pauu3r

Have fun!

Edit: Msg from Garfield, I couldn't post my original AT, so I drove the map again. My replay is .07 better than AT for your reference ^^

Thanks for awards:
Olda (still appreciate the constructive feedback)
Merc (sorry for the difficulty in some parts)
Boulbi very kind words
Acid (Shame on no further hunting. But gg !)

User Comments
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  *Garfovsky 28-Sep-2018
Originally posted by Ricke ...
also pointless to hunt this because this "cat" have already trained 2 weeks this track

I hunted this map for like 2-3 hours for the author time. But GG
  Ricke 28-Sep-2018
you damn fat cat
i train for 9 min
i know at least that i'm slower than you
  Marieftf 28-Sep-2018
it seems Ricke have some fun xD
  Brainhead 28-Sep-2018
  rad 28-Sep-2018
Please try to be nice here. Do not offend others and do not swear.

  Tomek0055 28-Sep-2018
Quote ...
@tomek: at least i dont have to hack a game to be famous.

Through that whole adventure with TMUnlimiter I didn't even wanted to be famous. Why you're pointing at me with that hacking when I just simply responsed and commented your behavior - because it's childish. You have butt-hurt because TM is dying, maybe instead of criticizing every idea in this game search something different than TM where you'll be feel better? Anyway with that comment you just proved me that you don't have any arguments to beat me in this discussion. Goodbye - I just wanted to be nice
  OLDA_X 28-Sep-2018
  T4B_M3RC 28-Sep-2018

YOU monster
  blackq 28-Sep-2018
Always nice to see that some fellas stump something together, keep it up! Though I appreciate the collaboration, I dislike the map. Too much blockmixing, too many unclear sections (the longer the map, the clearer the sections must be; rule of thumb).

Kind regards
  TMB 28-Sep-2018
was expecting you having a new wr here regarding to your skills
  Owen J 29-Sep-2018
Showcase vid:
  Toyeca 29-Sep-2018
i dont like toyeca part its bad xdDddDDdd
  Frx ben75 30-Sep-2018
Sorry, some parts are too confusing, even if there is a GPS. Some signs are not enought visible.
  T4B_M3RC 30-Sep-2018


  waitforme_2 03-Oct-2018
someone show me the way online plz - not gonna watch a 8min gps and then miss a cp or more again...
  *Garfovsky 04-Oct-2018
^ "I cant find way." (GPS shows way, can rewatch whenever, or watch replays) "I'm not watching that crap, someone show me in person!" xDDDDD
  TMX Discord Community 04-Oct-2018
Map cant be played online. File size is too large. Would need to remove intro and MT most likely.
  OLDA_X 07-Oct-2018
Originally posted by TMX Discord Community ...
Map cant be played online. File size is too large

This is odd because a RPG tracks are much larger. It may not be possible to upload this track to the server using the aseco plug-in.
But if you use a direct save on FTP it will surely be possible to add to the playlist using command "admin add local" + name of track.
I not memmorize well name of a folder where need save the track and the command admin add local maybe need write as one word without a spaces.
  TMX Discord Community 09-Oct-2018
It's not the map itself, it's because of the MT. Map wont work even on normal ingame server upload.
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User Awards
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User Award   ziro_der_hutt 27-Sep-2018
User Award   OLDA_X 27-Sep-2018
After some training i found the track as very enjoyable . I first thought I missed a check points in the re-use section, but I've been driving this part right from the beginning and I finally found the problem elsewhere . I simply misunderstood another one of a parts. I love the whole mediatracker work and the custom signs made by Pauu3r looks really nice . I think here are not too difficult parts, but I would like better use of signs because the track is long and is not easy for me to remember all the parts well . In any case very good job here. Thanks for it.
User Award   T4B_M3RC 28-Sep-2018
Very Enjoyable to hunt... Aside from that one part I can't pass
User Award   boulbi 28-Sep-2018
Awesome team work !
Pretty flowy map, even if some parts are slower and other more FS like
So fun and enjoyable to play
Very nice transitions between mappers parts
Tricky and challenging spots, especially the first re-use part where you have to memorize the path but it's not a problem
You did a great community map for sure, award really well deversed !
User Award   wormi 28-Sep-2018
User Award   Moonlight Cookie | Marceline 28-Sep-2018
very nice, i like this one
User Award   JFF - Drpzor 29-Sep-2018
Top notch endu speedtech, goid job guys ^^
User Award   Acid 02-Oct-2018
Definitely needs time to get used to some parts of the map, but of course overall an awesome acomplishment by an awesome community. Cheers everyone. Favourite part was Luxes for me
Definitely also not gonna hunt on this one, gg Garf !

>< x 15

User Award   Flash. 07-Oct-2018
Amazing community project
The track is hard to get right, but really fun to drive.
Also great MT.
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