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Name: Download A Rad Jack
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Rad & JumperJack
Version: 30-Aug-2018
TMX id: 5144719
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 43,185
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:59.36   blackq+ 0:00.0043,185
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:59.40   JumperJack+ 0:00.0443,010
1:00.46   Lolita+ 0:01.1038,383
1:00.51   _Hawk_+ 0:01.1538,165
1:01.61   rad+ 0:02.2533,363
1:02.98   wormi+ 0:03.6227,383
1:04.29   OLDA_X+ 0:04.9321,665
1:04.78   Edge.Fwo+ 0:05.4219,526
1:10.71   speedy_57+ 0:11.350
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Author Comments


We're   rad and   JumperJack. Apparently we needed more than ten years to decide to finally build a track together, so here it is! It's a league-styled snow track with both slow and fast parts, and some tricky corners to mess with those hunting for records... ^^

We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the track! Any award, comment and replay is greatly appreciated!

To make it a bit more interesting, the author medal is quite hard to reach.   JumperJack is defending his honour as a snow driver, and is offering a Copper competition:

10000 coppers if you win the author medal today still (August 30);
5000 coppers if you can get the author medal this week;
1000 coppers for those who can drive a time under 60 seconds.

The deadline is September 9, and only the intended route counts. Ogog!!

Have fun!

Thanks for awards

User Comments
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  rad 30-Aug-2018
And here's an info about yet another coppers competition on this track:

1st - 2000C
2nd - 1000C
3rd - 750C
4th - 500C
5th - 250C
6-10th - 100C
Bonus 500C for everyone faster than 70s.
Deadline: 09.09.2018 23:59 CEST.

Read more here!

And have fun driving the track!
  OLDA_X 30-Aug-2018
Maybe I'm old but not retarded, at first glance all directional arrows are coming late, I am not able to respond to harsh changes of turns. This track may require training. I will try tomorrow again... Btw nice to see you jumperjack here after some years
  JumperJack 31-Aug-2018
Nice to see you again as well, olda!

And thanks for the awards guys! Great time already lolita!

Black, you monster! You did it. I figured there was a chance you'd beat it, but that at least you'd have a hard time.
That definitely counts as August 30 in my books, by the way. I'll send you 10K coppers if you PM me your login.
Also, it's very cool watching our replays together! In the first half of the track we stay within a car length of each other, and even afterwards the differences are minimal.
  rad 31-Aug-2018
Yeah, but those 2 replays show that there's potential for more. Blackq had slower middle part and slightly faster first and last part.
  JumperJack 31-Aug-2018
Yep, true. I saw that black slided a little bit on the chicane before the big drop. Myself, I slided a bit going into the fast tunnel at the end, and went quite wide at the second and third tunnels. Still, I don't think that 58 is possible, actually. What do you think black?
  Lolita 31-Aug-2018
Hmm, going inside the red thing instead of outside before long grey saves over half a second. With that it wouldn't even been hard to break the record.

Had to already figure it out myself that taking the interior turbos were faster than taking the outside ones and I missed the other trick. Pretty dumb to hold a contest and then show a way in GPS that is slower than the fastest way.
  rad 31-Aug-2018
Well, I've had made a GPS before we've started working on the AT. It shows the correct route, just not the best line.
Thanks for the feedback though, Lolita, it's as always much appreciated
  blackq 01-Sep-2018
@lolita: not their problem if you are unable to think clearly and make up your own mind about the track and its fastest way. Looks like you're the dumb one, eh?
  Lolita 01-Sep-2018
No one likes pathfinding. I would rather spend the time playing the map than doing pointless comparison of which way is the fastest. You would expect the GPS time to use the fastest way since the builders actually came up with the turns themselves so they should know the best how to play their own tracks.

Why it's especially bad here was because there was a strict timelimit set for breaking the time.
  blackq 01-Sep-2018
I actually like pathfinding and striving for the fastest way. Egoistic of you to think that this applies to everyone. My conclusion is that you're simply a noob, unable to take on the challenge which I completed successfully, as you can see.

Stop complaining and now you know the fastest path, do a sub 1 min.

  Lolita 02-Sep-2018
I don't think a dude who's played the game for only few years is qualified to call anyone else a noob. That time would have already been .7 without going outside red. Thing is, I don't like the track enough to hunt it, it's too boring and generic for that and I prefer not to waste my time doing something I don't enjoy.
  JumperJack 02-Sep-2018
Hey, let's keep a positive vibe here.

Lolita, to be honest, I never saw a GPS as a tool to help people drive records, but merely to help you find the right way if you get lost. A tool to help you get the gold medal, so to speak. But I understand where you're coming from. It's good to know, and I'll pay attention to it in the future.

And black, so what do you think is the max on this track: a low 59 or you think a 58 is in the cards?
  blackq 02-Sep-2018
@lolita: honey, I play this series since 2004. Ya ain't standing a chance against me, haha.

@JJ: I think a 58 is definitely feasible here, but we'd need to spend a lotta time for it.
  JumperJack 02-Sep-2018
Haha, well it won't be me who's driving the first 58 here...
  rad 12-Sep-2018
Rewards sent
  eie 15-Jan-2019
Still waiting for virtual insanity 2...
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User Awards
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User Award   Duck 30-Aug-2018
Mad! But so much fun
User Award   Pacha»UD 30-Aug-2018
this duo is love
cool layout, nice jump (same if i still have difficult whit the first jump of the track lol)
cool idea ! nice flow ! superb mix whit the 2 style ^^ some corner are a bit rough but that make the track more challenging and fun to play
alot of way to hunt this track
just fantastic
Enjoy your
User Award   Lolita 30-Aug-2018
Alright map but too momentum based for my taste. Jack's time is so good though that I doubt anyone will be able to beat it without seriously hunting it.

User Award   blackq 31-Aug-2018
Its 3 am now. Really good track, took me an hour and a half to beat that devil AT . Unfortunately I came back late from work and couldn't make it in time for August 30, but I'm fine with 5k too

User Award   Serres 31-Aug-2018
Nice Track! Only part i don't really like is the last part with the transition from road to the platform where i have my problem of getting a good line.

Still more than worthy! a replay will follow once i have more time to hunt the track
User Award   Darki 31-Aug-2018
Pretty rad indeed
User Award   OLDA_X 31-Aug-2018
Pretty difficult one but i like here some good ideas and transitions. Nice stuff and good duotrack.
User Award   ziro_der_hutt 31-Aug-2018
User Award   wormi 02-Sep-2018
Awesome map bros
User Award   Voety 02-Sep-2018
Nice track
User Award   Acid 22-Sep-2018
Insane, very challenging speeder. Fun though, once you master it, which took ages


User Award   *Garfield 27-Sep-2018
very challenging but very fun map. need to hunt this one some more good work u 2.
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