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Name: Download Humans Become Dragons
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   cold-d (pacharoyal)
Version: 12-Jul-2018
TMX id: 5130380
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 34,907
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Rally
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0:59.00   blackq+ 0:00.0034,907
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0:59.69   X_Darkman_X+ 0:00.6932,457
1:00.10   *Garfield+ 0:01.1031,002
1:00.19   Voety+ 0:01.1930,682
1:01.03   waitforme_2+ 0:02.0327,700
1:01.09   *Speedster+ 0:02.0927,487
1:01.93   OLDA_X+ 0:02.9324,506
1:02.43   cold-d (pa...+ 0:03.4322,731
1:02.45   andresaguado+ 0:03.4522,660
1:03.12   Brainhead+ 0:04.1220,281
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Author Comments

hello dragons
wait... another track of pacha in the same week? what the actual fu**!
yes... sorry i forget a little rally in my files and wanted to finish it when i remember it ^^
nothing too spectacular but a bit more techy of my usally style
i trying whit this track to put you in a imagination of middles ages whit the music decoration and MT ^^
hopefully you guys enjoy
after a long break of one of my friends , here it comes whit another great fs island Enjoy^^

plastic beach by   timmy_gk

a old map make by golo , but i think if you dont already try it , its worth to do it now
[mtc] Urban flair by   Golo

My recent track too if you dont get the time to try it Enjoy^^
Lying to you by   cold-d (pacharoyal)

User Comments
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  Brainhead 13-Jul-2018
without that landingbug before the endturn i would have had a 1:02 but oh well, take this noobish replay haha.
  blackq 13-Jul-2018
Alright, after dedicating fifteen minutes to this map, let me have a quick résumé.

First of all, it's not tech. Hell, not even speedtech. It's just a collection of some jumps and fullspeed sections with occasional braking parts to maintain your sticky trails. It's a complete shame that this track is labelled as "tech".

Secondly, it's hella buggy. I'm surprised my hardware was unharmed after I experienced countless bugs and other annoying stuff. Tech maps are meant to be huntable. And this map is not huntable at all. Guess what - my time of 59.00 is bad, the potential is somewhere between 58.50 and 58.70. My first finish brought me a time of 59.49, I had a godlike beginning, but a stupid ending because of a fatal landing bug at the ramp-to-grass "transition". My third finish finally was a 59.00, but had to catch up after losing four tens (!!!) in the beginning due to the buggy grass downhill block. My ending was almost perfect.

Thirdly, no tech map contains a booster that has the purpose of building up speed for a jump/transition/whatever. There are some tech maps that contain boosters, but those solely have the purpose of either being put in front of a tight curve that requires the player to slow down a lot on and/or after the booster; or to gain a bit of speed for an uphill-spiral or alike (but those are more likely to be speedtech style-wise). Also, most techies avoid airtime as this drastically increases the odds of having a fatal bug.

Finally, let me point out an aspect you're doing a good job with throughout all your maps: you include transitions and block combinations that I've seen in no other map so far, thus bringing a breath of fresh air to this community again. Thanks for that!

Kind regards,
  twit 13-Jul-2018
  cold-d (pacharoyal) 13-Jul-2018
well blackq.... i can understand what you mean... but at the same time i want to proof that for me it is tech...i mean.. i am really bad as tech driver and also builder... for sure its maybe not gonna be the best one you never gonna see , and i just try to be nice to people who enjoy tech to add '' a bit more'' techy part in my track... ofc maybe you make it fullspeed... but i can asure you that 90% of the mapper gonna drive it tech or speedtech more than fullspeed... its not because some people are really awesome at driving map that make the track not tech anymore.... its far to be my usally style , maybe it have some jump, maybe the end is fs, maybe some curve could be better but hey....atleast i think i try.... and ofc fs player will not make tech map anymore cause when they try... they receive a roman for how much their map is shit....
i know what you wanted to saying... but its not okay... i will not make any tech-ier map anymore and i would apprieciate that people dont add in comment (oooo its not tech) or (hoooo why always fs).....
so please understand that people try hard whit their map same if is not their usually style... you dont like it ... fine dont award or put a little critism like (hoo sorry for me this is not tech, its really not my style ) i would understand.... but how i drive it cause i'm casual... i can assure you its tech lol
sorry for people who enjoy the map!
  blackq 14-Jul-2018
I'm sorry Pacha, but I thought it'd be better for you if you knew what you can improve when building tech maps. I know you are a talented mapper so show us what you can
  Brainhead 14-Jul-2018

jk, i would have loved to see someone post a comment like blackq's on one of my tracks back in the days, that would had rly helped me make my tracks better instead of only get some "nice" or "great map" awards, bcuz if they would be so great or nice i would have way more attention on both nations and united, so take his comment and learn, we cant disagree blackq is one of the best rally drivers out there, so u should rly take his "review" postive and i dont think he meant any of this "your map is shit" it was harsh critic, but not to meant to make the map a "waste" to use akantors words (arkantors what eva).

btw i rly like this one, great for train the rally thing.

  cold-d (pacharoyal) 14-Jul-2018
ofc like i said i understand... but ... it really look like he said its shit lol... i'm not a driver good like blackq in rally for making it FS ... and if tech mean no air time no transition no nothing... bahhhhhh.... i will never make a tech lol
  X_Darkman_X 15-Jul-2018
@ all
is that really important how Long a Award is.?

an example. thats my "awarding style". i write a short text and i think a Award is Award.
Player gives you "only" a smiley or nice,great map or write you a Roman. is that really important. i think not. i think you take a Award and the player like the map. hunt this map and had fun. that is important.

short or longer Award. Award is Award. and i like Maps same if i write short or longer Awards.

we all love each other

  cold-d (pacharoyal) 15-Jul-2018
ofc dark... we are not really talking about that^^ but like rad you or some other great player give short award but we know when you guys award its because you really enjoy the track^^ but some other mapper award without even trying the map and just put a '' '' in comment
  X_Darkman_X 15-Jul-2018

you made a great Job pacha
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User Awards
Showing 19 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   ziro_der_hutt 12-Jul-2018
User Award   X_Darkman_X 12-Jul-2018
Awesome Work. Awesome Mt work Awesome map
User Award   DMW 12-Jul-2018
with this background music the track becomes an epic journey in a fantasy world, i love it
User Award   *Speedster 12-Jul-2018
this slow, semi-tech transitional style is just awesome! Really love this one
User Award   waitforme_2 13-Jul-2018
User Award   twit 13-Jul-2018
easy and fun
User Award   Brainhead 13-Jul-2018
well, its very nice for me to train my worst envi engine after coast , some challenging spots for noobs like me, but i made it kinda smooth thru it

and i turned into Deathwing while driving #humansbecomedragons

User Award   speedy_57 13-Jul-2018
User Award   timmy_gk 13-Jul-2018
User Award   kaugummi59 13-Jul-2018
good Race
User Award   wardav 13-Jul-2018
Hey Pacha, for me this track is beautiful.
I am not rly good driver. But with this track I can rly feel be as little bit small dragon , what is your , I think aim of this track.
1st intro is great movie introduction.
2nd music.
3rd layout and track scenery is for everybody. Great transitions, idea, flow,atc..
4th Outro is also your gun

Maybe I am noob driver, and can´t get good time, but for me is important to drive map as You posted and finish it with good relax feeling.on..
My hat is down, thank you for your super job and keep it.

Great and exelent work man
Maybe, screeeenie should be more hot as dragons humans could be

Indead, very good map

User Award   andresaguado 13-Jul-2018
User Award   OLDA_X 13-Jul-2018
Very nice work and intersting track. Maybe i found some landing bugs but the fun factor is good. Track is well designed good mediatracker work and nice music for good sleeping maybe better sexual apetit.I've been driving this map relatively for a long time but my time is not best. All in all i enjoyed this map well
User Award   BRX204 15-Jul-2018
User Award   candle 15-Jul-2018
Great transitional rally track, with many creative parts
Pretty challenging to get a decent time on it, at least for me
Also good medieval feeling in the track
User Award   Alex BF 15-Jul-2018
great map pacha ,
User Award   Sivert 16-Jul-2018
Real nice transitions and mostly good flow There is one jump I just cant get speed enough for but that's my noobish driving Had great fun playing
User Award   *Garfield 22-Jul-2018
Wonderful fun map m8. I really enjoyed testing it
User Award   Voety 26-Jul-2018
Nice map Although I do agree with blackq that there are many bugs and I don't like the start of the track
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