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Track Name
Name: The Final Chapter
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Andree
Version: 28-Oct-2007
Released: 28-Oct-2007
TMX id: 512268
LB Rating: 15,768
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Rally
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1:12.27   waitforme_2+ 0:00.0015,768
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1:12.47   Feanor+ 0:00.2015,506
1:13.41   Eagle+ 0:01.1414,275
1:13.79   DaKKoN+ 0:01.5213,778
1:15.25   maphios+ 0:02.9811,866
1:15.48   CraxX+ 0:03.2111,565
1:16.41   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:04.1410,348
1:16.77   Andree+ 0:04.509,877
1:17.16   CMC|Taylor+ 0:04.899,366
1:17.34   Dr.SharK+ 0:05.079,130
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Author Comments

Track #38 of 38: Rally

Well, the day have come to upload my final map for TMU.
Here we have a rallytrack with big jumps, nice speed and offroading

Use of the Media Tracker:
Intro: 25 seconds
Ingame: Lot of secret areas to be found
Outro: Andree-style outro
Bigger screenie

Visit the competition site for instructions
25 secrets to be found
300 coppers for each secret
But only 1 secret for each racer

Secrets found:
Secret #1: X-ray --> coppers sent
Secret #2:
Secret #3: Jonathan --> coppers sent
Secret #4:
Secret #5: RKO 90 =ITA= --> coppers sent
Secret #6: BL Marci (TMX Cut Hunter) --> coppers sent
Secret #7: maphios --> coppers sent
Secret #8: Voyager006 --> coppers sent
Secret #9: Sivert --> coppers sent to the author of the track
Secret #10: Ravager --> coppers sent
Secret #11: CraxX --> coppers sent to the author of the track
Secret #12: 0pr3550r --> coppers sent
Secret #13:
Secret #14: (ATP)MegaManX --> coppers sent
Secret #15: ohei2 --> coppers sent
Secret #16: smok3y --> coppers sent
Secret #17: -=Skyline=- --> coppers sent
Secret #18: A.D.Chaos --> coppers sent
Secret #19: Marius 89 --> coppers sent
Secret #20: Eagle --> coppers sent
Secret #21: Da Killah --> coppers sent
Secret #22: Sonicx15 --> coppers sent
Secret #23: tmjonas --> coppers sent
Secret #24: MiniZyko --> coppers sent
Secret #25: NBAA --> coppers sent

User Comments
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  Eagle 28-Oct-2007
ill test it of course

Edit:wait for a replay because i dont find the right way
thx for replay andree
look on cmpetition page
  CMC|Taylor 28-Oct-2007
OK, I got it

Now I'll try the racing part of the track
  Andree 28-Oct-2007
RKO 90 =ITA= : you have to visit the competition page and enter it
  TimeBreaker 28-Oct-2007
good bye andree
  Dr.SharK 28-Oct-2007
I have absolutely no idea where to go, and the replays crash my computer. Great
  CRO|Low_B 28-Oct-2007
He'll be back someday....
  tmjonas 28-Oct-2007
I hope so
  irondragons 29-Oct-2007
Don't take my lollypop away from me mommy...
  Andree 29-Oct-2007
I use some custom signs (used on TMN site)
Unzip the file and place the contents in your TMunited/gamedata/skins/any/advertisement
(dont unzip the small zip inside the big zip-file)

So fun to read all those wonderful awards. A big thank you to all the users on this site who have downloaded and awarded all my tracks.
I have had so much fun playing all kind of tracks here on the site. Found so many good tracks with few awards. It make me happy to see people like this idea i had for secrets. I enjoy seeing these authors getting awards from you guys. Keep up the good work in the community, cant say i have seen a better community then the Trackmania-community. Please take the chance to check out tracks from unknown people also, they deserve it.
I will see if i will return some days, my motivation for continue is gone now, but maybe one day....

  cl_ment 29-Oct-2007
Good bye !!
  Sammon 30-Oct-2007
  Bye Tom 30-Oct-2007
Very boring you leave, I liked your tracks.

Sorry if I haven´t awarded this one yet. It deserves a award for the extremly funny hunting, but I want to drive the track first. I gotta be stupid, but I can´t find where to drive.
  Eagle 30-Oct-2007
watch my replay tom
  Bye Tom 30-Oct-2007
Hey, that´s quite a good idea, never though of watching some of the WRs.

  Mr.Brow 30-Oct-2007
Bye Bye
  Robin Voigt 01-Nov-2007
  DaKKoN 01-Nov-2007
Oh and about our track: "Can I Play With Madness by   DaKKoN" I think we should have released it on a duo-account with your name starting 1st... After a week it only has 79DL's
Well to me it's still one of the best deserts

Cheers m8!!!
  Andree 02-Nov-2007
Its also one of my favorite desert-tracks
  *speedy* 03-Nov-2007
well, i hope you still hang around sometime

Goodluck in your RL
  Jet777 18-Nov-2007
Bye andree
Happy living.
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User Awards
Showing 33 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  pjw 31-Oct-2007
Great HUGE track, and great idea to get some attention for underrated tracks. I found 10 or 12 secrets, but all of them had already been found. Oh well, I didn't need the coppers anyway.

Are you just stopping making tracks, or are you stopping playing TMU altogether? Either way, your talent, your wit, your creativity, and your friendliness will be missed (and I hope you'll be using that creativity in some other endeavor.)
  Stoney 31-Oct-2007
looks like most of its been said
  chris_du_21 31-Oct-2007
What a disappointing track
Hard to find the right way at 1st try (hummm ? should I enter to the tunnel or not ? ... finally not ^^)
The 2nd jump is hard
Took me ages to find the right way at 1st, but when I learned how to finish it... it goes straightforward (except for that 2nd jump)

I like that secret areas Great idea ! I will try to find some ones...
(All secret areas i found had already been found ok, i don't need coppers by now)

So that is your last track ... A great trackbuilder goes away

This is Award for your track

And this is Honour Award for all you did to the Trackmania Community ! **
  DaKKoN 01-Nov-2007
Well what is there to be said about your actual last track on tmx...
It's not your best (to start of with... ) But I really did enjoy driving this. It's very demanding but also lucky @ some points. But after really knowing the racepath it really flows awesomely!!! The scenery looks just great. Almost as good as Rally has to offer!! I sweared a bit on this track because of the strange "bounces" the rally car sometimes make on landing, but the track is addictive enough (to me at least ) to just keep going The MT was a blast! Like you always make it look good I think it is a shame you leave, but you already know my opinion And how I respect your opinion
I wish I could make this my best for you, but the track simply doesn't cut it for that But then again You simply build better ones I hope to ever see a new Andree track I can race
Yours for the future (hopefully )

  Dengel 02-Nov-2007
so this is the last andree track , sad

i can´t upload my time i needed 5,35 for my first finish and i wanted to show it -.-

anyway super drops, exellent mt , great sceenery ( like on all of your tracks )

HF with the ps3
  Cephid 04-Nov-2007
grea track
smooth nice jumps
a good speed
cool to drive
nice idea with the secrets
good wishes for your RL
  PapyChampy 04-Nov-2007
Wonderful rally track mate !

Speedy, bumpy, really smooth and very fun.

Scenery is amazing, and the secrets idea was brilliant.

Best rally track from you Andree.

I wish you the best of luck, and hope to see you around sometimes.

  ohei2 12-Nov-2007
Forget to award this track. Wonderful idea to help underrated tracks get a little attention this way.
I also had fun driving around in the search for the easter eggs (tracks).

  Jet777 18-Nov-2007
yeah, good track here by you, andree.
I just came back, and now you leave...
Oh well. I get it- I was thinking about leaving a little bit ago.
Anyways... bon voyage, nice track to go with it.
  RustyMike/Mouse Floyd 21-Dec-2007
Too bad...
But the track is excellent
I hate Rally, but the layout, speed and design are wonderful.

  sonicspeed_cro 02-Jan-2008
hey man...
very nice track with nice construction!

award for very good track from me (ZiZo)


GL, mate

... '...ZiZo...'
  sebik1992 13-Jan-2008
nice one
  fastforza 02-Mar-2008
This track was superb
Great Flow MT, and design
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