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Name: Download The Swingin' Feel
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Lux»UD
Version: 27-Jan-2018
TMX id: 5058852
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 25,709
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Snow
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
1:43.68   Duck+ 0:00.0025,709
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
1:43.76   X_Darkman_X+ 0:00.0825,590
1:45.07   Lux»UD+ 0:01.3923,641
1:45.75   Pacha»UD+ 0:02.0722,629
1:45.94   *Garfield+ 0:02.2622,346
2:31.79   rad+ 0:48.110
6:03.39   T4B_M3RC+ 4:19.710
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Author Comments

Hello trackmaniacs,
this is my new map with some experiments of block combination placed in the snow environment.
I included a GPS this time, it might be helpful. The map wasn't made for hunting sessions, because the snow car can be very unforgiving, especially with this style and lengh. It's, like my last maps, more a driving experience. Hope you enjoy!

Large Screenshot

Acknowledgements to awards & comments:

Cool-T - yeah, you've already recomment his maps in your award to my map "I'm New Here". Great stuff, this guy is a legend!
Pacha - big thank you for your detailed, long award: I feel honored. I watched your replay. It might improve your start if you start doing the 180° turn only after landing. Then you'll get a smoother landing and can use the acquired speed to do the next jump a little bit wider. Yet a very nice time, you definitely have the potencial to reach my AT I'm sure.
Darky - I'm glad you like this map that much buddy. Awesome time btw. so close to a 43 which I absolutey doubt anyone could reach.
Marieftf - definitely not easy, you're right. It's hard to aim those elements with kb indeed. Thanks for your award still
blackq - I'm curious what time will be possible for you. Thanks for your award!
Duck - Great time, nice to see all your little tricks to imrove certain passages!
NitroGuy as always, thanks a lot!
Drannn - thanks for your feedback! I guess it's almost impossible to avoid all kind of bugs, especially when creating a map which is nearly composed of 1:45 min transitions. At least I would say 90% of these bugs don't force you to respawn, because you still have enough speed to continue the next passage.
Vorobey Thanks, I will.

User Comments
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  X_Darkman_X 28-Jan-2018
i reach it self and i lost enough time in this run i think i can a low 43 mabye a high 42
  *Garfield 30-Jan-2018
Took me like 45 minutes just to get my 1 clean run I posted... I will try to do better sometime soon hopefully.
  NitroGuy!»UD 30-Jan-2018
blackq--play Golo's map, "Jesus Christ" ^^
  Duck 31-Jan-2018
That Golo map is so much easier than this one!
  T4B_M3RC 13-Feb-2018
2 straight 4 me
and that one big jump...

however that wall ride was cool
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User Awards
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User Award   timmy»UD 27-Jan-2018
damn cool stuff, but it's really hard to get it right.
User Award   nod32»UD 27-Jan-2018
User Award   Cool-T 27-Jan-2018
This style reminds me very much of Dead.oas' tracks (If you don't know them already, check out his tracks)
I enjoyed the ride through all these weird transitions and block combinations.

Great job!

User Award   Pacha»UD 27-Jan-2018
probably all the best and new idea you can put in a snow track
start is a little bit hard to understand.. i need to pass on the side of the red road track cause i think i dont understand perfecly again
its probably here i lost a little bit of time
but like always... the creativity in this track is at is perfection
you told me about my stad it was really creative whit those roof top... but i feel like a newbie when i see all your idea
track is difficult.. but really fun to play , its not a hunter. but i think i prefer see those kind of track now that the usuall ''make some turn and finish the track'' i found its a little bit boring due to the repetitive way on tmx... (not talking about rad track .. the flow of rad track make all the diffirance)

hope you understand everything i said whit my bad english
Enjoy your you deserve it and i hope everybody gonna understand that those idea are awesome
User Award   X_Darkman_X 27-Jan-2018
WOW A new Masterpiece Damn cool new ideas and that over many years in TM. Very good Work Lux! Very fun to Play really fun to Play omg i love this map XD some Things have this map i never seen before and i had much fun here and i drive it again its sure more possible hehe^^

Thanks for your Brain mate! Thanks for your invested Time in that. I hope you gain a lot of Awards. and i vote for Showcase! ^^ Not important how many Awards you have. Thats a Showcase!

User Award   Marieftf 28-Jan-2018
Sadly i must guessing here a bit because unskilled can't make the end
this track is fantastic really great jumps and on point signage
hope the next one is bit easier
User Award   blackq 28-Jan-2018
ok I am overwhelmed. I'm tired and will try to make a good time tomorrow.

That wallride is one badass setup which I've personally never seen before. It's easy, it's clean, it's working every time. Simply awesome!

Longer award comment + time coming later
User Award   Duck 29-Jan-2018
Mental, scary, insane, Holy Shit!
Awesome creativity, this is some real snow driving right here! Well built
User Award   NitroGuy!»UD 30-Jan-2018
i'm amazed at how controlled the speed is throughout the map very very creative and masterfully made
User Award   Drannn»UD 01-Feb-2018
First of all, let me express my profound hatred for snow bugs

Second of all: Damn.

Pretty insane track. Some very cool ideas and jumps. Unique start and nice wallride. Agree with nitro on how well the speed is regulated throughout the track, which is unusual for snow, where it tends to add up and be really unforgiving.

Sadly, as I already mentioned, the bugs. This track feels like you wanted us to experience every single bug the snow environment has to offer.
Been playing it for 30 min now and still not been able to finish with a proper run due to those bugs. That took some of the "fun" aspect out of the track for me. Not your fault of course, but super annoying.

Still a sick Speedster-style track.
User Award   Vorobey 02-Feb-2018
What can i say, absolutely deserved award. From all the latest tracks this is the most interesting and fresh one! Keep it up!
User Award   ArmNawaphatTH 02-Feb-2018
Good Track
User Award   Acid 20-Aug-2018
Now this took me ages to get a clean run on
Insane .... Great ideas but hard as f**k. Do another desert map next =)


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