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Name: Download planet TMX
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wardav
Version: 07-Jan-2018
TMX id: 5048443
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 58,234
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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0:56.30   Kif+ 0:00.0058,234
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0:56.53   OLDA_X+ 0:00.2356,806
0:57.41   rad+ 0:01.1151,345
0:57.56   rulz+ 0:01.2650,414
0:57.78   wardav+ 0:01.4849,049
0:58.01   diplo | mp+ 0:01.7147,622
0:58.95   Serah+ 0:02.6541,788
1:00.14   jackino+ 0:03.8434,402
1:03.99   Jasie Nork...+ 0:07.6910,509
1:15.40   kaugummi59+ 0:19.100
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Author Comments

Dear all and friends

First of all , Happy New year 2018 for crew , staff, also builders and drivers !

Everywhere in Galaxy there are only two spaces where We can feel free.
Where are they ? Just on our planet Earth and on our planet . Aren´t they ?

This track we built in 2010 and name of track I had decided use also in 2010 and till now I was affraid that somebody use my idea. Use name this track name.
Planet Earth is big living World and planet Its a piece of this living World in Galaxy, but big World in. We can live here, we can do nice work, we can do anything good for our friends , family and also for our mind.
Long time I have tried live on another game and virtual planets, but this one exists so far - TM game and I whole this one will survive another attack from others.
Very long , time I have not released this track. This track is little bit my heart feeling. I tried to made track little bit out of normal thougt. I built this map in August 2010. There - inside in are any changes. Only INTRO this one piece of track has been missing from 2010. Track is origin from this age.

Track is coloured by space, surounding by music from CYBER LASEF - GIVE TO ME. Its my choice and its suits to this track very well.
To this track....
I used only stands up – columns atc.., becouse we are on other new planet we´ve found , we are on planet . And we can built new space and thinking about something new nice around Us. Track is fast and gives You power to be faster and the fastest. There is non mix !. There is only track and You, There is only planet and You. You can WIN, or You can WIN better. Its aim . You can stay on this planet, be good , fast and feel fine on.
You are a piece of our Galaxy in Universe . You are some of Us, U are here and welcome here , Me and U are one of Us,.
Take it easy and feel the right atmosphere , fresh air , fresh mind, fresh idea , old idea which I would like that will survive forever..
II would like to say more, the surrounding or scenery built by my son Tom in his nice game age. Now he plays for me waste games – not creative as TM game is.
He helps me with this track in past. Its our common work and I am proud to release it just now, For You , for me

Another Info :
track was built in August 2010 and layout of this track has not been unchanged till now.
After that I tried to find music which could suit to it. Finally I found Cyber Space – Give to me from 2010 at the same time as map was built. This video clip reminded me track: Space is belongs to track ?
INTRO – I play with MT work to be and get closer to the flying cars over the water and in the air, as it is in a video clip. This INTRO has breaked my release of the map earlier.

See also Outro with cars around main palace and VIA GPS
It is original from 2010

P.S.: Start is a little bit hard, but then enjoy the flight through the TMX planet

Music video clip links I like it (for You another space in Galaxy ) :
Cyber Space – Give it to me

User Comments
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  wardav 06-Jan-2018

OLDA_X thank You for award and comment you posted. I am happy You like it, insteat of some difficulty- its me.
Exelent WR ,thank You. You broke my outro in one part after lop. But I dont want to change - edit track becouse of your great time.
timmy_gk I know about start, Its little bit hard. Several time have been thinking about change this start, but. but .. I let the start live and for others to try harder start in their (our ) lives to live comfortably. Thank You for wardav Also thank Your for your exelent fast WR time. Updated . OLDA, Thank You fror new WR time

************** 12.08.I am sorry , but I changed outro clip for part You were faster and outro did not run in part after lop. Sorry for broken WR recs, I did not realize that with this change of outro edit will unvalid your WRs Track is still the same without changes. Maybe it was TM bug, but I think you over jumped my clip in outro cam after lop. Sorry for that again, wardav . Maybe I am precize to much and I could let it be with this amll mistake. Again. I am sorry for this inconvenience I caused You ***********
* after change outro in game I found, that in game is camera OK, but after uploading on this web there is a game bug. Again sorry for destroying your WR time. Maybe outro, 7 years old is too old to be good in nowadays Bud bug cam after lop is aslo good, IMO*

kaugummi 59 Hey Kau, nice to see You on my map, and thank you very much for award and time. You are great person on planet
Jackino Ahoj, ten start me bude asi bicovat, ale.. když máš težký start, tvuj život muže být snažší. Ten start se dá prežít a pak je to jen procházka ružovým sadem. Translated .. this start wil be punished me I know... but when you have a hard start, your life may be easier. The start can survive and then it's just a walk through the pink-field.

rad thank You for fast new WR time after new uploaded version

speedy Thank You for award mate. I am like, You like it

KIF (waiting for spaceship skins to load ) hehe, You are great and fun , But yes, You are right , but I was affraid to overload track more then 256kb or what is maximum size of map allowed upload on planet
Nevertheles, thank You for kind words and piece of your history your wrote . Also for super fast WR time. Music I like it very much amd I am glad that is piece of your coffee cup Exellent space ride on
The the shaking effect was focused on jumping behind lop drop but here was lost my camera, I dont know where is problem I splited new green swiches, but without success .I see it in my PC game, but on TMX bug runs. Nevertheles is not so big bug and we can accept it.
Pacha Thank You for mate
Jasie NorkoTM Thank You for comment and WR
Diplo Thank You for , Wr and also nice to see very good tracker face
ichq Thank you for award
ziro_der_hutt Thank You for
rulz Thank You mate for nice comment and WR. Appreciate it very much
Jona Ryl glad to see You on my old map and I am like, this one is also cup of your coffee or beer Thank You mate
  kaugummi59 07-Jan-2018
OK thanks
kau & Axel
  OLDA_X 07-Jan-2018
Because he is crazy
I hope only , he will not update the track every day
  wardav 07-Jan-2018
Why ??? Kau & Axel, becouse You are good person on nothing more, nothing less, You are just our friend and good person as another here I have met.
  Serah 10-Jan-2018
after some trys , fails and rage moments
i was able to drive my time
sadly the gps not show the start because mt overworkt but it's fine if you can figur out
the track is smooth and driveable but a terrible onliner
sorry to say that but good track
  wardav 10-Jan-2018
@ Serah. Thank You for comment and WR rec. I ve realised, that some problem with start for others can appeare and have been thinking about reedition of this track, but its my work and GPS You need not. If You failed , you failed. MT work Its only my addtional work for others. How many builder release track without MT work ? Many, many. This track was built in 2010 and this track is still intuitive work and You are should intuvite and try..

Looking forwart to your GPS.

I do not want these aspects to bury my hard work. Withou mix , including my natural work, think and feelining of old good game TM



Hi friends, thank you all for the awards, I was a little embarrassed to start. Finally, I'm happy. Despite this really hard start, which I did not want to change and I was in doubt, I endured it. I'm glad that the track, despite this difficult start, You like it. I personally love her (this my old track ) and thank everyone for the comments and the award. It's a piece of my life on this planet, planet

Regards , cheers and beers, your wardav

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User Awards
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User Award   OLDA_X 07-Jan-2018
Very nice track with good flow. There is a lot of a long strains, but still there are many difficult places.Right at the start is very difficult find an ideal race-line for smooth jump. There is a nice scenery as always and great media tracker work
User Award   timmy_gk 07-Jan-2018
very cool track - I love the speed in here
only the start drives me absolutely crazy
User Award   kaugummi59 07-Jan-2018
Very good Race on & good work on &speed Race
User Award   jackino 07-Jan-2018
Dobrá mapa ,ale (start není ideální+2,3 skok není videt kam máš skocit )jinak OK
User Award   «Speedy»LT 07-Jan-2018
User Award   Kif 07-Jan-2018
Happy New Year to you too, wardav

2010 must be one of the earlier tracks I didn't even know about TM back then I was very curious about planet The intro is very nice watching the cars flying through the scenery (waiting for spaceship skins to load ). The scenery is stunning and out of this world Superb music choice too

The track has lots of speed and flow, just the way I like it I am struggling with the start and have yet to find a good line to make the jump consistent. Maybe getting one out of ten jumps smooth

The outro is great too, watching the race from a distance and always seeing the stunning scenery The part with the camera shake didn't focus on me, though Maybe a buggy trigger or a ghost stealing the focus ?
User Award   cold-d (pacharoyal) 09-Jan-2018
pretty nice track like everyone said is hard to fine a good line for the start though
exept of that its a awesome track
Enjoy your
User Award   Jasie NorkoTM 09-Jan-2018
very nice track with nicely flow wardav.
and awesome music, i loved this
User Award   diplo | mp 11-Jan-2018
nice to see an old coast trackmaker <3
User Award   ichq 11-Jan-2018
User Award   ziro_der_hutt 11-Jan-2018
User Award   rulz 12-Jan-2018
Outstanding mapping from the PRO! The start was a bit hard to get right but once I got used to it it was smooth and fast all the way Really enjoyed the challenge: cool: Nice scenery and music goes with the theme really well. Great INTRO work and excellent "End of Race " Replay
User Award   Jonathan~ 13-Jan-2018
Excellent work wardav! I really like the original ideas you've managed to pull out of this *old* game.
Nice contribution and top notch MT. +++

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