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Name: Download Posso
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   timmy_gk
Version: 08-Oct-2017
TMX id: 5003839
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 16,674
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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0:53.37   WAB+ 0:00.0016,674
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0:53.62   Drannn+ 0:00.2516,205
0:53.73   rad+ 0:00.3615,999
0:53.82   X_Darkman_X+ 0:00.4515,830
0:54.09   NitroGuy!+ 0:00.7215,324
0:54.23   *Speedster+ 0:00.8615,061
0:54.47   Cool-T+ 0:01.1014,612
0:55.16   timmy_gk+ 0:01.7913,318
0:55.91   thevoicega...+ 0:02.5411,912
0:56.20   wardav+ 0:02.8311,369
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Author Comments


Finally it is again the time a new duo is released! NitroGuy! and I proudly present the result of a few months of hard work (actually we forgot the track, but nevertheless we worked really hard): Posso - a very convenient mixture of FullSpeed and techy elements.

As usual it's a real ping pong - the start was made by NitroGuy!, the following combination with the waterbump is made by me, the arrangement with the start Y block is again made by NitroGuy!, followed by a spaghetti made by me and the FS part afterwards including the finish is made by NitroGuy! - just like the MT. Scenery and Screenshot are made by me - 4K version w/o font also avaliable.

The track itself is - as stated above - a mixture of FS parts and techy elements. Including some neat stunts and waterbumps it should suit everyone's taste while being easy enough to be finished by everyone. All checkpoints are respawnable and of course signage with illumination for proper guidance is included (batteries for the illumination ain't included).

2017/10/08 21:18 CEST - Update due to cut. Thanks to rad for finding it!

Enjoy! and leave feedback or if you like this track an award!

Thanks Naxreus! Any comments you wish to make about the track.
Thanks FT»tuutti!
Thanks rad!
Thanks Cool-T!
Thanks kaugummi59!
Thanks *Speedster!
Thanks -Wouter!
Thanks X_Darkman_X!
Thanks Drannn! Thank god bay was never oppressed
Thanks mower!
Thanks pachaaaaaaa!
Thanks WAB!
Thanks boulbi!
Thanks 3 Pigs!
Thanks Acid!
Thanks Kita!
Thanks TUC!
Thanks helloalex!
Thanks wardav!

User Comments
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  NitroGuy! 08-Oct-2017
  rad 08-Oct-2017
The map is so awesome and the shortcut so obvious Sorry.
  timmy_gk 08-Oct-2017
thx - fixed it :3
  rad 08-Oct-2017
Thanks for update
  NitroGuy! 09-Oct-2017
Here's a replay of a nearly impossible cut. skip to the last 25 seconds and try to recreate this
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User Awards
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User Award   Naxreus 08-Oct-2017
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User Award   FT»tuutti 08-Oct-2017
Pretty awesome map!

User Award   rad 08-Oct-2017
Great track here. Flowy, challenging, smooth, fast, fun to drive. Great work
User Award   Cool-T 08-Oct-2017
Great to see so many great bay tracks lately
This one is no exception.

That waterbounce flip is just so damn smooth. The track overall is super enjoyable.

User Award   kaugummi59 08-Oct-2017
Good work & tech. Race
User Award   *Speedster 08-Oct-2017
2 great mappers in common - the result =>
This time featuring one of the smoothest landings after a water bump in the history of TM! Guess the first 5 times I restarted after the landing, because it was so amazing and I want to drive it again.
This speedtech part from ~30sec to ~40sec could've been made by rad, it's very flowy and challenging.

Nice screen
User Award   -Wouter 08-Oct-2017
That was fun! Here's an award.

My reply is absolute crap but it's got such an insane save at the first waterbounce that i just had to upload it.
User Award   X_Darkman_X 09-Oct-2017
Nice Map fun to drive
User Award   Drannn 09-Oct-2017
Can only agree with everyone above. Super awesome stuff.
Love the flip and the flow is incredible. We should call the recent increase in awesome bay tracks the bay pride movement

Gj u2
User Award   mowergoat 09-Oct-2017
User Award   cold-d (pacharoyal) 09-Oct-2017
Nitro ! you made 2 awesome duo whit bay and both are really great!
and i am not taking out the skillz of speedster and timmy too .. 2 excellent mapper who made those track awesome,
ufortunatly i take out my bay too and i feel my bay is really bad now XD
this waterbounce is AWEFUCKINGSOME!
keep them comming!
User Award   WAB 09-Oct-2017
SUPER trek timmy,
you really are a great trek builder
User Award   boulbi 10-Oct-2017
Bay map with stunts and waterbounces are really fashionable theses days !
Nice creativity and great fun to play because it's not to hard and well calculated
Awarded !
User Award   3 Pigs 11-Oct-2017
Very nice, very smooth and probably very fast, if you don't have three heavy pigs in the car
User Award   Acid 11-Oct-2017
Cool one. Smoothest Waterbump ever


User Award   Kita123 11-Oct-2017
User Award   Freddys5 13-Oct-2017
User Award   TipUnitedCreator TH 14-Oct-2017
User Award   helloalex 14-Oct-2017
User Award   wardav 15-Oct-2017
Nice bay map and fun ride on.
Easy to learn
Exelent scenery

Enjoy wardav
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