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Track Name
Name: Summer Goes By!
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wardav
Version: 08-Oct-2017
Released: 08-Oct-2017
TMX id: 5003768
LB Rating: 56,544
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Coast
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1:05.19   Kif+ 0:00.0056,544
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1:05.70   blackq+ 0:00.5153,890
1:05.73   Jonathan~+ 0:00.5453,733
1:05.81   Zeref+ 0:00.6253,317
1:06.23   Vorobey+ 0:01.0451,131
1:06.25   angelhard+ 0:01.0651,027
1:06.44   ichq+ 0:01.2550,039
1:07.15   Psikopate+ 0:01.9646,344
1:07.22   OLDA_X+ 0:02.0345,979
1:07.49   Lux»UD+ 0:02.3044,574
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Author Comments

Hi and friends.

Today , October 8th I finally finished and fix bugs on this track which I released 14 dyas ago.
"ItsJuck" annouced me that on last version of this track at finish part was " BUGs". i
It is TM game bug , but its TM life.
I rebuilt finish , partly made new outro, intro and again GPS race ghosts.
I did my best, enjoy

As remembrance of the last version remained only a photo of a ramp where´s bug in a screen shot
Rest comment from last version bellow ...

On 25th of June 2016 I released my last track.
Its long time for me. I have a bit overloaded by everything and also lazy .
but this year I step by step try to find time to release the old track from my safe. But I decided to build a new track.

So there is my new track, the name “Summer Goes By“.
Its my new 2017 track dedicated to summer and sunny days because the summer is gone irreversibly.

Note ... my first summer track was “end of summer“

To the track "Summer Goes By.!..."

This track. I have built this one some months ago and a few days ago i rebuilt midle part.
Track is more than 1 minute long, but if You realise, that first 12-14 seconds is only relax ride,
I can say is under 1 minutes. The middle part of offroad its some of not too much smooth,
but there is chance to loose or get good time. I like it. After comfortable ride on,You find a bit unusual part and You have to get used to it.
It's such a small challenge.

I have specified everything by myself, and if there is any mistake, please close your eye
This track just has fun and fun and ... what You want to have .

What more ? I'm glad to be back on board I'm glad to be back with you and enjoy me just as I still enjoy this amazing game ...Track Mania

MT-work – of course

Intro : with cars
GPS : customs VIA RACE PS – I like race GPS - See IT
Outro : of course, I like make outro .
FX colours, ingame and outgame
Custom music :
Days Go By - DjSplash


Author: 1:08.01 not hart to beat

Others info
Mod : no
Mood: sunset – becouse end summer is gone
BlockMIX : NOooo
Work ? Yes ! This track is some months of hard work , Why not for good remain staff of

Cheers and beers for everyone, wardav

***** I´ve just noticed main page - showcase. Thank You *****

User Comments
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  wardav 08-Oct-2017
Thank You all for awards and comments. Glad to see You here with your views
OLDA_X thank you mate + MT comment and WR
ichq : thank You for and Wr + MT comment
Gianco : thank You man
KIF : thank you for comment and WR (SR) , not word record but space ride
kaugummi59 : thank You ald good mate
Jackino : Díky kámo, opakování je matka moudrosti. Tvé mapky jsem také opakoval
Pacha : thank You
Owen_J : thanks
rulz : thank You mate for and comment
Litwick : : thank You also for comment
*Speedster : thank You for and comment You posted. Also thanks for comment about scenery, becouse it is another big advantage in TM game You can decorate and play with track and You found my intention, to put the map in this environment to feel beautiful summer evenings
thevoicegameplay thank You for and comment , also WR. appreciate it
BRX204 thank You for and WR

15th od October map is out of Best Of The Week. Thank You all good awarders and runners here posted awards and time on this map My hat is down man !
Also again thank You to somebody of he exposed my map in showcase window

***** day after day ***** kindly see new awarders :
Miroslav Pop CZ : thank You mate
Psikopate : Thank You , I´ve been affraid till now You could find cut, becouse first CP is too far. But I tried to do my best avoid cut Nevertheless , glad to see You old good man
Jona : thank You mate for nice comment to my map, rly aprxpreciate it. Also for exelent WR, You posted. MT In spite of that time MT is always worth it.
Ohej2 You are ohei2 , but IMO You are ohej1 I mean your work and maps U did a U will poste for Us Thank U very much for award and appreciate it . In this time how can I say... Glad to see U great man
  -Wouter 08-Oct-2017
Not a bad track per sé, but it's so darn unforgiving. There's way too many spots where you need to have a precise orientation as to not lose the flow. I haven't had a single run where i managed to go through the last 2/3 jumps smoothly, because i'm just unable to properly keep a steady route through the track. The 90-degree-curve chicanes frustrate the heck out of me, especially the ones in the tunnel and right after the offroad section. You have to line yourself up for the chicane perfectly ramp onto the sloped corner, but it's terribly hard to hit the chicane without crashing, as you have no sight on the chicane from the offroad corner - this also goes for the tunnel section. There's absolutely no way to follow through all the transitions smoothly if you screw any part of the map up.

Would've given an award but i personally didn't enjoy the track.
  blackq 08-Oct-2017
Cool map
  kaugummi59 08-Oct-2017
Let the summer remain. Please
  wardav 09-Oct-2017
@ blackq, thaynk you for your side award and great time world record
@ -Wouter, thank You for your comment, yes I re-built middle part - I post maybe later link to see what was rebuilt, becouse it I felt that this track need some tech part to be more attractive and harder to avoid only confortable straight track. Nevertheles thank you for your oppinion. Next track will be more flow and intuitive ? Noooo... is my style and this track is flow and intuitive..IMO Another thing. I use only TM signs, I would´nt use block mix signs - modern signs digged -buried or levitating up. for one simple turn atc. as U used on Your AMAZING coast "AMAZING Coast Map by   -Wouter" There I have problem to find finish thought last levitated sign is near over road. Driver must little bit thinking and feel route and remember it. I also use block TM sign, its same good idea from past I learned ( specially offroad sign to left )
see ya, wardav
@ kaugummi59 - I wish summer was here
  kaugummi59 12-Oct-2017
Yes Summer
  wardav 02-Dec-2017
2.12-2017 KIF super ride on my track and others. Thank You guys. Apprefciate it very much
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User Awards
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  OLDA_X 08-Oct-2017
Overall entertainment track, quite nice jumps and well balanced speed tech and offroad. But the best on the track is mt job. Joy to watch.
  ichq 08-Oct-2017
Remarkable good Map with extra horny Jumps & MT -Work
  gianco 08-Oct-2017
Good Work
  Kif 08-Oct-2017
Awesome track with awesome MT work The jumps are super smooth, the speedy parts and the slower challenges are spot-on Loving it
  kaugummi59 08-Oct-2017
tech. & perfect work
  jackino 09-Oct-2017
Dobrá> <,ale hodne technická udeláš chybu a musíš celou mapu opakovat
  Pacha»UD 09-Oct-2017
nice coaster
Enjoy your
  Owen J 10-Oct-2017
  Alex BF 10-Oct-2017
  rulz 12-Oct-2017
I can see a lot of thought and time went into creating this wonderful track. Great MT work and scenery. Good music too. Thank you for a great Coast track.
  onway 12-Oct-2017
Great track with great MT
  Lux»UD 12-Oct-2017
This is a great map! Very varied, nice and smooth jumps. Because noone mentioned it before, I will highlight the scenery which is very well done in my opinion. Loving the little details with houses in the canyon or just lanterns which colours the walls into a warm orange. It definitely fits to the theme "end of the summer" and makes you impatinent waiting for the next one
  thevoicegameplay 14-Oct-2017
This track was very fun to play. Here's a well-deserved award. I'm proud of the run that I did on this track.
  BRX204 15-Oct-2017
  Miroslav Pop CZ 16-Oct-2017
very nice map

  Psikopate 17-Oct-2017
  Jonathan~ 18-Oct-2017
An excellent map from you wardav!
The map has everything included, diversity, smoothly calculated jumps, the whole package!
I can see from the layout, scenery and MT that you spent much time, and it sure was worth it!
Bonus points for the change in altitude. The car is seldom on the ground level of the map, which I really like! ^^

Cheers and beers!
  ohei2 20-Oct-2017
As summer goes by we are heading for a fall, but this track should be heading for more awards and appreciation
Cool track.
  waitforme_2 02-Jan-2018
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