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Name: Download Talk To SpoOky
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   smok3y
Version: 20-Oct-2007
TMX id: 499320
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night Vehicle: Stadium
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0:44.16   smok3y+ 0:00.37-
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Author Comments

Ok then guys here's a track to spoOk you out - 3rd one in the series i made while TMX was down !!
Feels like you can do it easily - indeed you can but try to get a great WR time and change my name if it doesn't spoOk the hair on your neck

Intro - Yups
Ingame cam changes - Yups
Outro - Yo Yo!!
Speed - Crazy maddening speed
Boosters - Hidden one's for Expert drivers who don't get spoOked out easily and want the WR
Jumps - Yups a few easy ones and a hard Wall to half loop jump if you wanna nail it at the best angle - bet you can't
Platforms - Yups Inflatable and white tarmac - you always find 'em in my maps - don't cha
SpoOky signs - wtf?!? see 'em to believe me doOds

Custom Music - Rammstein - DU Hast now my German friends will vouch that this is one crazy spoOky beat - you gotta listen to it m8s

Wallpaper - SpoOk your desktop too and I hope this spoOks the hell out of TimeBreaker

Author Time :- 44:16 now that's gonna spoOk the hell out of people who try to beat my AT everytime and always succeed a big BoOooooo to them

Beta Testers:-
Bye Tom - This spoOky guy always RoX
RKO 90 =ITA= He is one Big crazy spoOky guy - kids don't go near him
Ville - One heck of a spoOky mapper and a spoOky MT makin doOd too

Have loads of fun and hey - "Don't get spoOked out - Be Brave"

Try this track doOds - spooky work and awesome mod. It's a small map so it should be loads of fun

P0rtal by   PapyChampy

User Comments
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  smok3y 22-Oct-2007
Ville you sleeping spoOked out alien wake up you sure tested it m8, it's earlier name was Out of Control i just changed the name and that's it, so thnx for beta testing and the super feedback m8
Andree thnx for that final and that set of beautiful comments - i will always remember this and all the previous ones and great feedback and inspiration from you forever And hey i'll hop on to the bandwagon i'm off of making maps as well
DaKKoN you are such a sweet guy m8, its the love and support of dear friends like you that kept me going but then now i have finally reached the end for now. Im going to learn how to drive now so no more making maps. Im going to be in the league of racers now. Many thnx for all the love and support
Kendal ehehe thats one sweet and ya i know that finish was lame, but then im over with ides to use and no more inspiration or time left in life, so my apologies
PapyChampy you made a beautiful track m8 and i had to help in every possible manner, thnx for being so lovely always
-VoVaN- woopsie another awesome i'll always remember his
drshark yo yo woota and comment my friend thnx a million
FRA|Alche you are one amazing skilled racer m8, thnx for the great
TaBle i love your latest map, one of the smoothest maps ive ever played, thnx for the awesome
HeaH wow that comment and is a beauty
Ville aha finally you figured out it was the same map, thnx for the great feedback while beta testing, your suggestions put life into this map, otherwise i had given up
TYZZ nah you sure didnt forget it m8, see you already gave such a lovely feedback and
Hubby as always thnx for the wonderful comments and a beautiful
  PapyChampy 23-Oct-2007
Hey, thanks for the spooky ad Smok3y ^^

By the way, CP respawns do work, even if they are damn unsmooth
  Ville 23-Oct-2007
Oh, that's Out of Control?
K that was that lovely track I love it.. so I love this
Award comin' soon m8 And sry
  XpR 23-Oct-2007
No time for me for the moment,i think i'm too noob to get a good time here
  [LoRd]Keyser 24-Oct-2007
44 finally broken
  CRO|Low_B 24-Oct-2007
Nice one Keyser!
  .roja 24-Oct-2007
you're right smok3y with the BCS server and out of control... thx
  smok3y 24-Oct-2007
Keyser is bananas - where did that time come from
I never thought that 43.xx was possible when i did the validation

Awesome work - you are just way too good m8, one Legendary driver
Thnx for the great 's guys, love you all. This was my last map.

Ill have some duo maps to complete and upload, so no more solo maps from me. Ill still be here and will wait to improve my driving skills using a game pad. And when i become a better skilled driver on other environments and get some inspiration, I'll probably start making maps again.

Ill be here though till then playing and pulling everyone's leg and maybe get a WR here or there

So out of the Editor finally after 2 years and back to just driving now. Have fun all and thnx for the Love and support you all gave me

Amen to a new journey - all you WR hunters be scared cause im gunning for your ass now

+ waiting for TM Forever to see if something new can be explored
  tmjonas 26-Oct-2007

the last one of all maps of you I can't finish

But I'm sure you'll come back! And I'm anxious to the movement of your snow-skills
  TimeBreaker 26-Oct-2007
crap, so no techtrack from you in stadium?
  CMC|Taylor 27-Oct-2007
Hell no, I won't let you go until we'll do the second bananamap!
  smok3y 27-Oct-2007
TB I didn't say im gone forever - i'll be back after i impove my driving skills, cause i have ideas to make track but not the skills to atually drive and see if that idea works or not - especially island demo maps - i have to learn how to play with a PAD and then i'll be back with some Insane Hard and Original maps buddy and yes loads of tech maps too cause right now i dont have the driving skills to make tech maps and i really want to make them. So i'll be back after i improve my driving skills


RKO same as for TB m8, but i sure can make a duo track with my present full speed driving skills in stadium - a sequel to Rocking Bananas but after i finish my other duo maps im working on
I'll send you a PM when i am free from all my previous assignments
  TimeBreaker 01-Nov-2007
wow your away for 3 months, im sure you dont play tmu then
so im not even sure if we ever meet again
improve your screenshot then ( i hope you understand that I dont mean the picture size, nor the sharpness, i mean setting the ingame graphic options higher, ot the maximum to be exact )
  smok3y 23-Jan-2008
Rusties thnx a lot for such lovely words m8
ZiZo wow many thnx for such loving comments and
  CMC|Taylor 05-Nov-2008
Ah sh!t, 3 fcking hundredths... I'll try the WR tomorrow if I'm in a good mood, did this during my training for 2on2 final
  smok3y 07-Nov-2008
best of luck Banana guy
  CMC|Taylor 20-Nov-2008
Classic, w00t... I feel motivated now, I've to get back my top10

Edit: Whoops, 8 minutes for that
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User Awards
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User Award   Dr.SharK 23-Oct-2007
Bloody great track mate

Really fond of the first jump.
Also, AMAZING lighting, nice to see authors focusing on this when they make stadium tracks

User Award   XpR 23-Oct-2007
Very very nice track Smokey,more and more impressive from you,great job !
User Award   TaBle 24-Oct-2007
cool one!
so similar in style to your other tracks, but as always nice

good work!
User Award   HeaH 24-Oct-2007

Great job Smokey! Awesome jumps, smooth calculated jumps, nice music!

User Award   Ville 25-Oct-2007
Well this is an awesome one
Cool speed
Nice deco
Nice MT
Cool Looping
Awesome track !!

And the rest, as always, I have said on the xt forum

get ur you crazy spoOky guy
User Award   tyzz 25-Oct-2007
Oo I forgot this one Oo

I have already knew the title me

awesome stadium track with smok3y's style
awesome flow
super screenie
awesome curves
awesome plateform part
superb mt-work as always
super works

User Award   Hubby 27-Oct-2007
Amazing stadium track !!

* Great start followed by jump into loop
* Wonderful speed & flow
* Cool scenery
* Nice jumps
* Cool wallride and loops
* Nice platform part
* So smooth and fun to play
* Easy enough to finish but very hard for WR times !
* Great MT and screenie as usual

Wonderful job mate !
User Award   Rusties 29-Oct-2007
Great Track !
Great Smoothness, Great Loops and Great MT !
Just Love It !

User Award   sonicspeed_cro 02-Jan-2008
wow... really cool track ! i like it
and nice SS

from me =)

your tracks on TMU are really nice. Good luck with tracking !

PS: come and see my new track... i think it's nice.
User Award   fastforza 21-Apr-2008
This was sick man, Great flow, nice speed
Just the track to make my day perfect

Good Job
User Award   Msr.ArwuZ 28-Jun-2008
Great track Full speed all the way! Nice screenie
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