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Name: (MTC) I'm New Here
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Lux»UD
Version: 21-Aug-2017
Released: 18-Aug-2017
TMX id: 4983536
LB Rating: 23,083
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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1:21.72   Lolita+ 0:00.0023,083
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1:21.77   ego.hunter+ 0:00.0522,998
1:22.37   Lux»UD+ 0:00.6521,981
1:22.73   rad+ 0:01.0121,371
1:23.06   Danne+ 0:01.3420,812
1:23.20   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:01.4820,574
1:25.94   Acid+ 0:04.2215,931
1:25.94   blackq+ 0:04.22-
1:28.56   ohei2+ 0:06.84-
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Author Comments

Welcome to my first MTC map. It's also the first time I built in Stadium and the first time I created more MT than only GPS. Therefore I've chosen the title "I'm New Here"
Furthermore it's the name of an album of one of my favourite artists, the musician and poet Gil Scott-Heron. Listen to his album here

Hope you enjoy!
Update! According to rad's helpful comment, I slightly revised some sections. The grass-dirt transition should be smooth now since I extended the dirt until the end of the scenery downride. This also elongate the possibility to slow down according the next left turn. A big sign showing the direction underlines this. The 180° turn at the end has been enlarged, too, so it's more easy to take it fullspeed and also doing the last little finish jump.
What I couldn't improve unfortunately is the scenery-to-loop transition. I tried it with more & less bosters, also with different heights, but the result wasn't completely satisfactorily. Including a fully normal loop instead the scenery-upramp wasn't successfull either since the driver gains more speed and in order of that would crash at the scenery downhill afterwards. To avoid that I would've needed a backboost which doesn't work, because people who respawn at the cp before would slow down too much. -------------> That's why I decided to leave this as it is

Soory for broken replays at this point!

Thanks for review

- cold-d (pacharoyal)
- rad Thanks for your detailed feedback!
- timmy_gk
- twit
- Cool-T
- ohei2
- jbw774
- boulbi
- timg
- Lolita Nice time!
- Drannn
- dan71_swe
- NitroGuy!
- Acid


User Comments
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  blackq 18-Aug-2017
Can only agree with cold-d here, well done .
I really love this unique Speedster style .

Better time later ^^.
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User Awards
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  Pacha»UD 18-Aug-2017
i never liked stad... but this track is one of the best i've never played
the innovation in this track is really brillant !
Enjoy your
  rad 18-Aug-2017
I wasn't sure whether I should award it or not. There are some great ideas - nothing is new on stad in tmf anymore, but the combination of those ideas and your style resulted in an innovative and interesting track. There's also smoothness during most of the track and there's nice flow but I found the track not good for hunting and buggy at some spots (grass->dirt and especially the scenery block -> loop). I also don't get the ending. It requires low speed drift which is really hard, at least for stadium noobs like me. Enough bad things, now answer to why did I decide to award the map - mainly ideas that I've already mentioned, also the fact that this is transistional which is not annoying, highspeed and does not require good skiils to be able to finish it, as it has working cp respawns. You can hit some "invisible" obstacles here ofc, but quite rarely still, comparing to usual transistionals I see it's nothing. Track is intuitive as well, despite having no signs I still managed to finish it on the first try with like 2 respawns or so. Can't really lose the way here and go to the wrong cp anyway. Good AT too.
I recommend uploading the map to tmnf-x as well, they'd probably appreciate it enough so it would get in BOTW top10 despite u being unknown there
So, good work
  timmy»UD 18-Aug-2017
I agree with rad that some parts aren't exactly easy to get right but the track is really awesome and fun to drive!
  twit 18-Aug-2017
my roomate ask me to try this track
was not wrong its very cool
  Cool-T 19-Aug-2017
Dude, that drop down the big sculpture thing... I literally haven't seen that before
Just a great, but different experience from start to finish.

Your style reminds me a lot of DeaD.oas.

Great job!!

  ohei2 19-Aug-2017
This is not a stadium track, but a stadium parcours.
  jbw774 20-Aug-2017
nice track it makes a lot of fun
  boulbi 20-Aug-2017
Awesome creativity !
I'm still thinking that it's possible to create new things even with Stadium and here is the case !
Great flow and smoothness, moderate difficulty level so it's very fun and enjoying to play !
  timg 21-Aug-2017
I usually don't award stadium tracks, because I don't like stadium that much, but I love creative ideas. So here is your !
  Lolita 21-Aug-2017
Kinda generic noskill map but one of the very few in that category that are actually fun to play. I had fun trying to beat your AT for a while. Good job.

  Drannn»UD 24-Aug-2017
The perfect stadium track doesn't exis-

  Danne 24-Aug-2017
  NitroGuy!»UD 07-Sep-2017
  Acid 27-Sep-2017
Crazy and mostly smooth ideas, digging your creativity


  frozenkhaos»UD 18-May-2019
more more moooooooore pls
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