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Name: Download New Life
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   boulbi
Version: 17-Jul-2017
TMX id: 4964235
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 26,032
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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1:07.29   WAB+ 0:00.0026,032
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1:07.32   FT»Superal+ 0:00.0325,962
1:07.53   Acid+ 0:00.2425,475
1:09.50   rad+ 0:02.2120,902
1:11.76   *Speedster+ 0:04.47-
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Author Comments

Hey TMX !

Here is my new Bay map, I finally had the inspiration to transpose all my ideas exactly as I wanted !
I'm very happy with the result and I hope you will enjoy it
I try to build a flowy and smooth tech map with a lot of diversity and creativity in it but with a reasonable difficulty level

PS : Have fun and don't hesitate to give me your feedbacks
EDIT : I did two updates of this map because it was necessary to avoid cutting and usefull to indicate more precisly the way

First update

I removed the cut between the bridge and the re-use plateform to avoid skipping the second half of the bridge part
I added more signs

Second update

I removed the cut bewteen the building and the plateform after water to avoir skipping the water bounce
I removed the second roof top before finish to avoid landing on it instead of landing in the proper down-up landing zone specially designed and calculated for this jump
I fixed all the sign display problems

Thanks you for playing !
Good luck and have fun

You can also try my two other tracks here :

Sweet Hills by   boulbi

Blue Clouds by   boulbi

User Comments
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  OLDA_X 15-Jul-2017
Signs not downloaded, is difficult find the right way without gps.
  boulbi 15-Jul-2017
Thx you Rad and gg for your very nice time !

Oh sorry Olda I didn't seen this comming and tried to fix the sign display problems only later

Thx you Tip you're welcomed !

Thx you Pacha ! yes it was my goal to have a flowy tech part and I like to put re-use in my maps

Thx you Vixen I appreciated your advice !

Thx you WAB I'm glad you like this map, that's maybe because it's not a classy tech for sure lol and it's good to hear from a Bay specialist, also very nice time !

Thx you Speedster I'm happy to see you like what I put forward in this map !

Thx you Acid and gg for this impressive time you set !

Thx you Nitroguy !
Yes the map start with tech and after the water bounce it's more like the RPG style

Thx you Superal !
Yes you're a very creative mapper and I try to add some little new things in my maps, this is what Ilike the most when I play yours
I know in this one some combinaisons of blocks are pretty weird and tricky but gg for your very clean and fast run !
  rad 15-Jul-2017
lol, sorry, I wasn't aware of the fact that it's a cut
I play without signs at all, so had to look up the way with cam7 after a few tries anyway^^
  WAB 16-Jul-2017
Go go Acid, Techmaps you can do better than me
  Acid 16-Jul-2017
I'm not as good on a style on bay ^^ Cutting the waterpump, that's not cool :/ Maybe another update ?
  boulbi 17-Jul-2017
I updated the map to remove the bridge cut, the water bounce cut, the rooftop landing and to fix all the sign problems
So here is the final version of the map
  WAB 17-Jul-2017
Not cool? a water bomb is not cool
  boulbi 18-Jul-2017
I wanted to put a water bounce in my map because I think it's kinda fun when it doesn't break the flow
  Acid 18-Jul-2017
It is fun, imo
  WAB 20-Jul-2017
Yeah, it`s Fun
another uncooler cut
  boulbi 21-Jul-2017
Oh another cut again
I was sure someone would try to cut this jump but without the sign next to the road I thought it was unpossible with this speed and angle
I left this road to allow a better and larger turning area on the bridge after the landing ofthe jump ^^
But now I don't know if I had to uptade the map once again or to left a small cut but which seems faster :/
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   rad 15-Jul-2017
Good track here. Good flow, cool ideas, but a bit confusing. Good work
User Award   Mekh 15-Jul-2017
User Award   cold-d (pacharoyal) 15-Jul-2017
track is really nice ! transition are well calculated and the flow for the tech part is awesome
only problem... half of your signs dosen't work and without a gps is really confusing cause you have alot of ''re-use'' part
Enjoy your
User Award   Vixen. 15-Jul-2017
So confusing, but after seeing the replay I can say you did a very good job xD
User Award   WAB 15-Jul-2017
I'm not a fan of techtracks, but I like this one.
User Award   *Speedster 15-Jul-2017
Well, I agree with your words in the author comments based on the map style, highlighting espacially the creativity. The map feels very unique to me, which I really like.
User Award   Acid 15-Jul-2017
Really cool ideas, flowy, techy, fun !


User Award   NitroGuy! 18-Jul-2017
gets weirder as it goes on...i like it
User Award   FT»Superal 19-Jul-2017
Definitely a good one. The hardest for me as a mapper has always been making good maps that are creative. I think it is something you do well. ^^
There are some rough parts in your map for sure that would need some polishing, but it's a solid one overall.
Good job!
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