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Track Name
Name: Sanitarium
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   MasterDisaster
Version: 17-Oct-2007
Released: 17-Oct-2007
TMX id: 495576
LB Rating: 49,518
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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0:40.30   ITA Legend+ 0:00.0049,518
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0:40.40   Dengel+ 0:00.1048,781
0:40.88   Etidu+ 0:00.5845,242
0:41.51   KiWiNiNjA+ 0:01.2140,597
0:41.64   TimeBreaker+ 0:01.3439,639
0:42.15   CMC|Taylor+ 0:01.8535,879
0:43.14   smok3y+ 0:02.8428,580
0:43.91   rad+ 0:03.6122,904
0:43.93   maphios+ 0:03.6322,756
0:44.10   DaKKoN+ 0:03.8021,503
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Author Comments

Hi guys!

After a long time, here's my newest track!
It's a quite short stadium race.
It has some techy parts and some speedy ones.
There are also some jumps and offroad sections!

Intro: Yes
Ingame: No need
Outro: Yes

It blows your mind off


PS: my ManiaLink is: MasterD (wip status..forever..)

User Comments
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  TimeBreaker 23-Oct-2007
wow, MD is a classmate of a legend
are you a star in your class/school , legend?
  ITA Legend 23-Oct-2007
Lol TB XD MasterD installed TMN on my pc if wasnt 4 him probably i won't have known this game so..
Ty MasterD ^^^^
( if i will be able to reach eswc 2008 in paris maybe i will become a star )
  Dengel 24-Oct-2007
lol legend , and good work master d^^

u motivate players

i think a 39 is possible , no i am sure because i am not so good on stadium and my time is close to that
  CMC|Taylor 24-Oct-2007
OMFG, Legend got beaten
GG Dengel
  ITA Legend 24-Oct-2007
wohoooo Nice Dengel let's fight!

edit: damn bad second half i had ( yupp 39 is possible with a little more training but i prefer TMN stadium XD)
  MasterDisaster 24-Oct-2007

  Dengel 24-Oct-2007
lol k legend , i will strike once again back , but not today
  ITA Legend 25-Oct-2007
Arild your awards are a teaching 4 us XD
  TimeBreaker 28-Oct-2007
well thx MD for beign the inventor of one of the best stadium drivers ever
dengel, yes youre such a bad driver

btw, i hate tmnforever already :/
it will have the sucky new moods, the buggy dirt, the lags , the little worse handling (yes theres defnitely a difference between tmn and tmu stadium handling :/ )
i will miss the good old tmn

and yes, arilds awards areawesome
criticism is always great, no track is perfect
  ITA Legend 29-Oct-2007
Totally agree with u TB
  Dengel 31-Oct-2007
then u also agree that i am a totally bad driver lol
but yes crticsm is better then reading always the same stuff i think so too

i have still to strike back
  ITA Legend 05-Nov-2007
Lol Dengel XD
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User Awards
Showing 33 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  p-devil 20-Oct-2007
Great track!
Awesome transition, nice flow and cool drifting areas.
Nice work!
  tmjonas 20-Oct-2007
Finally I did it!
After two days of hard work!
Lol this isn't a map for noobs like me!
Really hard but just awesome! The screeny is great and I l ve that font.
Nice MT-work, it was nice to watch the intro/outro.
The track is awesome! Wow!
I don't like tech but here... it's great built with some awesome jumps and a good variaiton. The transfer at the start is supersmooth and nice to drive. After it there's a really beautiful and good flowing offroadpart. The flow all over the hole map is amazing! Lovely drifting sections, beautiful design of the track! Some really nice jumps e.g. the jump through the CP.
And WTF legend did a amazing time! So I can see very well what a noob I am!

Great work here!

  Markus... 21-Oct-2007
lovely Stadium Track MD
one of the best i`ve played the last weeks
nice ideas, wonderfull start part
cool mixed race with road offroad and platform
sweet smooth jumps
great one for sure!
i love it

here your
  maphios 21-Oct-2007
wonderful challenge here MD !
a great start, technical and funny.
followed by a cool little offroad part, where u can show ur drifting skills
the diagonal jump was a bit hard at first, but is excellent when u get it after a few tries!
the rest flows cool
and furthermore nice MT work !

  CRO|Low_B 22-Oct-2007
Tricky track,but I love it!


  Dengel 23-Oct-2007
amazing one ! the start is the highlight

all transititons are so smooth and super calculated , i was impressed

GG Master Disaster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Squirrel 24-Oct-2007
not ur best =|
but still good enaugh for
Squirrel (man build island xD)
  TOX`Hooch 24-Oct-2007
Amazing track
Great flow, nice jump
Cool outro, and good intro
Great work MD
  Arild 25-Oct-2007
I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to award this. I mean, there are many cool things about this track, but there are also many things I didn't like, so I was afraid I would sound like a whining bitch. But, hey, maybe that's just what I am

So, here's my review.
The start isn't good imo. I believe the fastest liine always should reward the driver, this one absolutely doesn't. It's smooth when you make it, but that's not enough for me. The first offroad is a bit too tricky, very easy to lose a lot of speed, it's ok though.

From there mostly every corner is damn close to fullspeed. A small gas-release, or a tiny tap on the brake is enough. I like it a bit more challenging, a bit harder slides involved. The overall speed is very good though, and there are a few never-before-seen combos. That's always good.

The scenery isn't very good either imo, the few things that are present looks good, it's just not enough for a scenery-lover like me

The overall feel and looks of the track is good though, that's why you get my award, but I miss the complex design and stunning elements like you showed you're well capable of making, in for example "Shocking Tech". Don't get upset by all my negative remarks, I just have very high expectations for you, due to some excellent tracks in the past

Finally, the MT looks excellent!
  lilo 02-Nov-2007
I the transfers in this track. and the whole track
Sorry for short
  DidyZ 04-Nov-2007
Hum... Your track is hard... sure... 12 time to past the first transfer !!!! And all for other ! But it's an amazing track !
  Joe.B 20-Nov-2008
Very Nice Work my friend!

Joe here an for you

  ALWOLF 03-Mar-2011
more cool track MasterDisaster
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