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Name: »Some Jumps»MTC
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   timmy»UD
Version: 09-Jun-2017
Released: 09-Jun-2017
TMX id: 4945213
LB Rating: 41,558
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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0:48.09   Zemano !+ 0:00.0041,558
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0:48.32   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.2340,365
0:48.43   Zeref+ 0:00.3439,795
0:48.63   blackq+ 0:00.5438,758
0:48.68   timmy»UD+ 0:00.5938,498
0:49.18   rad+ 0:01.0935,906
0:49.26   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:01.1735,491
0:49.33   Hotsch+ 0:01.2435,128
0:49.46   »der.Hund+ 0:01.3734,454
0:49.55   OLDA_X+ 0:01.4633,988
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Author Comments


here's my entry for the MTC of June 2017 - the theme is called Double Layer, so you basically put your track in a layer above and in one beneath a gap, for island the gap size had to be 10 blocks.

It was somewhat challenging to make the map since there's not a large variety of jumps up that really reliably works, but I somehow made it work. In order to make the track at least a bit awesome there are three jumps down through the gap and two jumps up through the gap. Also included is a minified scenery letting you have a nice visual experience while not killing your framerate.
Also included is custom music - "Some Chords" by deadmau5. I coincidentally heard the track recently and kinda liked it so I just put it to the track since the song's name seems to be about as creative as the track's name.

Being tested by the MX family the track has a 30-second warranty to be delightful, however, the warranty voids if you hunt the track

4K wallpaper - YouTube video still to be done

Thanks Speedster! The ending works actually very well if you airbrake in the last airtime a little bit once the car has lost the contact with the roof thing there, if you airbrake throughout the whole roof contact your car will fly endlessy too far.
Thanks TipUnitedCreator!
Thanks Olda_X!
Thanks pacha!
Thanks Ohei2!
Thanks Boulbi!
Thanks Sandman!
Thanks Comandos!
Thanks Bitzer!
Thanks DMW!
Thanks Zemano!
Thanks Mowergoat!
Thanks Hotsch!
Thanks wardav! How could you doubt my skills?
Thanks Poutrel!

Enjoy and leave an award!

User Comments
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  Lux»UD 09-Jun-2017
Thanks for mention this air-brake evidence! Got a sweet time now
  Zemano ! 14-Jun-2017
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Lux»UD 09-Jun-2017
Very good map here with a lot and well calculated jumps. Compared to your last island release this map doesn't requires pro skills to finish it. The end is really amazing if it works, but sometimes I didn't steep into the underground with all 4 wheels because the car tilts forward while jumping and a buggy end is preprogrammed. Nevertheless I really like the idea! Overall the map looks very professional and the music fits good to this fast journey!
  Moonlight Cookie 09-Jun-2017
ah yes! i like a islander flow style. and trails i love someone all those trails in screenshot and ingame-outros. better good luck bro!

  OLDA_X 09-Jun-2017
Very nice work. Good long jumps and transitions
  Pacha»UD 09-Jun-2017
cool jumps
an awesome full speed track
i dont understand what speedster say thought... your other island nills was too easy ...
hoo and btw look at that replay! some stunts skiillzz over here i dont know i possed
  ohei2 09-Jun-2017
Very nice with original, but a lil' lucky finish. Enjoyable smooth jumps.
  boulbi 10-Jun-2017
Nice layout with a great diversity of jumps lateral or more horizontal, longer or shorter and some transition and drops
Jumps are well calculated so the map isn't to hard and the flowy FS ending is pretty fun and enyoing to play
  s8ndm8n 11-Jun-2017
Awesome track timmy
Somehow the beta was more awe inspiring
Took me quite some time to get a good run, my skills are getting duller by the minute
  Comandos 12-Jun-2017
Very nice and smooth map, great jumped, epic speed, this is Island
  »der.Hund 12-Jun-2017
Very nice one, wonderful jumps!!

  DMW»UD 12-Jun-2017
considering the "weird" theme for this month's MTC you came up with a brilliant track, well done mate
  Zemano ! 14-Jun-2017
Some nice screen !

Some cool jumps !

Some nice scenery !

Some award !

  mowergoat 15-Jun-2017
Very nice Track
  Hotsch 15-Jun-2017
Great track, well built with cool scenery
Makes much fun to drive
Nice screenie and MT work too

  wardav 15-Jun-2017
Must say and I am like that U are so good with building a track of TM1.
This one is sample of your skills.

Great and wery nic work for every drivers.

Nice job again with good idea in.

  Poutrel 16-Jun-2017
I really don't like FS. Dunno why exactly, it's not really fun to me.

So I thought this was going to be one of those maps were you can't make any mistakes otherwise you just haveto restart countless times...

But no. This map is amazingly well built, noob-friendly, and really enjoyable.

I especially love that end, and the MT too.

  Wallaby 15-Mar-2020
huge jumps huge track. The blockmixed scenery is gorgeous and makes it an unique experience.

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