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Name: »Cros[s] Country ~
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Jonathan~
Version: 12-May-2017
Released: 12-May-2017
TMX id: 4923396
LB Rating: 57,809
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Coast
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0:48.04   »Mec¬Phil.Fwo+ 0:00.0057,809
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:48.39   Kif+ 0:00.3555,282
0:49.23   rad+ 0:01.1949,217
0:49.26   ichq+ 0:01.2249,000
0:49.30   OLDA_X+ 0:01.2648,712
0:49.59   Acid+ 0:01.5546,618
0:49.70   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:01.6645,824
0:50.37   rulz+ 0:02.3340,986
0:50.71   Psikopate+ 0:02.6738,531
0:50.77   Misa Misa+ 0:02.7338,098
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Author Comments


» ~ TMx¬ Jonathan~ I-=-:-=-I Proudly Presents : ~ «

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - »Cros[s] Country ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Hey you guys! Jonathan is back on the road for one last ride! And without further ado, let's roll the facts...

AT - 50.46
- 54:12
- 1.05:89
- 1.16:70

»Trivia ~ This map is made in honour of my great friend   _cros_, and hence the trackname is indeed a fully intended pun!
It's also a phrase used to describe navigating through tough terrain, which also seemed like a nice fit to the map. A third reference can be found in the car series with the same name created by Volvo, which in turn is a reference to me as a proud Swede! Who knew?
Also, the car used in the screenshot is made by none other than cros!
I still race with it to this day, thank you buddy!
Thirdly, the hidden passwords are inspired by my 10 greatest interests in life!

»Copper Competitions! ~ 57 k. in the prize pool!
(Courtesy of Nibor, Kif & kaugummi59 for sponsoring!)

- »Speed-Runner ~ Get to the finish as fast as possible! Shouldn't be too hard, right?
»Prizes ~
1st. 10 000 C.
2nd. 8 000 C.
3rd. 6 000 C.
4th. 5 000 C.
5th. 4 500 C.
6th. 4 000 C.
7th. 3 500 C.
8th. 3 000 C.
9th. 2 500 C.
10th. 2 000 C.
[Contest is finished. See standings in the comments below:]

- »Explorer ~ If you don't feel like racing, how about you explore »Cros[s] Country ~ and see what lies hidden in the depth!
Around the entire map I've sneakily placed 10 passwords.
If you can find one of them, I'll send you 1 000 C.
[P.M. me if you discover one password, if you're the 1st. to find it, you win! Winners are presented in the comments below. Note: Maximum one (winning) entry is allowed. Tip: The remaining passwords can all be found near a ramp]

- »Keen Eye ~ Have you got an eye for details? Around the map I've placed a bunch of TMX ad signs. The question is, how many are there really? 3 000 C. to the 1st. to give the correct answer!
[P.M. me your submittion. Note: I'm asking for how many TMX ad "blocks", not logos. Only one entry per person permitted.]

»Music ~ TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm). [No Copyright.]
(For the full experience, it might be worth to reload the map after the music has been successfully loaded. Or you can download it yourself here.)

»Skill Points! ~ Some extra challenges worth absolutely nothing!
1#: Beat my P.B. - 48:56
2#: Get a 2:82 at the first CP. It's fully possible.
3#: Find all the 10 hidden passwords throughout the map.
[Note: for the contest only 1 entry is permitted.]
4#: Can you figure out from the passwords which my favorite interests are? (I.e. the references.) Of course if you don't know, there's always Google.

»Beta-Testers ~ A big shoutout to my great beta-testers for their dedication making this project a reality:
ichq for always being there and for creating the major signage
throughout the map!
Kif for being a good sport and giving great advice! Also for driving
the superb GPS.
Nibor for creating the magnificent outro and being an amazing
OLDA_X, Moki & jackino for all their helpful support!

User Comments
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  Jonathan~ 12-May-2017
That's it for me! I'd like to thank all of the amazing players and friends I've gotten to know over the years. Maybe one day I'll be back with more tracks. I'll leave that as an enigma for the future.
If you want to see more of me, click here!
Till we meet again!


Thank you all for your comments, awards and replays!
Good luck in the contests!

»Winner's List ~

»Speed-Runner ~
1st. MecPhil
2nd. Kif
3rd. rad
4th. ichq
5th. OLDA_X
6th. NitroGuy!
7th. Misa Misa
8th. ohei2
9th. wardav
10th. XX EDGE XX
[Congratulations to all the winners!]

»Explorer ~
1. MecPhil
2. Moki
3. -
4. rad
6. -
7. Psikopate
8. wardav
10. -
Still a few more to find!

»Keen Eye ~
Don't miss your chance to win!
  Nibor 12-May-2017
Jona, we love you and we love your tracks.

come back soon.

...and thx for asking me to help you
through this fantastic project.
  ichq 12-May-2017
^ He comes back next week, because He can not live longer without
-->TrackMania Forever<--
  Jonathan~ 12-May-2017
I guess I'll see you next week then.
Thank you guys, it warms my heart!
  Kif 13-May-2017
My guess: Formula 1 and Fantasy Games (from the few passwords I found )
  »Mec¬Phil.Fwo 13-May-2017
Pretty sure one of your interests is How I Met Your Mother (PW9)
  Jonathan~ 13-May-2017
+1 Phil
  timmy»UD 14-May-2017
Someone's got a new girlfriend

Just kidding - I just hope you'll come back to TM one day
  Freddys5 15-May-2017
One of my favorite song
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  _cros_ 15-May-2017
Okay my Friend, you did... I could not stand in silence in front of this masterpiece. I can only imagine the long and exhausting work you've done. Who has just arrived here, must necessarily take this track as a model, as a school. The track: I think the flow is perfect here, GP and Road curves are well-assorted, for the joy and fun of Keyboarder and Padder. Speed tech after start, speed the rest of the track (except a chicane before a road-GP transition). A track should always be fun for experienced and less experienced, without losing action and adrenaline, here you have succeeded perfectly.MT at the top, could not be different with these great mappers, let me make a special quote for my brother Nibor for Special Outro. Even delicious Intro with "CROS" written in the layout. I love the music you chose, I'm old, but I think good music does not have time, I'm discovering modern music thanks to my son, he has good tastes. Great scenariy too, not too empty and not exaggeratedly and surrealistically full, class work here too, Is what we love. I would also like to say a great thank you to the betatester and friends who have helped you, team and community work is always fine. In this track you have gathered the best "skills" that are currently on TMX, the result is this wonderful job. To the players I say: exchange ideas, combine your work and your skills to create super work like this, just so TMX1 will survive.The nice contests you've created have further enriched this precious jewel, so you've expressed the full potential of this game, you've shown that everyone can still do great things here. No hurry to release a lot of tracks, less tracks but good tracks ... maybe not like this but good quality with full mapping work. I hope this track becomes a point for a new departure for the old TMUF - TMX, the whole community must be grateful to our friend Jona, for a long time, we have not seen jobs like this.I think I've said everything, maybe too much, but I did not forget the screen: I love the words you've written on it. Friendship, big word, very big, but here I found special people like you and others even beyond the game, this is the true magic of this game. And now, it is really time to say goodbye definitively, I'm happy to greet everyone at this special occasion, Send "cros" to the archives in the best way...But if someone searches for Rosario ... he knows where to find him.

I am really honored and surprised my great Friend... but perhaps I do not deserve this, a great infinite Thanks for this mega tribute and ideally a hug from Italy to Sweden, always wishing you the best for your life.

GG and BB

  Misa Misa 17-May-2017
  Owen J 24-May-2017
This track deserves to be a classic one day
Well done
  Moki 30-May-2017
Really well built map, i like it!
  rulz 05-Jun-2017
Wow , I am impressed. I expected a really good track but this one is fantastic Intense yet smooth. Jumps, turns and landing area's placed perfectly Very well done. A benchmark for future track builders. Same can be said of the MT work. Congratulations, this has got to be in the top 10 Coast tracks ever published.
  Psikopate 06-Jun-2017
  Alex BF 09-Jul-2017
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