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Name: Download Quantum Physics
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Zooz
Version: 13-Oct-2007
TMX id: 489952
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 26,710
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Stadium
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0:39.10   Zooz+ 0:00.0026,710
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0:39.18   _cyber_+ 0:00.0826,382
0:39.26   Schnitzer+ 0:00.1626,054
0:41.36   BadB0Y+ 0:02.2617,446
0:44.38   Bionick+ 0:05.285,068
0:44.56   MasterGary+ 0:05.464,331
0:45.02   [GSF]Corto+ 0:05.922,445
0:47.63   smok3y+ 0:08.530
0:49.70   HouseKeepR+ 0:10.600
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Author Comments

Here's a little non-serious Time Attack mixmap. If you prefer a proper Rounds version of it, check this: "Quantum Physics (Rounds) by   Zooz" (it's longer too).
It shows some new possibilities of block mixing.
The hardest and most defining part of the track is of course that dirt hump in the middle, so here are some tips.

- There are two ways to take it, fast and slow. The slow way is to brake and go over the hump carefully, then driving up the hill block and taking the booster.
- The fast way involves hitting it at a certain speed (not too fast, not too slow) causing you to do a flip and landing on the booster (I do this in my replay). As with most fast ways, it's quite hard.
- There's another way to do it but it's rather lucky, just go at full speed and aim for the track and you may land on it the right way up, but you'll have missed the booster. You'll also crash often or land upside down. Not recommended

I don't think the rest of the track has any really hard parts.
Have fun!

This track was made possible thanks to [CMC]Mix's techniques. If you like mixtracks, check out the one that started it, "EvaMin04 Bashful by   eva".
If you like Stadium and mixtracks, try "Inflatable Rumours by   Zooz" which is a more normal track (no crazy dirt jumps and such).

edit: I'm also working on a Rounds version which will be longer (extended) and won't have random things like the dirt jump.

WARNING: Don't play this online on a dedicated server, the double check causes players who finish to get autobanned on dedicated servers. This doesn't happen with the Rounds version, where i removed the double check.

User Comments
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  CRO|Low_B 13-Oct-2007
How did you do that thing on SS?
  TimeBreaker 13-Oct-2007
omg that screenshot really looks weiiiiiiiiiiiiiird xD
have to try it
  CRO|Low_B 13-Oct-2007
I don't get it...
How do you do such a awesome mixtracks?
  MasterGary 13-Oct-2007
I know my time s*cks, but this one mud bug you talk about in your author comments, is just impossible for me
  TimeBreaker 13-Oct-2007
awesome bugs again
but no award, that dirt jump in the middle section is just lucky
(i wish i knew onhow to make those bugs xD )
  Zooz 13-Oct-2007
The Rounds version i'm making doesn't have that dirt hump, so you can wait and award that one ^^

What are the rules for different versions on TMX here anyway? Do I just upload it as a new track? It's longer and has some changes.
  smok3y 13-Oct-2007
No rules zoOz - upload it and im gonna play that one too
  TimeBreaker 13-Oct-2007
lol zoozie
im waiting for that rounds version ^^
and yes, simply upload it as another track, noone needs to award both, and if he disliked the dirtjump, he can award the new one instead
  Zooz 13-Oct-2007
Rounds version up
"Quantum Physics (Rounds) by   Zooz"

By the way, Inso also gave block mixing a shot, see the result here:
"Canyon Adventure by   Insomnia"
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Eagle 13-Oct-2007
again great track with awesome bugs!!!!
User Award   MasterGary 13-Oct-2007
I have to award it, just for this awesome bugs!

That's sick

How the hell do you do this??

GG to Mix or what?

Just incredible


5ocC MasterGary
User Award   Mr.Brow 13-Oct-2007
Nice TechTrack
The Bugs Are so LoLLoL
Very Good Work
Big Big Big from me

User Award   smok3y 13-Oct-2007


This is m**********g Insane

You did it zoOz created the Biggest ever Mix track for Stadium
Amazing work - Insane doOd
This is unbelievable and so awesome
Those mixes and the sections
The way it has all been done

People you have to believe this

Just toooooooo damn good

User Award   Bionick 13-Oct-2007

User Award   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter] 14-Oct-2007
Incredible ideas during the whole track and awesome mix of blocks!
Quite unhuman building style!

My favorite part is the narrow road with the loop-blocks!
User Award   fish_UT 21-Oct-2007
Real nice job! i dream of this f****** map maker!!
anyway i remenber u from tmn and lilo's server.. c u
if u have time try that : [bad track link]
User Award   _cyber_ 20-Mar-2008
User Award   rhino 28-Aug-2009
Great mix...
Awesome work, mate!
User Award   Nim 30-Oct-2009
Awesome mixes!
I love it!
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