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Name: Let's make Island Great Again
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DMW»UD
Version: 09-Oct-2017
Released: 20-Jan-2017
TMX id: 4883810
LB Rating: 52,489
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:01.25   osna+ 0:00.0052,489
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:01.30   Zemano !+ 0:00.0552,232
1:01.53   Zeref+ 0:00.2851,049
1:01.84   -tchocolat-+ 0:00.5949,455
1:01.94   DMW»UD+ 0:00.6948,941
1:02.07   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:00.8248,273
1:00.58   s8ndm8n- 0:00.67-
1:00.73   Fallout Boy- 0:00.52-
1:01.16   OLDA_X- 0:00.09-
1:01.41   Pacha»UD+ 0:00.16-
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
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Author Comments

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Welcome to the 4th track of my Island Friend Serie, this one is specially made for a cool and fast island driver that goes by the name of   Dvil»ken
I always have fun playing with him!
This track is a Fullspeed noslider good for pad and hard for kb don't hate me pls (only the last cp is respawnable)

~(×´¯`¤(•·÷[×÷^·.·´¯`·v)» Track Infos «(v·´¯`·.·^÷×]÷·•)¤´¯`×)~

~ Mood: Day
~ Coppers: 4178c
~ Gps: Replay with race cam
~ Intro: Short Preview of the track
~Outro: Custom Replay

~(×´¯`¤(•·÷[×÷^·.·´¯`·v)» Medals Time «(v·´¯`·.·^÷×]÷·•)¤´¯`×)~

Author: 1:01.62
Gold: 1:02.10
Silver: 1:04.35
Bronze: 1:07.42

Have Fun and Good Luck!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

User Comments
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  OLDA_X 20-Jan-2017
pretty good map,It's a fun to ride, but I don't understand why the track not respawnable. It's a slow noslider. and there cannot be a problem to devise alternate routes. I am convinced that you are a very good builder which could easily create alternative way.
  NitroGuy!»UD 20-Jan-2017
Too hard for a kb noob like me
  DMW»UD 20-Jan-2017
@olda ty for always trying my tracks even when I don't build respawns it's not like i hate building alternative ways but i usually focus more on the track design cuz i like to keep it simple and clean. on next track i'll try more

@nitroguy: yes I know the feeling I can't finish it on kb too, but I know a hardcore kb driver that may be able to finish it

@pacha ty mate, glad you liked it. are you going to make new island tracks too?
  ptilus 20-Jan-2017
(I'm lion) all right dmw I made it with keyboard 1'05''38 without crash, I just bumped a bit at the jump after second tunnel instead of landing perfectly soft, but i think it's way easy for ed, he's gonna nail it soon enough don't worry. ^^ The difficult part is to ns in first tunnel or at least go fast to jump far enough to the other side after grass. nice map ++
  timmy»UD 20-Jan-2017
after several tries I always crash into the platform after the first grass thing there.

kb ofc.
  DMW»UD 20-Jan-2017
those are some nice replays thank you sandi and olda, i'm curious to see what time ken will do
haha nice keyboad skills lion if you can do it then ed will too
sorry tim for this one i focused only on nosliding and didn't make a route for kb but im sure you can finish it if you try!
  OLDA_X 20-Jan-2017
1:00.85 maybe better possible, but I don't have a luck in this moment
  DMW»UD 20-Jan-2017
that 1:01.16 is pretty impressive already, thank you!!
  Dr»dB 20-Jan-2017
One award for each
  DMW»UD 22-Jan-2017
woah fallout that's so fast thank you for your replay!! and ofc thanks to everyone else who played and liked my work
  Zemano ! 24-Jan-2017
  s8ndm8n 02-Dec-2017
I've noticed the fact that this was updated for some time thus I lose the rec, I don't know why there was an update and I love my records but if I put another record will another update follow?? Kind of puts a damper on my passion for this game. I always believed the record hunters were the ones that kept the game interesting, but random updates have been one of the reasons for me to say fuck this game. Honestly pisses me off that I spent time to achieve a nice rec just to have it wiped out like it never existed. I loved this game but this game hates me it seems.
Personally, if someone drops a sick time I will not update the track unless I can beat their time -.-
  DMW»UD 02-Dec-2017
I'm sorry sandy.. I updated the track to make signs work again, not to piss off record hunters. sadly even if the update is minimal tmx invalidates all record, at first I was going to keep the tracks but the lack of signage was bugging me so in the end I updated them all
  KEV Fan 31-Dec-2017
This map is FAKE NEWS
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  Pacha»UD 20-Jan-2017
Again a awesome track DMW
crazy no-slider whit awesome landing
Enjoy Your
  timmy»UD 20-Jan-2017
too difficult, but looks really cool
  OLDA_X 20-Jan-2017
Nice map with good ideas and transitions.
  ptilus 20-Jan-2017
cool and soft as we love
  s8ndm8n 20-Jan-2017
  Dr»dB 20-Jan-2017
Lovely, groovy course!!
  Comandos 20-Jan-2017
Trump Island president ^^
  Entertainer Arsenal 21-Jan-2017
Nice track.
  FT»lolig 22-Jan-2017
a nice islander indeed pretty hard for KB-drivers but I managed to do it after watching the gps and 4 tries, just had trouble on 1 spot (I thought I would have more trouble since i got rusty on tmx)

anyways a well build map. if i only could connect my ps4 pad on this pc

  Hotsch 24-Jan-2017
Great stuff here, a track for the pro´s
Well built with nice layout, cool work!

  Dvil»ken 25-Jan-2017
Sorry for my late award my friend !!!

I'm so happy and proud for this map, it's a great FSNS , everything fits, i really enjoy to play on it
Transitions are perfect, flow and speed also

I really hope to have time for make a better time

Thank you again my friend !!! Hope to c more great track from you
  Jake 25-Jan-2017
Nice one
  NoTimeToDrive 01-Dec-2017
Very cool track DMW!
Keep rocking
  osna 02-Dec-2017
fun track
i dont get the first offroad part though. some times i just lose so much speed there

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