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Name: DeathProof
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   DaKKoN
Version: 10-Oct-2007
Released: 10-Oct-2007
TMX id: 484646
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Desert
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0:56.10   Acid+ 0:00.00-
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0:56.17   rad+ 0:00.07-
0:56.66   DaKKoN+ 0:00.56-
0:57.26   Ricardo Rix+ 0:01.16-
0:57.30   n3crid(inactive)+ 0:01.20-
0:57.40   Hawis.ism+ 0:01.30-
0:57.48   Varsity+ 0:01.38-
0:57.52   ludix+ 0:01.42-
0:57.79   allinz*on vacation*+ 0:01.69-
0:57.83   Kendar+ 0:01.73-
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Author Comments

DeathProof is named after the WICKED movie from Quentin Tarantino.
I named it like this because this track is evil... It's boostless and calculated.
I'm working on it for quite some time now but because TMX went down I only had it tested 1 month back.
So thx for that: gadget, Kendar, smok3y and Andree I hope I made the best of it...

Intro: Yes
Ingame: Yes - GPS and Tips...
Outro: Yes
Ingame music: Yes (title song from Deathproof) You can DL it here (but it should DL automaticly...)
Coppers used: 5350
Author time: 56.66
Fun: Yes

I know the track is hard, but plz lend me a time

Now go race and have fun!!! I know this track isn;t the easiest one, but I do think it is a great drive since it is challengeing! And I know I did the name wrong from Quentin Tarantino in the info of the song.. But after I made it all happen I saw that and didn't want to change it
I made a different screenie, but the size wasn't good So I used this one instead

One of the greatest fun bringing track I've ever made :

The BIG Slide by   DaKKoN

User Comments
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  DaKKoN 10-Oct-2007
Thx a lot MasterDisaster for the kind words And yes the track idd is rather hard... Good to have you back!!
Thx a lot MiniZyko I'm glad you liked it!!
Thx a lot Tuta It is hard yes.. You didn;t hear song?? It's the best feature of the track.. (I must have done something wrong??)
Thx a lot Cab Well I should have let the track test again Since I added the ingame-cams after testing... Sorry for that, but I love that you think it's perfect
Thx a lot TaBle Like I said to Cab
Thx a lot Andree for the great words And for testing You're feedback was apreciated (and used ) It is idd hard (so it seems... )
Thx a lot OLDA_X I'm glad you enjoyed it, and so it seems to be for experts only
Thx a lot pitstep Great words, and very well recieved!! I think I'm gonna make a better map now which is easier
Thx a lot Ricardo Rix Haha You're funny But actually the government didn;t want to give ma a liscence for the track... So basicly I released it illigaly
Thx a lot [ATP]Jonkster_NZ These are the 's is what I do it all for To (to give it a name...) amaze people And I'm sorry you only got silver for your works... And I put the difficulty to "Expert" but I finish 9/10 in under 58s with ease.. (But then again, I raced it like 250 times during building )
Thx a lot -HR-n3crid Hehe sorry for making you angry (But I tend do to that a lot ) and a 56.xx is definetly possible, I mean my author time is 56.66 so... Massive !!
Thx a lot Kendar I love reading your 's and this one is no exception Lol post nuclear aftermath, and I didn;t even use a mod... I was wondering why everybody found it so hard, since to me It's jsut easy... But I guess you're right, you need to find that click 1st killer :awar:
Thx a lot Squirrel hehe and you're right That;s also what I always say!! I;m glad you liked it with ingame MT and all
Thx a lot smok3y you killer!! You make me speechless I love reading those "stories" from you and this one is again no exception!! Hehe 2 out of the 4 testers said the cactus shuold be removed, and I figured, let's just do that Good choice so I see And well basicly: An for you for giving me such a master- I can't wait to combine out forces soon!!
Thx a lot TYZZ for this masterpiece of an they're rare and I love them!! Hehe I love all the feelings I can enlure from people with my tracks All I need from you is a time and you make me the happiest track-builder around (PS my next track will be easy in comparison to this one... )
Thx a lot tmjonas omFg yet again a superB !!! hehe I absolutly love reading long awards, specially whne they are for my tracks, and when they are SUPER-long it's even better!!! You my man, made my day (as well ) Better said, I feel honoured I can make people write such long 's it must mean I'm doing something right you actually made me speechless...
  KEV Fan 10-Oct-2007
Nice screenie and intro - and yes the map killed me (ik ben harstikke dood )
  maphios 11-Oct-2007
i don´t get it
i have to drive the first 30 s nearly perfectly to stand a chance to make the jump, but i haven´t made it....
the MT work is so nice here, and the scenery is excellent
but the track is too hard for me sry
  DaKKoN 11-Oct-2007
np maphios!!! Thx for taking the time to write me that and thx for being so nice over the track itself I'm already planning to make my next desert easier ( I already build it even... But the one AFTER that will be easier for sure!! )
  smok3y 15-Oct-2007
Next time you put ingame MT im gonna kill you - i could have driven a better time had it not been for the ingame jazzy stuff
  DaKKoN 15-Oct-2007
Haha sorry m8!!
My next map will only contain one standard loop-cam and some texts ingame...
And it will be "easy" to drive
  Andree 15-Oct-2007
Gotta love the award given by TYZZ impressive feedback
  tyzz 15-Oct-2007
huhu thx andree

My time is bad 1:00.xx
I'm training again and again....
  DaKKoN 15-Oct-2007
omFREAKIN'g I the TYZZ and tmjonas
That's like one of the best 's ever So detailed en it shows how much fun you had (Hehe I don't wanna say THE best, since a couple of guys also made some massive ones... (and I don;t wanna hurt their feelings... ) Although it will DEFNITLY be in my top3 )
  tyzz 16-Oct-2007
huhu tmjonas you have wrote a insane

Check your award list of you last track my is very long for me (I'm not reallly good in english at high school ^^)
  tmjonas 16-Oct-2007
hey TYZZ
sure I've read your award to my track It's the LONGEST I've ever gotten! My comment to this award will soon follow in my comments
  TimeBreaker 19-Oct-2007
im too much of a desertnoob, i cant finish this track without respawn routes
i will try again anyways
  DaKKoN 08-Jan-2009
Classic 8th of Januari 2009
  Wallaby 17-Sep-2009
Acid killed your only title^^
  Acid 17-Sep-2009
Of f***, there WAS something preventing me from uploading it, i forgot though Delete the Replay, it works somehow, i've seen someone do it ... sry dude, was not my intention, i was just wrecklessly uploaded some classic recs before leaving
  TimeBreaker 19-Sep-2009
lol dakk, this track is the devil !
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User Awards
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  Atze-Peng 19-Apr-2008
Nice one dude, while I dont like fullspeed that much this one is excellent
  Acid 25-Feb-2009
Pancakes ! Pancakes indeed !
  c4rr0t 30-Oct-2009
nice desert track
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