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Track Name
Name: Ready to Rumble
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Andree
Version: 09-Oct-2007
Released: 09-Oct-2007
TMX id: 483797
LB Rating: Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Desert
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0:59.84   n3crid(inactive)+ 0:01.82-
1:00.38   DaKKoN+ 0:02.36-
1:00.41   rad+ 0:02.39-
1:00.49   PPDA+ 0:02.47-
1:01.18   Andree+ 0:03.16-
1:02.09   maphios+ 0:04.07-
1:02.24   ohei2+ 0:04.22-
1:02.68   PapyChampy+ 0:04.66-
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Author Comments

Track #36: Desert

High speed track with a PF-start (14 seconds)
Using the DirtStyle mod
If you dont have the mod, please download it then

Intro: Yes, around 15 seconds
Ingame: Text in the PF-start
Outro: very inverse

Bigger screenie

User Comments
Showing 10 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  TaBle 09-Oct-2007
finally a new desert track by you!!!!!!
lookin forward to drive it
  Eagle 09-Oct-2007
ill test it
  smok3y 09-Oct-2007
Andree is back
  Andree 09-Oct-2007
Thx for the awards
TaBle glad to see you enjoy my desert-tracks Looking forward to see your time
OLDA_X wonderful award, nice to see you upload a replay as well.
[ATP]The_KILLER always fun trying to make a good PF, maybe not so fun racing it over and over again
TYZZ awesome award mate the outro is very inverse, matter of taste i think.
Eagle awesome award, loved it
PapyChampy always nice to get a award from you mate, wonderful to read
Mr.Brow short and nice award
Kendar loved the feedback
(ATP)Jonkster_NZ what a pleasure to recieve such a good awardcomment. You made me very proud. Saw your awardcomment first at work today and had to read it several times
RoJa Dont know if i can be called the desertmaster, but its my favorite enviroment. I think people like MasterDisaster, Cab, gadget, DaKKoN and pitstep are better, but i try the best i can
DaKKoN once again you write me such a detailed feedback Always a pleasure to read, such awardcomments made me proud and keep my motivation to build more. In fact this track was considered for a while to be my last one. But i have got 2 more tracks just misssing the final touch (MT). So i will try to hold on for some more weeks. Great time you have achieved here, i also think under 1 minute should be reachable with a bit practise. I love the fact that you have used the word addictive, for me thats the best feedback i can get
tmjonas you have becomed one of the best awardwriters. Impressive feedback for a author to get, i'm very glad you enjoyed the track so much. The endsection is a section i'm very happy with, nice to see you like this best in the track It was so fun to read your awardcomment, the more i read, the more happier i become, thx a lot for saving my day
Trojaner thx a lot mate, always a pleasure to recieve a award from you, nice -comment
MasterDisaster so nice to see you back on TMU, have been missing you What a wonderful -comment Hope to see you make a new map soon, and i guess we could do a duotrack again, been a while since the last one
Iquere « almost perfect, well that was a big awardcomment, so glad you liked the track so much
maphios glad i can live up to the expectation you have on my deserttracks Nice to see you enjoyed the abuse of the bug, loved to read your opinion
MiniZyko always nice to see you take the time and play and award my tracks
pitstep always nice to get a award from you, hope to see a desert-track from you also
SniperZ according to you award give it look like you maybe is one of my biggest fans on the site 31 awards given to me considerering i have uploaded 36 its a very high number
smok3y i hope i have shocked you in a positive way always nice to recieve a award from you mate
p-devil no need to write so much, you have mention you had fun on the track, always a good feedback to hear a user had fun playing a track i have made
ohei2 thx for the award, the track might be hard if you isnt a diehard TMO fan. Didnt think it would be a struggle to get gold, but according to my stats it looks like i drive best in the desert enviroment
Vincent fun to see you think the track is weird = i love it Just look at the weird outro
Mirco the Racer waht a awesome award again by you my friend, always a positive feedback to me. Always time to test my tracks. Looking forward to see your stadiumtrack uploaded on the site. It was so cool to play it
-HR-n3crid thx a lot for the goldet bucket of award. What a great thrill to read your awardcomment, also a superb time uploaded
  tmjonas 09-Oct-2007
Yeah, new desert-track by andree!
Will try it of course!
  Dengel 09-Oct-2007
me2 of course give me just 2,3 days
  n3crid(inactive) 12-Oct-2007
under 59:50 is possible....
Let's see who will gonna beat it!
  X-ray 14-Oct-2007
Please don't hate me, but this PF start calls for a different approach
  Andree 14-Oct-2007
Nice exploring on how to take the PF-start X-ray Impressive time.
Thx for taking time to make such a great time. And remember i never hate a person in this great community

Continue with my thank-you list
DEnGel a long PF-start is always boring playing a track online, no matter how good it is, all you wanna do is to drive the track. Thx again for always taking the time to test one of my tracks
CRO|Low_B another award from one of my favorite awardgivers thx a lot again
ShoK glad you enjoyed the ride, just downloaded your track to the Monthly contest, gonna test it later tonight
pjw nice to see you take the time to test and award my tracks. After playing all your hard/lunatic platformtracks its impressive to see you have time to test other people tracks. I guess most of your time goes just to validate your own tracks
SkunkY always cool to get a award from a oldtimer from TMS Nice to see you around
-ORA- nice little award my friend, always a pleasure to see you around
  Djoszee 19-Oct-2007
I just saw a link to this track. I have to say that the font really messes up the screenshot (at least the tiny one)
I suggest you make it a bit larger, so it looks less pixelated
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 35 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  p-devil 10-Oct-2007
Great track again, very nice pf start.
Sorry, I don't know, what to write... but I was surprised how much fun I could have on a desert track.
  ohei2 10-Oct-2007
Not my favorite desert track, but the PF start and the middle construction - the long tarnac S-shape thingy - are just outstanding and pure fun.
Cute mod also.

I needed many tries to drive a gold medal time, almost too many to really like the track.
  Vincent 11-Oct-2007
That´s pretty weird, but I like these crazy dogs - especially if they are not only crazy, but also good for driving - like this one. Cool thing!
  Mirco the Racer 12-Oct-2007
Oh my godness--->as i realised that this pf-start is real i said this words.
Man what a awesome pf. Than the whole map is very fast and has cool ideas
and superb transitions. Scenery rocks as well. Mediatracker is as always a pleasure from you.
Really another stunning one from you Keep it always up

Mirco the Racer
  n3crid(inactive) 12-Oct-2007
Hell yeah!!!!!
This one is soooo AWESOME!
Real inoative PF-start!
Great MT-work!
Genius flow!
Great speed...
Everything what a ral cool dessert track need!
damn it...
I was sooo close to a 59:xx
Maybe I gonna get it later!
Here is you golden bucket!
  Dengel 12-Oct-2007
hard speeder

the pf start is a bit boring for online
but the track is really challenging, with nice deco and speedy

nice one andree !
  CRO|Low_B 12-Oct-2007
Nice, tricky track with cool PF start and small b*g.
Great speed all the way.


  Shok 14-Oct-2007
  pjw 14-Oct-2007
Woo, freaky track! (In a good way!)
I like the combination of the mod and the use of the bug to make scenery holes; the combination makes it feel like some new post-apocalyptic block set--now all you need is some glowing radioactive blocks. I kept looking around for guys from Mad Max and The Road Warrior.

The PF start is cool, but perhaps a tiny bit long (and it gets kind of rough at the end after starting so cool), but other than that, the track is very well made. I loved the long banked concrete sections and the great transitions. Lots of fun.

Nice job!
  SkunkY 16-Oct-2007
Very nice desert track. Nice scenery, nice race path, good to drive all the way. A bit technical but not too much - great mix!
Great work!
  » Ebou / Busy! 16-Oct-2007
WooOoooW. One crazy desert track man!!
Excelent PF, nice speed, doesn't really have that good of a flow for me, but damn X-ray has a great time!
and the normal good MT ^^
  TimeBreaker 19-Oct-2007
good track andree
im normally nopt such a fan of desert tracks, but this one is quite cool
the mt work is good, nothing special to mention
the screen is - as usual- nothing for my taste

the track is overall really speedy with a high fun factor..
BUT i dont like the pf start
first off its 13 seconds long , i think thats too much
the stunts itself are good looking though, but the last crash is slowing the car down nearly to 0, i dont like that :/
without the pf start i wouldv liked the track even more
so still a good track, maybe next time a shorter pf start with a smoother ending
  Malena 29-Oct-2007
This is a really good map! The PF is so fun and original, there is a good speed and the mod suites well to the track!
  chris_du_21 31-Oct-2007
Great PF, nice flow, great speed, nice transitions & amazing outro !
Mod is nice
=> <=
  rad 24-Nov-2007
Nice track Andree,awesome bugs but cut pf
I hate this mod -_-
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