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Name: Mad Mad wOrld
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   smok3y
Version: 07-Oct-2007
Released: 07-Oct-2007
TMX id: 479502
LB Rating: 32,995
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:52.52   echo+ 0:00.0032,995
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:52.55   Squirrel+ 0:00.0332,882
0:52.86   Yrp360+ 0:00.3431,713
0:53.28   maphios+ 0:00.7630,130
0:53.49   MaB+ 0:00.9729,338
0:53.53   Axon+ 0:01.0129,188
0:53.58   smok3y+ 0:01.0628,999
0:53.58   PPDA+ 0:01.0628,999
0:53.67   NoTimeToDrive+ 0:01.1528,660
0:53.72   MEFjihr+ 0:01.2028,471
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Author Comments

A big welcome to everyone at TMX
So glad to see my/our fav. site up again, im already going Mad
So here's a track to match the moOd as well

And some Mad combos

Custom Music:- Mojo - Lady hear me tonight

**Wallpaper Updated** - lemme know if this is better now
Get the Wallpaper if you like it

Beta Testers~

Bye Tom

Thnx for the great suggestions guys really appreciated

Have loads of fun and lets all go Mad

A BIG word of THNX to the TMX crew for bringing back the site with all the hard work and dedication - we all Love you

Try this amazing track guys and lets see who can do it fullspeed

Elevated Tech 2009 by   Alcator


And once again guys thnx for the appreciation, i must thank all my clanmates and ville here for the awesome feedback they gave while testing this track in alpha, beta & gama stages(whatever that means). So a big word of thnx again to
Bye Tom

This track is as much my effort as it is theirs cause, half the transitions and ideas they gave me taking out time from thir personal lives, i had given up hope here and wanted to put it up, they then suggested so many great ides that i had to make the changes and this is what turned out finally. I love all my clanmates and must thank them for all the support. It's a team and that's what makes us all rock, and we help each other out, that's the spirit of the game, being happy in others happiness. A BIG Thnx to all you guys

And a Big thnx to everyone who played the map, awarded, gave feedback, downloaded the map or didn't do anything but still played it and enjoyed it, this is our home away from home and we can make it an even better place. Please try maps from other users and start giving due recognition to all and every. Don't just go by BIG names, diamonds are always found in dirt, so please try maps from others as well and give feedback and or award, it will help and we have to pass on the game to the next generation. So start picking some diamonds, cause me and other so called BIG names can't go on forever. Now is the time to start looking for more better mappers and start helping each other out. Peace

User Comments
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  Yrp360 08-Oct-2007
L'echo power xD
  smok3y 08-Oct-2007
Pjotr thnx for the superb m8
TaBle wow another superlative set of awesome comments and im so happy you liked it this much m8
TMULegend wonderful m8 thnx very much
Andree wow another awesome feedback from The Best of The Best, im really flattered and honored sir, a million thnx for getting such an i'll be waiting to see you make a map with that start idea you mentioned, im sure it will be awesome
ohei2 wow thanks for such a lovely feedback, im so glad you liked the start idea, i had to rumble my brain for 4 days to make something like Mad World as this was a sequel, reading those lines makes me feel proud i was able to make a moment in this map that really pleased someone as great as you, many thnx for that lovely
Vincent i must say it was worth it to get that for the start, cause trust me i spent 4 days like i told in my upper comment to make that start section alone and 2 days to make the next tunnel transitions, its looks simple now, but when i was running around for ideas it wasn't that simple, the remaining im not concerned about as it's just random airport to platform to airport. So im happy with the you gave me
s8ndm8n the legend we all know you are and it's an honor to get that coveted from you and thnx a lot for the beta testing feedback, that really helped me make a better map, will wait for your time, im sure it'll be a smoker
Kendar ehehe i know i know, hop hop *Plonk* oops i didnt have enough speed to hop far enough *gluk* *gluk* thnx for the awesome
Gitz hey glad you liked and enjoyed it m8, thnx for coming by and giving nice feedback and much appreciated
X-MASTER™ hey nice to see ya again bud, yups i agree this one turned out to be a hard map with all those transitions, but still glad you liked it enough to it, many thnx
tmjonas wow now what can i say after reading such astounding lines and awesome feedback, thnx for all the love and support my friend, to see such nice friends around giving help and feedback and creticism all the time, i would certainly keep on mapping till i can and will hope you do too
Gum Jabbar im glad you liked it m8, thnx for the awesome
ProPimP thnx for the lovely feedback and m8 and ya i know those jumps are real funny
Snakey3000 wow, coming from a legendary map maker like you im honored, thnx a lot for such a marvelous
Guys you just gotta check this out - insane bugs in stadium

Inflatable Rumours by   Zooz
  Squirrel 09-Oct-2007
did it once more^^
  smok3y 09-Oct-2007
Squirell powaaaaaa
RoJa wonderful pure wonderful masterful comments, feedback and im glad you liked it so much
kev717 hey buddy so nice to see you again, thnx for the lovely
DaKKoN da bad guy is here, people hide your belongings quick your 's and comments are always such fun to read m8, just too good, thnx for the 50th means a lot to me
MasterDisaster where's da storm that always comes with you, me holds on to my undies tight, i don't wanna see them fly off lol ^^ thnx for the awesome
Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) hey m8 how r u, thnx for the awesome glad you liked the ss
pitstep thnx a dozen Big Boss, always an honor to get an from a Legend
Dartz4 hey hey m8 how have u been, thnx for the super cOol
Nobby *applause* *applause* *bow* thnx for the super Nobel Prize , im honored
KEV Fan da penguin is here - Batman *ooops* Bananman thn'x you for the super awesome and we are all :gay: and happy
p-devil well im glad i live upto your expectations, hope to do that always, thnx for rethinking and 'ing, means a lot to me
Kendal hey buddy nice to see you again after a long time and thnx for the awesome
|AS| ben75 the stunt pro, thnx for the great
Skunky thnx a lot Boss for the awesome
GPT glad you liked it m8, thnx for the wonderful
Robert1 hey how are you m8, thnx for dropping by and for the
DEnGel always an honor to get an from one of the best racers here
  Yrp360 09-Oct-2007
Insane drivers here
Who can get a lil' 52 now ? ^^

Edit : here is it ^^ with a long slide at the end, so you can drive faster
  Squirrel 09-Oct-2007
erf again xD
  smok3y 09-Oct-2007
Yrp360 wotta 360 degree spin
Insane drivers?? i say Mad drivers
  Squirrel 09-Oct-2007
however u want ^^
sth lower isn't really that hard but okay we'll see if there is time to race again^^
  smok3y 09-Oct-2007
0:52.63 - Squirrel what was that
  Yrp360 09-Oct-2007
Whuh impressive
I'll try it tomorrow
  StiX 10-Oct-2007
hey hey hey we are back online this is great new track ill give it ago
  Nobby 10-Oct-2007
I do pass on the game to the next generation: my 6 yr old son loves it
But I do not believe the line about BIG names being unable to go on forever though: we will see some of those names even more frequently after they retire from that tiresome distraction called "work"
I agree with you on the "diamands in dirt" stuff. It really pays to look at some of the "no screenie/no details/ no awards" stuff.
And I really like the way you advertise tracks by other authors in your comments!
  smok3y 10-Oct-2007
Thnx a lot Nobby, was a pleasure to read what you wrote and i hope more people follow like you and try tracks from under-rated unknown mappers and we see more better *diamonds* emerge *Amen*
  p-devil 10-Oct-2007
Lol, smokey.
Of course it never was really a question, that I would award this track after trying it.
I was just very late and I hadn't driven an island track for a month or so.
  smok3y 12-Oct-2007
Squirrel is gonna snatch everyone's nuts this time - respect
  echo 13-Oct-2007
oh man ;/ ,i lost at the end 0.20 -.-
  smok3y 13-Oct-2007
You guys are nuts - the day i drive like that i'll jump from the roof
  Squirrel 14-Oct-2007
no new time from me i know sth better is possible cause I also had some times -0.2 but it just requires a bit more luck in the end
gg echo
  smok3y 23-Jan-2008
Whozaaaaa wotta WR Time
Thnx for 's to :

Hageldave - I agree
[CMC]Zeo - that is one insane
LoKo - The Best
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User Awards
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  Robert1 12-Oct-2007
cool track, the 2nd time u hit the air port keeps throwing me off but all the rest 10/10
  Dengel 12-Oct-2007
nice speeder ! love it that there are no (or less ) red boostys thats how a boost challenge must be

nice transitions, nice mt, everything seems perfect
  StiX 13-Oct-2007
nice Somk3y very good
  Hageldave 15-Oct-2007
to be honest with you: this is the first track
of you I rly liked, wich was really giving me
some good feeling seeing good transitions well working
and reminding me it's allways the same with guys joining XT,
somewhen they'll track very much better than before

great done!
  [CMC]Zeo 16-Oct-2007
Is there another track fashion here in India? Because i really think you make now tracks in another style than usually. I must say it's not a bad style but i never saw so enjoyable driving on so sharp turns in full-speed track. Intro is kinda boring i must say honestly, but the banana arrives in my face when i beat the PF start. Alsome landing on so narrow area. I still wonder what would happen if there was red boost in the PF start. Also nice usage of the tunnels and another really nice smooth and well calculated jump onto another tunnel. Really sweet diagonal jump then, but the another one - kinda small but i didn't know that bump from the airport-tarmac transition can make car reaction fitting so well the landing onto the bended platforms. Also the next jump series made a solid work here. Nice shorty wallride and well placed loop, but it was kinda a-maze-ing and i didn't know in 1st try how to exit it. The finishing part - dammit why finish line is so badly placed, i almost always hit it from beside and crash. So i say in my mind "F**K IT, ANOTHER GO, it must be perfect" And in another ride (which i still hope will be the good one) i had time to wonder what else can i write in this comment. Now i think it's almost finished, but i still forget about three things. The first one is outro - as always really pleasant to watch, cameras are dynamic and i can't say any bad words about them. 2nd one is music - you still listen to such an oldschool house track, eh? And the third one - the screenshot - HOW THE F**K you make this background here?!? What ultra-sweetjesus-strongman-mutant programme you use for screenies??? My Corel can't do it. OK, now it's time to little sum up - have to say that sharp turns make such a good work, also it's a nice style without too much bad boosts and also not too much loops and wallrides. You show us your skills in trackmaking, you're the good advert for your country in TM, i'll help your work with this award, read it carefully and keep it in mind.

Zeo/nawro - Good luck hidden inside the Polish young driver
  Dr.SharK 23-Oct-2007
Very nice track Not original by any means, but everything here is done perfect.
  LoKo 14-Jan-2008
Wow , awsome track again
  Nifty 31-Jan-2008
One of my favorite tracks, great Job


  Cool-T 21-Mar-2008
Very crazy islander here
Cool pf start
Very good transitions
and speed in the whole track
I love the jump from that
airportramp to the curve

*~-> <-~*
  Kenny 04-Aug-2008
Wow Amazing Track

Great PF Start, Simple but brilliant
Speed, Flow, Jumps, Transitions and Design are Superb!

youre now in my top10 favourite autors list
Great work here!!
  gsp 07-Mar-2009

oooh my god... wahts a track... oh my god
Damn, i only can say

here your >>>

  nick122020 15-Aug-2009
beautiful, beautiful track...again and again very cool
nice, smok3y - >><< for you!!!
  Nim 19-Oct-2009
Another great track!
  Zemano ! 14-Mar-2017
Vrooooommmm !!

Cool One ofc !

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