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Name: Download Satanica
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Hastings
Version: 10-Sep-2007
Released: 10-Sep-2007
TMX id: 477075
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 16,713
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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0:59.52   s8ndm8n+ 0:00.0016,713
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0:59.85   Hastings+ 0:00.3316,157
1:00.48   Kendar+ 0:00.9615,095
1:00.49   DaKKoN+ 0:00.9715,078
1:00.64   Chaldan+ 0:01.1214,826
1:01.12   Dork+ 0:01.6014,017
1:03.11   ohei2+ 0:03.5910,664
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Author Comments

It's a Monday again.

After the holidays, I decided to come up with a new Island track in order to motivate me for upcoming mapping work. It's called "Satanica" (4000C). I wanted to create original elements, so this circuit can be regarded as the inofficial sequel to Performing. Accordingly, you will find several uncommon (whether original or not, that's your decision) stunt combinations.

I tried to keep the difficulty low by allowing as many approaches and to the stunts as possible and as little decoration as I deemed proper. I tried, but the difficulty is high nonetheless. Plus, I don't believe in Navigation MT solutions, as they spoil the surprise very much, that is why I recommend you to download the Author time Ghost (Rapidshare). Just put it into:
My Documents/TrackMania United/Tracks/Replays/Autosaves and you will see my ghost leading you through my constructions.

For all the others who believe in their skills and disbelieve in RapidShare, there are of course enough signs.

The full MT package is included. It includes my longest introduction ever, some camera changes while driving and a replay filled up with FX and cool camera drives. To be best enjoyed in PC3.

Have fun, and leave some feedback!

User Comments
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  Hastings 10-Sep-2007
Thank you, pitstep.

Thanks a lot, Stoney.

Thanks, Squirrel. Did you try the track with my ghost?

Thanks a lot, spedzo. Glad to see you like what I built up there, and I can see you perfectly understood the track structure. Wide and open, fun, and tricky, but still fair.

Whoa, awesome! Platinum! Thanks a 666 times, Kendar!!! I'm glad you felt a rush here, and you were patient enough to finish this piece of hell. Always great to see your conversion ... uuuh comments.

Thanks, ohei2.I'm flattered that you spent almost an hour on this track. Seriously: for a platform track, it's too fast and too easy, plus you don't need air control here. But your point with the airfield-2-double0 is correct, there's actually too little space to prepare the driver for the drop, but I think I didn't have much of a choice there, regarding the speed and the construction site dimensions ...

Best. Award. Ever. Dork! Thank you very much for these wonderful words. I'm flattered that you like the MT so much, and even describe it as "cinematic". Yes, the combinations after the tunnel, on second thought, are incredibly difficult. But had you ever had the opportunity of practising them before? Anyway, I really appreciate your words, they return a lot which I invested in this track.

Thanks a lot, DaKKon! You really crashed that many times in those red boost signs? Oh boy. I crash too, but really very few times, but yes, I should have considered that. That boost isn't of much need. I'm impressed that you call the MT awesome, you being the MT master here.

Thank you, Matto.

Thanks a lot, Horus. C'est magnifique que tu es revenu.

Thank you very much, T_Z_! Might be underrated because too little people are brave enough to finish.

Thanks, MexUnited!
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User Awards
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User Award   pitstep 10-Sep-2007
great track great ideas
very nice mt
User Award   Stoney 10-Sep-2007
nice map Hastings cool runnings
User Award   Squirrel 10-Sep-2007
ultra hard map imo and i don't say this often trust me
but so great ideas and transition that it's truth worth an award
User Award   spedzo 10-Sep-2007
Really brilliant track!
Some super smooth transitions with enough space to give the driver control of exactly where to put the car!
The wide open curves & jumps are really fun & challenging to drive!
The finish is also quite cool, dropping onto the platform, then to road & into the pipe for a barrel roll into an upside down finish!
The difficulty is perfect imo, tricky but nothing cruel blocking the racing path!
MT is very well made!
User Award   Kendar 11-Sep-2007
You did it again! Completely blew me AWAY!!!

This is a Delicious, Devilish Masterpiece!
The start took me about a dozen times to figure out how to make that small jump, but after that it was pretty easy.
Very nice leaping corkscrew and loop combo. Then a moment to catch my breath up and around the bend.
Then the gnarly tunnel jump - damn, that is cool. I smile every time I zoom through there.
OK - get ready for the tricky part - squirt out the tube and land on the 00, smooth U-turn and back down the path >>> SWEET!
Just the finish left..... sscccrrraaaaaaappppppeee. Oops, there goes the paint! Oh well, that was a RUSH!!!!
The finish took a few tries to figure out as well, but there is a nice CP not far away to practice with. It is not as random-luck as I first thought. It can be nailed every time.

Intro is great for setting the mood.
The outro is very nice to watch.

Totally fun, a terrific challenge, and an outstanding design!!

User Award   ohei2 11-Sep-2007
Actually this is a very original design, which deserves to be tried. I say tried and not played, because this track is more a platform track than a race track.

From hundred tries or so (did not count) I brought home three or four error-free. When I finally had a good run, I was 1.11 short of the gold medal time, because my final slide bumped into the wall. I do not want to try again fifty times.

Personally I don't like drops to areas you can't see that much. When you come out of the tunnel you have little to orientate on the airfield, but the angle you choose and the speed you maintain here is essential to master the track. After learning to hit the tunnel straight enough, I ruined most runs on the airfield or by turning too early after leaving the tunnel.

All in all more a platform track than a race track, but with original transitions you might not want to miss.
User Award   Dork 14-Oct-2007
Best. MT. Ever.

As stunning an accomplishment as the track proper is, the above thought is what I really took away from Satanica -- a map so brilliantly difficult it raises the hair on my arms. The use of cameras, blur, colors... mmmm. It elevates the art of MediaTracking from something discussed in terms of clips and tracks to something I started considering in terms of shot composition, timing, pacing. It's cinematic in the very best sense of the word and I can't praise your work enough; commendable seems an appropriate accolade but falls short of what the art deserves.

So, I'm a bit impressed, then.

As a track it's balls hard, of course, loaded with massively twisted, sickeningly smooth transfers and rapidly shifting lines. You can't play this one on autopilot for the most part, though there are some sections like the loops that do not grab my attention as sharply as, say, the ending. Or the massive banked jumps onto loops. Or the first transfer from road to loop, crazy interloop jumps... erm. Let us say it is a map that demands attention, but is right to demand it. The rewards for heavy playing are immediate, the sense of gratification at such awe-inspiring stunts palpable. The track suffers in a few places for sheer difficulty, but these complaints never outweigh the impressive Tapestry Of Terror you have woven.

It's masterful -- a joy to drive, a wonder to behold. My sincere compliments.

User Award   DaKKoN 15-Oct-2007
Well to me this track aint all that hard But it IS a masterpiece which keeps you on your toes for the complete run!!
There's actually just one part I don't like and that is the finish... Or better said: The RED-BOOSTER block right before it. I had about 10 runs in which I crashed into the little freakin' sign on the ceiling... Without that booster (which has no use what-so-ever) the track would have been perfect and I would have probablt beaten your time even Since I had an advantage of 0.65s on my current time So far about the "bad-thing" on your track.
The transitions are brilliant and the bowl-drop is marvelous!!! But I just don't find this track really hard More great fun and very addicitve!!!' The MT is just wickedly awesome!! And all I actually miss is a hard satanic metal song on the back-ground now I think of it And maybe some fire from the pits of hell... To summarize it: Brilliant addicitve track with great transtiotns and worth MORE 's!!!
So here's one xtra

User Award   matto 15-Oct-2007

Great track
Crazy ideas and transitions

User Award   (oXo)Horus 15-Oct-2007
Great track !

GJ h4sting
User Award   T_Z_ 12-Dec-2007
Superb track dude
It is way underrated
It has great original and innovative ideas but it still isn't very hard to finish
Good work

User Award   MExUnited 12-Dec-2007
Amazing track, love the ideas!!
User Award   Kumagoro 29-Dec-2007
Awesome and hard, especially with KB, makes it very hard to align yourself for the tunnel jump

Some great original ideas, speed and good flow
Original intro

Great job
User Award   Chaldan 18-Jun-2010
Exelent track! Really hard, almost too hard for me....
It took me 25 minutes to get a time I was satisfied with. Loads of original idéas, wonderful route design. Tunnel/tube jump.. very cool. The jump up to and out of the bowl... awesome! The finish is really great too, messed up a few of my tries.. Very nice MT work also.

User Award   s8ndm8n 19-Jun-2010
Amazing track I saw this the other day and had to try it.
Insane ride and I didn't find the track to be all that hard at all
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