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Name: (MTC) New Experience
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Darki
Version: 17-Apr-2016
Released: 17-Apr-2016
TMX id: 4747398
LB Rating: 4,178
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Trial
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Snow
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1:06.69   Voyager006+ 0:00.004,178
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:15.55   Darki+ 0:08.86847
4:57.88   Mizu+ 3:51.190
11:19.59   NitroGuy!»UD+ 10:12.900
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Author Comments

Hey there!
Thanks for reading this little text about my newest creation. Hopefuly you can experience new parts you haven't seen yet!

The track was build for the MTC of April '16, trial-ish. Due to reports about the difficulty (thanks to rad!) I made some changes. It should be much easier now to get to the finish (although it will still be a big challenge, you will need much time for your first run!).

My personal rating of difficutly regarding the individual parts:
- part 1: 1/5
- part 2: 4/5
- part 3: 3/5
- part 4: 3/5
- part 5: 2/5

Besides an appealing scenery you will be able to discover an intro, containing 2 parts that didn't make it into the final map due to an high luckfactor, some ingame hints for part 2,3 and 5 and a full outro. Keep in mind that it's quite hard to make satisfactorily outros in trial maps!

Possible best time must be something around 1 minute, although I didn't finished yet without any respawns.
My replay contains "spoilers", my advice would be to try it first on your own and keep a look on my replay if really necessary... The replay hints are really only hints.

Update!: (17/04/16)
- added some signs at part 4 due to reports by Acid (thanks a lot!)
- added a GPS
- added a coppers comptetion

One last sentence: Keep in mind that the backwards acceleration of the snow car is much better!

Good luck and try to have some fun

User Comments
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  Darki 17-Apr-2016
Just managed to get a respawnfree run!

I made 2 bigger mistakes and drove overall a bit carefully, therefore I'm still confident that 1.0x should be doable.
  Acid 17-Apr-2016
Seems cool, but i have no idea where to go at one point. I'm stuck where you drop down from a CP at an offroad hill. There's a sign saying i need to go down left and a bunch of randomly placed roads. Need to watch our replay now

EDIT: Ok, you need to go across the hills ridge, that was totally not obvious
  Darki 17-Apr-2016
Oh damn, I thought it would be clear where to drive there. Nobody got to that point till now I guess..
Don't drive off the mountain, stay on that "Offroad Hill" till you get to the next CP. Thanks for pointing that out though, I will consider some changes here.
  Acid 17-Apr-2016
Indeed. Having to do that in ego perspective is tedious as hell though, why did you put cam 3 there ?
  Darki 17-Apr-2016
Actually I planned to use Cam 3 for the outro at that part. After seeing it I realized it was much more immersive, challenging, so I decided to force Cam 3 for that part.
I will add some signs as well, changes coming this evening.

Edit: Update completed.
Editedit: Nobody even able to finish it once? that's kinda unexpected...
  T4B_M3RC 29-Apr-2016
so what is trial??? RPG?
  Darki 30-Apr-2016
Imo it's trial. They added the option to specify this track as "trial" some days ago, so I did that.. I could only choose "RPG" by the release of the track.

TBH I don't know how to define the term "RPG", but this track could have easily been on a trial server back then (might have been a bit too short though).
  Mizu 19-May-2016
The cam3 ruins the map so hard for me imo
Last cp is such a good run killer damn w_w
and the small jump between cp2 and3... car control get reverse in backward, but as soon as you touch the red part is reverse again etc, annoying
Good map overall, won't try harder, end is too frustrating
  Darki 23-May-2016
Wow, didn't expected any replays actually
The last CP is pretty easy in case you know in which angle you have to jump onto the ice (hit the angle perfectly with your last attempt).
Cam 3 doesn't seem to be very popular on TMX, I just wanted to create a special, different part. But I can feel you.
The backwards part can be a bit annoying, but with enough patience it's pretty well doable.
Nice start btw, 1:10 should be possible now for sure and thanks for finishing .
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User Awards
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  timmy»UD 17-Apr-2016
really cool, but extremely hard!
  Voyager006 25-Sep-2016
Good lord what cruelty I went through to get that time...

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