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Name: Download randy described eternity
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   tmjonas
Version: 11-Apr-2016
TMX id: 4744728
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 25,588
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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1:03.88   Elco+ 0:00.0025,588
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1:04.38   rad+ 0:00.5024,386
1:04.98   X_Darkman_X+ 0:01.1022,944
1:05.54   Acid+ 0:01.6621,598
1:05.66   Toyeca+ 0:01.7821,310
1:05.76   tmjonas+ 0:01.8821,069
1:06.12   Cool-T+ 0:02.2420,204
1:06.28   -Chaos-+ 0:02.4019,819
1:07.85   Nim+ 0:03.9716,046
1:09.68   FT»eyebo+ 0:05.8011,648
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Author Comments

hey there!

snow speed tech track.
"the sad mafioso"-styled.
each curve to attack.
some tricky jumps.
closest route is not always the fastest.
noob screen.
gogo 1.04.xx.

good to see you guys here. now I'm gonna drive some of your tracks!

*tmj out*

User Comments
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  tmjonas 09-Apr-2016
  rad 09-Apr-2016
Great to see you back to game and tmx Hope you stay.
About the map - it's good, unfotunately has at least one shortcut Sorry
  tmjonas 09-Apr-2016

I almost feared you'd find a cut, since I did the last polishing in kind of a rush today (without checking for cuts). Anyway, should be blocked now, respawning at the cp (as the possibility that's left) should be slower than the normal route. If there's still a cut... well, keep it!


Thanks for the awards guys! Nice to see you, Sammon!
  NitroGuy!»UD 09-Apr-2016
can you explain the mapname?
  tmjonas 09-Apr-2016
one of those great albums of the 90's.

Alright, 2nd update!

Didn't get that one, was pretty sure setting the fade out to infinity is enough unless you pass a cp afterwards. Anyway, there might still be cuts, but come on: Better invest your time in getting a good time on the track instead of looking for new cuts! I think it's a fun track to hunt on, for that matter. And this is pretty much killing the wr-hunt on here
Anything below 1.05.30 can be considered as pretty good, I guess.

Ok then, gogo upload your replays!!!

Thanks for your words, Acid! Great to hear you had that feeling of being on the brink of tipping the car over on some of the turns, that's intended! Looking forward for your time. I once had -0.35 on my former AT (1.05.63) but screwed it up in the last tunnel. So I guess with a really nice run, 1.04.xx could be possible
  rad 10-Apr-2016
I thought you just didn't want anybody to mention if there's more cuts here Blackscreen was wearing off when you reached the middle of a hill, so it was just a matter of like 2 seconds driving blind, pretty much straight too.
  tmjonas 11-Apr-2016
Dude, you got too much free time.....

I don't. And I'd actually prefer to drive some of your tracks than only updating my own again and again. At least, I'm now able to drive below 1.06 very constantly. Gogo rad, show what you can do on the normal route!
  Acid 12-Apr-2016
Lost some tenths on the second half. So ... if i can do a low 1:05, it should be easy for others to do some nice 1:04's
  tmjonas 13-Apr-2016
Thanks chaos! Alright then, I give up! Thanks for pointing out, though. I should definitely consider possible cuts in future tracks!

Nice time darkman!!

etidu describes eternity? nice to hear from you!!
  Etidu 12-May-2016
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User Awards
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User Award   icefxxcle 09-Apr-2016
Great to see you back on TMX!
Really well laid out map, a great timehunter, and anyone can finish but is hard to master. Lots of nice tech/shortcuts and great scenery! Its good to have you back! Heres your >>>> <<<<
User Award   Sammon 09-Apr-2016
Of all the things I expected to do today, driving a new tmjonas track was not one of them!

Glad to see time spent away hasn't dulled your trackmaking abilities at all. This one is as brilliant as ever! I'm not all that great at fullspeed-tech stuff in Snow - hence my barely-better-than-gold time - but I can still appreciate how well-done this one is.

Take my award, sir.

And welcome back!
User Award   Darki 09-Apr-2016
Decent map, good flow, nothing else to say except:
Welcome back!
User Award   Acid 09-Apr-2016
tmj map - the hype is real !
Track's pretty awesome. Feels like you're on the edge of tipping the car over the whole time. It's doable if one, like you suggested, doesn't take the "closest route". Took me some time to get an 1.05 and now rad ofc finds a cut ^^
I'll try another time tomorrow
Really cool transition idea with the two angled curves cornered on each other.
Enjoyed this one, although it's a reall tuff one ^^


User Award   NitroGuy!»UD 10-Apr-2016
super cool map, love the banked turns. quite tricky but overall exhilarating
User Award   timmy»UD 10-Apr-2016
great one!
User Award   TaBle 10-Apr-2016
amazing to see another track from you
as predicted, this ones a real beauty
great speed tech, combined with awesome little transitions
well done, m8
User Award   FT»@ndy 10-Apr-2016
copying tmj style

User Award   Nim 11-Apr-2016
awesome track! very easy and challenging, and clear route
User Award   FT»tuutti 12-Apr-2016
User Award   -Chaos- 13-Apr-2016
I found one more little cut but i didn't really searched for it. Simple to use even for me.
Track is quite tough with my poor skill. Nice work, though.
That is a for you
User Award   X_Darkman_X 16-Apr-2016
great map jonas
User Award   Jeffguy 16-Apr-2016
Great stuff, love the flow
User Award   Cool-T 17-Apr-2016
Hey Jonas,

Seems like it's impossible to quit this game forever
Another great track that keeps you on the edge of your seat but also has some good transitions thrown in.

User Award   Etidu 29-Apr-2016
Couldn't resist driving this track after I read the trackname (I've been unreasonably obsessed with that particular song ).
Splendid track full of ingenious stuff. Tricky to drive fast everywhere, but no particular difficult turn. Cool reuse at the end. Screen is nice.
That's one more track which seems to fit well into your legendary collection.

By the way I think that eternity is an interesting topic. If our universe is a possiblity among others, then from the outside each universe is an eternal object. Consciousness is basically the universe and the universe is eternal, because everything is eternal from the outside. But how can we be conscious through eternity? Maybe progression of time is an illusion (we are just conscious at a possible time), or we loop (some sort of reincarnation stuff, eternal return). From the outside of time, our lives are eternally there, not at a particular time... something seems mysterious...
User Award   Elco 06-May-2016
User Award   Toyeca 07-May-2016
Map is , great job
Scenery, tech, flow... well done !!
User Award   FT»eyebo 07-Feb-2019
What a flowmeister you are. Love this one!!!
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