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Track Name
Name: AsTheSunSet
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   -Homie-
Version: 08-Sep-2007
Released: 08-Sep-2007
TMX id: 473912
LB Rating: 36,595
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Desert
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0:44.87   rad+ 0:00.0336,448
0:45.89   [CMC]Zeo+ 0:01.0531,453
0:46.11   ludix+ 0:01.2730,376
0:46.62   SneezR+ 0:01.7827,878
0:46.88   -Homie-+ 0:02.0426,605
0:47.03   n3crid(inactive)+ 0:02.1925,871
0:47.18   Wallaby+ 0:02.3425,136
0:47.19   Bare+ 0:02.3525,087
0:47.35   Sivert+ 0:02.5124,304
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Author Comments

Hey all

Here is my first Deserttrack called: AsTheSunSet


-Length, 47 seconds
-Coppers, 1700
-MediaTracker, Intro-Ingame-GPS-Outro
-Bigger Screenie Without text
-Bigger Screenie With text


Signs and Music:

Signs: Should load automaticly

Music: I think the music (3mB) should load also automaticly
If not: Download the locator file here and put it into this direction:


Thx list for Betatesting:


Thx mates^^


So I cant say more now, just enjoy this track

Plz submit your personal best

User Comments
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  -Homie- 08-Sep-2007
Thx list:

-Manu16, waow thx for this fast and nice award

--HR-n3crid, also a big thx to you for your nice time and your great award

-Wallaby, even if you dont like the music, thx for ur nice award

-KEV Fan, lol kev, the outro is made for a 46.9x time not for a 50.xx So i'ts clear that it looks like... mhhh when you whatch it xD
Anyway thx for ur nice award

-Squirrel, also thx to you for ur great award

-TYZZ, waow and the 6th award in nearly 2 hourds! Thx for it

-ShoK, holy thx xD

-kaiN.-, thx for ur award

-Acid, waow what a killertime, thx for ur nice awards

-Mr.Brow, also a big thx to you for ur nice award

-Andree, waow my first desertrack becomes a masterpiece! Thx andree

-eT DeaTh, thx for ur great award

-Cephid, thx for ur nice award

-Cab, lol, thx for ur great award

-Snakey3000, thx for ur nice award

-smok3y, like I allready said to KEV: "the outro is made for a 46.9x time not for a 50.xx So i'ts clear that it looks like... mhhh when you whatch it xD"
So I drove the track with keyboard now
And saw that the outro isnt that bad^^ It would be much better if you're a little freak. For each turn theres an own cam position so when you drive slow and dont get the turn at this time when I'll get it, its sure that it looks crappy.
Hope you understood me
Anyway I bet I'll make my next one much better!
And thx for ur award^^

-Micster, thx for ur nice award
And the next one who sees the crappy outro xD

-CRO|Bare, yeah xD thx for ur nice award

-Kendar, also thx for your great awards! Glad that you like the outro xD

-Sivert, thx for ur great award

----Wohoo I'm in BOTW! Thx very much guys-----

-Markus... amazing thx

-Buchi, yes I know, but this is just cause I'm so a skilled driver^^. Also thx for ur award anyway

-[CMC]Sandder, thx for ur great award

-crooms, also thx for ur nice award

-Sk84funPrzemo(Loony), amazing thx^^

-CRO|Low_B, big thx to you

-Don Alfonso, thx for ur nice award

-SkunkY, thx for ur great award

-RoJa, yeah thx for this awesome award/comment

-TimeBreaker, waow thx TB for this really great comment

-Crazy_horsE, thx for this Crazy_commenT

-tmjonas, waow thx for this AWESOME great comment! It was nice to read it

-s8ndm8n, thx for ur great award

-ludix, yeah awesome time is there any cut? I'll take a look at the replay

-etidu29, thx for ur great award

-Ville, awesome thx for this awesome crazy award
  smok3y 08-Sep-2007
Yeps certainly did
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 37 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Markus... 09-Sep-2007
amazing desert challenge
amazing transistions
amazing layout
amazing construction
cool soundtrack
amazing speeeeeeed
too much amazing`s here

very nice challenge and cool for online for sure

deserves much more `s
  'Buchi' 09-Sep-2007
whoa, what a Track

great transitions
you are more than a skilled mapper, sad that your tracks turn out quite hard mostly

anyway, awesome track
  Sandder 10-Sep-2007
Gr8 track again
Awesome transitions as ever in your maps
Nice smoothness
Good jumps
  crooms 10-Sep-2007
Cool track, very nice transfers and excellent full speed fun

n1 homie

  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 10-Sep-2007
Amzing track man!
here is your
  CRO|Low_B 11-Sep-2007
Fantastic track!
Amazing transitions!
I love it!
Easy and smooth!
Nice MT work!
Big award for you!


  DonAlfonso 11-Sep-2007
Wow! Great track!
Here's your well deserved fat award
  SkunkY 11-Sep-2007
Really cool desert track!
Great speed, super transitions, cool and smooth jumps.
Fun to drive!
Great work!
  .roja 11-Oct-2007
AWESOME desert homie.
Lovely start idea with the jump to plattform it's perfect.
All transitions are one of the best ever seen
Great mix of off- and onroad.
The in-game MT is just amazin'.
Nice music and costum sign
Outro is very very good, great cam turns and and and
Lovely design there too.
Thats an awsome desert track homie keep it
MY award
<< >>
  TimeBreaker 19-Oct-2007
wow homie
now this is a hot desert track
great mt work
cool screenie
perfect track, with great transitions, and origfinal ideas
and the track is easy
wow thank you for that

sorry for late award, but i kinda forgot to award the track while tmx downtime i think

maybe one of the best deserttracks ever built (because its easy to drive, but not boring ! )
  Crazy_horsE 27-Oct-2007
really nice made!
i like every part of this amazing track
its the best desert track on my opinion
maybe a bit to hard 4 online, but doesnt matter its amazing and very good for record hunting
  tmjonas 28-Oct-2007
sry homie forgot to award this
A homie-track with highspeed is nothing new.
A homie-track with superb transitions is nothing new.
A homie-track with nice MT-work is nothing new.
A homie-track which is addictive is nothing new.
A homie-track with a great screeny is nothing new!
A homie-track which is easy to drive is DEFINITLY new!!
Wonderful desert-track in homie-style!
Cool transitions mixed with lovely offroadparts and great ideas! Super funny startidea with the little bump. Great jump after it. Nice loop and supersmooth drop after it! The fx-colors are not annoying, I love them! Then my favourite part: nice curve and then a SUPERB transfer down. The reversebooster is not bad and I think it's necessary!
After that a little technical section with highspeed. The finish-transition-festival is pure homie-style! GREAT!
MT is nothing special, but still nice. Intro is quite simple, but well made, the GPS is not very good^^ The outro is great, but you could have made more variated cams.
Screeny is hot!

Keep it up, great work!

  s8ndm8n 01-Nov-2007
Cool track Homie- very easy to drive and cool transitions
-nice end cam too
  ludix 22-Nov-2007
Nice track!
  Etidu 09-Dec-2007
Wow ! Wow !

This track is amazing !
Awesome transitions
Very cool MT ! It makes the track more attractive
Nice Ideas & superb smooth !
I love the MT and the screenie ! ! !

Very good work =
  Ville 08-Jan-2008
How the hell did I miss this one? o_O

damn what a track
damn what a crazy track
damn what a amazing crazy track
damn what a great amazing crazy track

damn it !

It rocks dude !!!

Really cool transitions all the way and nice speed through the whole track !!
One of the very best desert tracks that I've driven !! (in my Top20 maybe )
You have done amazing job in this one, MT is really good, except the GPS, it's really crappy, cam goes through objects and it's not smooth, got this feeling: "wtf does my TMU lag?" sry, but hey - that was the only thing that I didn't like in this track

I drove this one online, too, and found out that it was amazing for online, congratz, you have made a flowy, smooth and definetly fun track for desert, again, so thank you for this track and keep mapping, you're really a machine

Screen rocks btw
  rad 13-Jun-2017
Great speedtrack here. Fast, challenging, smooth, fun to drive, cool ideas. Unfortunate backbooster. Good work with the track.
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