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Name: Download [MTC] 5782 Coppers
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   apee
Version: 04-Nov-2015
Released: 04-Nov-2015
TMX id: 4683181
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 34,025
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Bay Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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0:40.87   WAB+ 0:00.0034,025
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0:40.89   apee+ 0:00.0233,925
0:41.09   spedzo+ 0:00.2232,926
0:41.48   -Chaos-+ 0:00.6130,978
0:41.81   Kiemmas+ 0:00.9429,329
0:41.90 0:01.0328,880
0:42.56   NitroGuy!»UD+ 0:01.6925,583
1:00.09   timmy»UD+ 0:19.220
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Author Comments

Hey TMX community!

I felt like participating in the most recent Monthly Track Contest. At the beginning I thought mapping to the theme (including all the items from the "shopping list") is pretty simple, but discovered that it's not as easy as it seems. Well, this is the result when working with the theme "shopping" itself, be sure to watch the intro for a little story . The intro is also made to simplify the job for judges while validating the map on its theme-correctness.

The track is designed to be driveable with keyboard and analogue steering, yet keyboard drivers need several attempts to get a clean run (watch GPS). If you feel like you're not capable of driving the track, take the respawn ways and make sure to follow the guiding ghosts. Alternatively, grab yourself a gamepad - you can even use a generic PS2/3/4 controller. (PM me for more information!)

I have a feeling that this map is a bit too hard, but I'll wait for your responses. Thank you for your time!

PS: Figure out the meaning of the track name by watching the intro.^^
PS2: Check out the upcoming other MTC entries too.

PS3: Check out my latest tutorial about medal ghosts!

User Comments
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  apee 04-Nov-2015
A track that I personally really enjoyed

MTC - Sukitte ii Na Yo by

Thanks list:
o Kiemmas: Thanks for your kind words and yeah, I've built non-stop in school lessons .
o Superal: Wow, thanks for that insane comment . I am glad that someone managed to finish it with keyboard! The story and MT took at least as long as the track-route (without scenery) itself, actually. It was fun.
o spedzo: Great time, as always.
o boulbi: Yeah MT was indeed meant to be funny.
o shock !: I totally agree with you on FS beeing a rather boring style, but I think this envimix is quite challenging.
o -Chaos-: Oh man, sorry, I oversaw you . Thanks for your criticism, I was actually afraid that someone will find that hard to drive. Sorry again
o Tuta: Haha, that's the part where my classmates had problems with because only keyboard was available (gamepad too obvious in lessons^^). Glad you managed to do it after all!
o eXtreme34: Thanks for your kind comment . It's not perfectly smooth but I tried hard to make it comfortable.
o Tim2505: Glad you love it ! Nevertheless you should not talk about judging during the judging phase . Check out the other cool entries too!
  Kiemmas 04-Nov-2015
Now I will hunt for a little while. I was waiting to not overwrite the replay

edit: I will hunt for AT further tomorrow
lol nice award comment Superal 05-Nov-2015
K award is done. Thanks for the showcase too, glad you liked my map It's actually the first time someone showcases one of my maps
  apee 05-Nov-2015
About the buggy behaviour:
The TMS environment blocks, especially the bay water- and platform roads, were modellated almost bug-free. If you are careful, you can actually manage to build a bug-free track. My next challenge is to construct a snow on bay track, already started in maths lesson.

Thank you again for your detailed feedback.
  -Chaos- 05-Nov-2015
The SnowCar normally gets stuck at respawning in several CPs from TMS envis. I'm not sure if it always could be solved with blockmix. Check CPs 3 and 4 on this track: "Buggy Bug on Bay by   WAB" CP 3 should be unrespawnable as CP 4 but it isn't. Strange.
  apee 05-Nov-2015
I'll figure it out and show you my findings later.
€: With the water-CP beeing on one of those scenery blocks makes it respawnable. Gonna check for other solutions.^^
€2: There is not anything further that seems to work... I guess you should use blockmix or not use it at all (is totally possible )
  -Chaos- 06-Nov-2015
Thank you for reporting the Bay/Snow results.

Edit 11.11.:
Meanwhile i'm habituated to be ignored by huge parts of the TMX community but that doesn't mean i'm happy about it. Is there any special reason why my award isn't good enough to be thanked for?

Edit 27.11.:
Please apologize but i was a couple of days off.
Well, such things happen - no problem.
Then now: Thank you for thanks.
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User Awards
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User Award   Kiemmas 04-Nov-2015
I looooove it ! Nice MT idea, haha that's literally a shopping list. the gps' joke That was a quick MTC entry !
I haven't seen many envimix tracks with rally car. Nicely integration with bay environment and lot of alternate respawn routes.
I play with xbox 360 gamepad and I don't find it hard. I'll upload my first finish replay if that helps you as feedback
User Award 04-Nov-2015
My mind is blown, buried into a gigantic hole of amazement this track dug; frozen in a crystal-like pallet of this new addictive drug you just created; set afire by the scorching flames of passion this track conveys; driven crazy by the intricately twisted curves that smoothed out the imperfections; in awe before this map "pedestalized" as a token of awesomeness; shattered by the crushing mallet of befuddlement; torn at the seams by the bursting awesomeness; blank after the hollowing of my mental sanity by the demented transitions.

This deserves to win. Even if better maps were to be submitted, this deserves to win. It would be unfair to give a second place to this map.
I love everything in it. Really. Great transitions, nice flow, cool jumps and creative curves, respawnable checkpoints, challenging, pretty layout, great MT (I loved the intro, it was really nice), the story behind the track. Every single thing.

At first, I had some trouble finishing with keyboard, but the fact that the GPS was driven with keyboard made me not quit and think that "I can do it too". Luckily the map isn't buggy at all; you managed to avoid that, even with the rally car (which is in my opinion the second most buggy car after the snow one). I loved how you combined the rooftop with the crossroad. The finish felt really good to play too; a killer finish would have been horrible after a rather hard map, but you did something easy and pretty showy nonetheless. I liked that too.

This ratchets up into my top 3 of favorite maps, I guess. Thank you for building this, apee.

— Sup'
User Award   spedzo 04-Nov-2015
I added my 1st run to my uploaded time that's driven without watching GPS first; enjoyed the respawn way
User Award   boulbi 05-Nov-2015
Nice and funny MT
Cool ideas
For you !
User Award   TMshock 05-Nov-2015
I am more the anti-fs driver, hate fullspeed but I think you made the best out of it. Good job ^^
User Award   -Chaos- 06-Nov-2015
Nice envimix track. A hard race and a good challenge. I had some fun.
I don't like several FS styles very much, too. Was tough for me to manage the ship jump, so i enjoyed the first half of the track not that much. The wallride is great and a cool under the road slide at the end.
That is a for you
User Award   Tuta 07-Nov-2015
Really cool track! You have some really fun and cool jumps in there. The jump to the ship is a bit frustrating to gain all the speed for but it's not really a big deal Love things like the roofslide! I also happen to like fancy cameras in the outro though All in all Super job

<--From: >>Tuta<<
User Award   Toyeca 07-Nov-2015

Love it, the story and the track itself are so nice.
You are the guy who made me love transitionnal "FS" tracks

I love transitions, I love the way you used the blocks, I love the story behind...
I think this track can be called "masterpiece"

GJ, hope for other tracks like this one !

User Award   Tim2505 / aerosol 30-Nov-2015
excellent, love it, youll get superb points in my voting
User Award   WAB 31-Jan-2016
nice FS for this buggy car,
good transitions and nice speed,
had a lot of fun
MT also like it very much
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