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Name: Download The Night Shot
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   OLDA_X
Version: 18-Oct-2015
TMX id: 4675967
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 72,153
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night Vehicle: Coast
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:56.84   Jonathan~+ 0:00.0072,153
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:57.45   moontrane+ 0:00.6167,507
0:57.64   _cros_+ 0:00.8066,060
0:57.70   -Chaos-+ 0:00.8665,602
0:57.83   OLDA_X+ 0:00.9964,613
0:58.46   ichq+ 0:01.6259,814
0:58.60   uk.VividRe...+ 0:01.7658,748
0:59.49   Psikopate+ 0:02.6551,969
0:59.57   rulz+ 0:02.7351,360
1:00.00   BRX204+ 0:03.1648,085
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Author Comments

Hello here my new coast track
The track is a bit more difficult, but not too hard.

HD Video 1080p youtube
Video download 1080p h265/aac.mp4 (33MB)
Big screen

Track use mod IrelandCoastRally, Thx Swidenmod for the great mod
Signs TMX yellow night


Checkpoints 8 (All easy respawnable)
Mediatracker work full (Intro, Ingame GPS & GhostCars, Outro)

advanced info:
Map UID: gnwEiIFMMO1vLx6t0XZnlAh6XKl
Size: 86.0 KB
Coppers: 6048

Thanks for awards

ichq HardDance BRX204 moontrane rulz Zyre
kaugummi59 DarkLordRacer -Chaos- jackino Alex BF
Jonathan~ KILLER13 Nibor «©®Øs» dan71_swe
Psikopate Bourbonstreet TipUnitedCreator uk.VividReamer

User Comments
Showing 16 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  OLDA_X 18-Oct-2015
500 coppers wins

1) ichq sent
?) HardDance sent
2) BRX204 sent
3) moontrane sent
4) Darki sent
5) -Chaos- sent
6) rulz sent
7) Zyre sent
8) jackino sent
competition ended
Thanks for replays guys
  BRX204 18-Oct-2015
I'm more for the natural Coaster.
But here I say once say that the MOD - for a Coast Track - is full acceptable. And this all around it and bling bling here holds back discreetly and simply pass.
Good and great Coaster with cool atmosphere.
  OLDA_X 18-Oct-2015
I love this mod, It is one of the best mods ever
  BRX204 18-Oct-2015
Sorry, I do not really if I have already posted a time, or I write BTL.
But I could not resist not to go once and saw seen the beautiful 2CV.
Could a Charleston from 1983?
  OLDA_X 18-Oct-2015
Great car The model here

  Darki 18-Oct-2015
cool mod, map is quite good, but I don't like the second half. I guess I'm just not good enough on coast to enjoy it. Good work though
edit: login is Darki2
  OLDA_X 18-Oct-2015
@ Darki
Thanks for opinion Darki, your prize sent
@ moontrane
Great time moontrane you as first kill my AT Nice to see
  -Chaos- 18-Oct-2015
First a replay. Log-in: chaos_lego
More stuff later.
  OLDA_X 18-Oct-2015
@ rulz
Hello m8! the start can be difficult for someone, yes I agree. But I would not expect that it will be difficult for you . You build great tracks, but they are really most difficult . About last wallride, Ok I admit it is longer, but I see it as ideal retarder where not necessary brake. Around the finish line, It was my intention. Straight and long finish line I see as drab, but ok is my opinion only. I just wanted build the track a bit differently.
  BRX204 19-Oct-2015
Oh, sorry Olda_x,
as my nickname BRX204
  OLDA_X 19-Oct-2015
I tried to sent coppers to BRX204 already yesterday, but the game not accept the login. Today without problem ... strange. Already sent
  BRX204 19-Oct-2015
Today without problem ... strange.

Why, I do not know?
But now the Coppers arrived.
Many thanks
  kaugummi59 19-Oct-2015
My Time
01:09.05 Time
  OLDA_X 19-Oct-2015
@ kaugummi59
No problem Kau, your time is not too bad This map just not easy

@ -Chaos-
About the flickering: Hello m8 ! I re-checked all options, but I must say: here is NOT multiple ghosts/cars here NOT blockmix on basic way (i use mixing for direction signs only) and I do NOT switch manually the light source anywhere. You just see any bug . I do not know what operating system you use, but please try start Trackmania game with compatibility mode. Here can be way. But I must say that you're not the first who highlights the flickering bug But I do not know the solution, I'm sorry.
I saw your great time thx a lot dude
  -Chaos- 20-Oct-2015
Ofc it's a bug. I'm not sure but i think it's caused by other MT cars, like your 2CV here. The flickering doesn't occur online with other player cars only.
What happens is this: It seems the game can only show ONE carlight, so it jumps around randomly from one car to another (the flickering) no matter if the car(s) move or not.
I had this bug on my old PC (winXP/7) exactly the same as on my new one year old one (win7) and with different game settings, higher on the new one. So i don't think that's the reason.
It would be interesting to know if other user have the same problem or not.
  OLDA_X 20-Oct-2015
@ -Chaos-
Interesting theory, thank you for the clarification. I cannot say either yes or not, because I see flickering very very rarely. I tested now my penultimate coast track where also parking 2CV but i can not see a flickering. But what you say seems credible. I know a lot of errors caused by ghosts, This is further to collection

@ Jonathan~
Hello m8 thanks for the great replay , really respect incredible time
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 20 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   ichq 18-Oct-2015
Beautiful as a Fairy Tale
>>>>>>> <<<<<<<
User Award   HardDance 18-Oct-2015
Im terrible at this envi, so im probably not getting the full potential of the track. But i really enjoyed the smooth jumps and drops. Well done!
User Award   BRX204 18-Oct-2015
Excellent track, excellent work.
A track of the special class.
Incredibly good job
User Award   moontrane 18-Oct-2015
Wonderful track but also a tricky one which requires a bit of practice Lots of cool challenges and nice transition The mod at night gives a great mood And MT reveals a pro at work
>>>> <<<<
EDIT: login is the same as the nick: moontrane
User Award   rulz 18-Oct-2015
Nice track with a great night time mood. Start was great but extremely hard for me I kept hitting the broken road wrong The wall ride at the finish was too long and flow killer for me . Otherwise a great track with innovative ideas. I missed the faster finish line MT work, mod, scenery is excellent
User Award   Zyre 19-Oct-2015
What a tricky race you made here, it's a sweet start and flows great down to the wallride, then I got major problems
The left and right turn near the end is really hard to get right, but I'm gonna nail one of these days

User Award   kaugummi59 19-Oct-2015
Very good Race on & Flow , Race , work
User Award   DarkLordRacer 19-Oct-2015
very nice
User Award   -Chaos- 20-Oct-2015
I'm quite undecided about this one. There are many spots i didn't enjoy very much. The holes, the mid part in the double jump (lot of troubles there), dat tree (grmlhmpf) and the wallrides. Especially the 2nd, once i lost half a second there in a very good run - i probably had beaten moontrane with it, dammit. Frustrating.
You need a lot of practise for the line AND (too) much luck imo for a decent time.

On the other side i like the triple finish and the atmosphere. The Mod is pretty nice (most SwidenMODs are cool), the landscape and decoration are very good and the track has night mood.
It's a good indication that i went on hunting for the AuthorTime 'til i beat it, so i had fun ... somehow.

The flickering car lights caused by multiple cars/ghosts are a bit uncool, but that's only an aesthetical issue.

Finally a nice challenge.
That is a for you
User Award   jackino 20-Oct-2015
Jako vždy Dobrá práce SUPER JOB
User Award   Alex BF 20-Oct-2015
great map , like the good old days
User Award   Jonathan~ 21-Oct-2015
An extremly challenging coaster that took me forever to finish with a decent time. I kinda enjoyed it though^^
Well !
User Award   KILLER13 25-Oct-2015
I just play your track is really wonderful and special MT
User Award   Nibor 25-Oct-2015
fantastic Coaster and cool MT work
User Award   _cros_ 15-Dec-2015
I came back to racing after a few months (but the work will continue with Old Farts, yet many tracks and projects for us), it's nice to play again the tracks of some excellent and experienced mapper like you. Everything has been said about this track, I mostly agree with the previous comments / awards. Here it seems to me that it lacks a bit of "playability" and "re-playability" (as the two wallride, the first road hole, the jump after about 13 or 14 seconds landing too close to the ramp - IMO). However, the track definitely addictive, AT very challenging, a perfect track for offline fun and to test your skills on coast. Scenery is rich and pleasant, well-lit, but I have some reservations about the Mod : yes, it gives a very high aesthetic value to the track (especially with Night Mood) but in my opinion, creates problems in some parts (like some snow Mods): in fact are not visible enough curbs Blocks GP and the edges of the road blocks ( where the car has less grip), this is crucial to keep a good line. MT level Sup, I love that little intro and Outro really nice. In conclusion, great job here, maybe not your best track, but definitely it deserved this little cup.

User Award   Danne 19-Dec-2015
Cool track, a bit hard. Not used with Coast,
User Award   Psikopate 03-Oct-2016
User Award   Bourbonstreet 04-Oct-2016
User Award   Mekh 24-Oct-2016
Nice Night and Design MT Work

Mekh as TipUnitedCreator and TipCreator
User Award   uk.VividReamer 12-Dec-2018
one word.. Superb! - a very fine track with great mt.
(easy to miss the little 2CV before the ramp)
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