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Name: Download MTC CutMania Forever
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   rad
Version: 10-Aug-2015
TMX id: 4653537
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 20,914
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Maze
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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0:44.66   apee+ 0:00.0020,914
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0:44.95   rad+ 0:00.2920,099
0:45.60   -Chaos-+ 0:00.9418,272
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Author Comments

Even though I dislike the MTC theme I decided to make a map. It's a speedtech rally map which has at least 3 shortcuts. Hopefully it's just 3 of them and hopefully all are cuts, but I'm pretty sure they are. That would be the shame for me if you could find some other cuts as well. I'm not saying it's impossible though, as I haven't made a proper the other-cuts-search-test, just a short one. And besides, noone can see everything. There's also a high possibility that you can improve the way I used by taking the cuts differently, especially about one of them I'm not sure (if my way to do it is best).
The GPS ghost is a no-cut run (didn't try my best though, just 50.50s) as the rules said. I'll upload the AT run (which I can improve too ofc) but I suggest you to try and find the cuts for yourself first as it could be a good practice for cuthunters The map is a flat rally map - and flat rally maps are the most cutable maps ever, nice the ground roads doesn't have anything to block the player from jumping out on this environment.
Now surprise, the map has kind of full MT, though very simple one. Short simple intro, GPS and an outro (just a text which hopefully won't disturb you while watching replays, since I pretty much hate custom camera at outros).
I think I'll make the uncut version of this one with different jump since I like the map pretty much.
Have fun

User Comments
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  Kiemmas 10-Aug-2015
I tried and found a very similar route than yours, just one detail at some turn. I'll try several alternatives, but there are a lot of checkpoints to mess with XD
  rad 10-Aug-2015
  Kiemmas 10-Aug-2015
I gave up, for just the 8th checkpoint (on cut version) any route is longer
  rad 10-Aug-2015
Thanks for trying though!
  apee 11-Aug-2015
That's not true, even the first CP saves one second for me, when perfectly driven. Nevertheless, I didn't really enjoy this map. A low 44 could be possible, but the second cut is way too lucky for me, caused by rally bugs. Also, you didn't perfectly meet the theme's restrictions (I guess) as you drive in the reverse direction on some parts. Rad, you can seriously do better on rally, I expected a small-offroad-ramp jump or something similar cool, I am really disappointed .

Heads up, maybe you can improve
  rad 11-Aug-2015
" A shortcut is here defined to be a section where you leave the main path and return to it later on - while not missing any checkpoints." You mean this? As I understand it, everything's fine on my track. Can't see in the rule anything against driving cps in different order/respawning/driving through them from behind. At the first shortcut I included - you leave the main path and return to it later on and you don't miss any checkpoints, you drive through all of them at particular part, even though you drive them in different order. Same for others.
Well, maybe I get the rule wrong but tbh - I don't care much if they disqualify that map or not.
Also you have the right to dislike the map Noone says you have to like it. You should just know that I tried to make it as realistic as possible, one or two of cuts similar to these here I found on my own old maps which weren't supposed to be cutmaps, but luckily before I released these maps to public. Therefore I didn't want to make a map with some additional interesting flowy route that even someone stupid wouldn't make by mistake (not talking about situation when noobway turns out to be faster than normal way, that's just a building fail or lack os driving skills, not a stupidity).
  apee 11-Aug-2015
I didn't say I dislike it, I just didn't enjoy riding it because the normal route seems way to be forced and is unpretty to drive. Maybe you just didn't fit my taste on "intentional cutmaps", keep on going.
  -Chaos- 27-Aug-2015
Hmpf, a silly MTC theme. Because most player i know consider any shortcut as disgusting no matter if it's intended or not. And if the shortcut was built with the intension to use it it becomes the regular route and isn't a cut anymore. They should have named the theme 'Detours'.
The 'cuts' here are of a different kind and they feel like 'not intended'. That might be good for the contest (good luck btw.) but, as apee wrote, "Not my taste of intentional cutmaps."
I built such kind of a track a couple of years ago "TMUF Rally D S04", but nowadays i'm not a huge fan of those stuff anymore.
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