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Name: Nivrim
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   rad
Version: 25-Jul-2015
Released: 25-Jul-2015
TMX id: 4648404
LB Rating: 26,998
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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Offline World Record
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:49.01   TMshock+ 0:00.0026,998
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:49.61   spedzo+ 0:00.6025,014
0:50.22   hyp+ 0:01.2122,998
0:50.46   *Garfovsky+ 0:01.4522,205
0:50.53   rad+ 0:01.5221,974
0:50.73   berrymaster+ 0:01.7221,313
0:51.01   Zeref+ 0:02.0020,387
0:51.24   Jonathan~+ 0:02.2319,627
0:51.47   Toyeca+ 0:02.4618,867
0:51.55   -Chaos-+ 0:02.5418,602
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
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Author Comments

Have fun

Coppers Competition on this track:

Video of shock's run:

Thx spedzo
Thx kaugummi59
Thx Art'
Thx Scorpius
Thx berrymaster
Thx Kiemmas
Thx cold-d (pacharoyal)
Thx shock ! also congrats for for nice time, pity about the 48 and big thx for the video!
Thx -Chaos-
Thx eXtreme34
Thx Raul Vad
Thx beta_filip
Thx Jonathan~
Thx gropapa

User Comments
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  apee 25-Jul-2015
How are you capable of doing such great maps? Teach me, master! I would definitely present you with an award, unfortunately this page won't allow me to register my TMU account, although I've retrieved and entered the community code correctly. Would you also tell me how you do this natural scenery?

  rad 25-Jul-2015
lol, I'm not really good mapper and the scenery is something that I don't do well at all. Recently I just build hills around the route which will block view, leaving one or two blocks of space for some other scenery stuff like (in case of rally) trees, houses, castles, water and so on and I just fill it all, though I don't try the thing I did in the past, like placing a lot of the same blocks (example houses) next to each other. Also there's no big problem with scenery on this environment since it's so green and looks better than other tm1 envis, that's also one of the reasons I build more rally's.
And thanks for your comment, would be awesome if you could leave the replay
  apee 26-Jul-2015
But first I've to buy a new pad because my current one is broken
  Art' 26-Jul-2015
Definetely going to improve that time, there's still at least 0.4-0.5 s to find for me, if not more!

Also, here's what happened on a -0.5 run:
You can imagine my reaction
  rad 26-Jul-2015
Ugh, too bad :/ I know that the ending might be buggy
  TMshock 29-Jul-2015
can do 48 sec defenitely, but I have shit momentum in the moment, should stop playing too many other games xD
  rad 29-Jul-2015
  TMshock 30-Jul-2015
almost x)
  Jonathan~ 30-Jul-2015
BOTW rad!
Will check out the map 2morrow!
  rad 31-Jul-2015
I can't believe that this map became BOTW and collected 10 awards That's kinda surprising. Thanks people, that's nice to see that you still drive my tracks

Big thx shock for the video Can't imagine playing with such camera btw, no idea how you guys do it. Seeing the skidemarks is the key thing for me in rally on asphalt.
  TMshock 31-Jul-2015
well, it is all about muscle memory I think. probably comparable with these speedruns where people play blindfolded ^^
thx for linking my vid !
  Jonathan~ 01-Aug-2015
Pls make a coaster next time, so I get a chance to be top 5.
  rad 01-Aug-2015
I'm not good at building coast maps unfortunately :/
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 15 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  OLDA_X 25-Jul-2015
Nice one
  spedzo 25-Jul-2015
Some turns are not as twisty as I'd like, but it's a decent hunter nonetheless.
  kaugummi59 26-Jul-2015
  Art' 26-Jul-2015
Another pleasant track, good job
  Scorpius 27-Jul-2015
Just a nice track. Nothing special, but flowly and pleasant for online i think
  berrymaster 27-Jul-2015
Nice flow on this track. Here is an award well deserved
  Kiemmas 28-Jul-2015
Fun track to hunt !
Some key areas where breaking skills are needed.
Just a flaw, as you mentioned, the end is bugged some times...
  Pacha»UD 29-Jul-2015
really nice hunting track
enjoy your
  TMshock 30-Jul-2015
I think I like this map, maybe too much precision than tech based, but still really nice to hunt ^^
  -Chaos- 31-Jul-2015
Nice track. Simple but it's pretentious to set a decent time. I had some fun.
That is a for you
  Toyeca 31-Jul-2015
Nice track, not that technical but still fun to hunt
Sadly I'm less good in Rally than in Desert tho
Here's the award :
  Raul Vad 31-Jul-2015
Very very nice map, dude. Great work
  beta_filip 01-Aug-2015
nice rally map
  Jonathan~ 01-Aug-2015
Very professional hunter! Flowy corners and highspeed mixed with challenging tech in similar Nadeo style. I'm too n00b in , but really massive work!

  gropapa 03-Aug-2015
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