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Name: [TMXCh] Trollshaws
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   rad
Version: 04-Jul-2015
Released: 04-Jul-2015
TMX id: 4643320
LB Rating: 24,230
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:22.84   TMshock+ 0:00.0024,230
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:23.42   *Garfovsky+ 0:00.5823,212
1:23.79   [CMC]Sulley+ 0:00.9522,562
1:24.37   beta_filip+ 0:01.5321,545
1:24.80   rad+ 0:01.9620,790
1:26.19   Art'+ 0:03.3518,351
1:26.68   -Chaos-+ 0:03.8417,491
1:28.09   Jonathan~+ 0:05.2515,016
1:33.82   OLDA_X+ 0:10.984,960
1:38.89   speedy_57+ 0:16.050
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Author Comments

Have fun

Coppers Competition on this track:

Thx kaugummi59
Thx Art'
Thx shock !
Thx -Chaos-
Thx *Garfield

User Comments
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  rad 04-Jul-2015
Seriously, another map with badly placed sign... I was pretty sure I repaired this... This time I'm not going to update the map though.
  beta_filip 05-Jul-2015
I think you permanently underrate your kb times on rally I´m really curious if anyone gets under 1:23
  rad 05-Jul-2015
Hmm, maybe, but at league maps which are usually 55s-65s I'm always at least 3 seconds (ok, sometimes less but that's very rare) slower than WR even if the maps are rather speedy than techy (like this one). On my recent maps guys like shock or marius could beat me by at least one second (and all the tracks are like two times shorter + I nolifed the AT there, here I didn't, didn't play the track much).
  TMshock 07-Jul-2015
I could go better (was my first 1.22), but I only wanted to show beta filip what you can reach on rally ^^
Let`s see if this gets to the winner campaign so we can hunt it more.
  rad 07-Jul-2015
@shock: you might remember my rally maps from right before I had a break and I guess you can say they were much better than my newest maps These are much less flowy and more simple.
  TMshock 07-Jul-2015
I love all of your rally maps rad. They have this lovely and classic charm like retro games have. Although this is a little bit more simple and does not have a creative and super challenging road like the others (Firien, Neldoreth) I still enjoyed it ^^
  -Chaos- 11-Jul-2015
Totally agreed with shocks last comment.

Also i agree that it's NOT necessary to fix the track because of that sign. I only realized it after reading about it. It's kinda hidden between all the other signs. On the other hand i'd say even one sign in EVERY turn is a bit silly, but two ...?
  rad 11-Jul-2015
Well, on my last desert tmxch you were the one saying that one sign is wrong
And about that, I always try to put signs at every corner or jump, just to make it easier for people to find the way, even if it's pretty obvious. It also works like a part of scenery which I'm not that good in. Also I feel that these days in rally environment's case there's one problem. There are some tracks that require jumping off the road at some weird spots, going through some small holes where you wouldn't go in tmo days when it was usually about sticking to the road and driving as it goes. Due to this, sometimes when there's a turn and a sign points left, someone might think that he's supposed to jump off the road and go on the left side of the sign instead of taking the road to the left. That's why I put more signs, to block the wrong way that someone could use. That might not look good, but at least it makes the route clearer
  -Chaos- 12-Jul-2015
It looked more silly on the Desert track, also i didn't think it would force any player to drive in the wrong direction here or there.

It's the oldschool TMO days road use that i enjoy the most on your tracks, the route is pretty clear most the time. Even without any sign, therefore i think you don't need to place so many. Often a building, trees or a wall will work aswell.
What is considered as good decoration or track is always a matter of taste and you can't do it right for everybody. And it depends on the situation too, sometimes the same s**t isn't worse in an other case.
Just do what you like the most yourself, that's best.
  rad 12-Jul-2015
Thanks for advice
The thing is that I like cool scenery but I usually can't build a good one
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  kaugummi59 04-Jul-2015
Race on
  OLDA_X 04-Jul-2015
Good flow Nice turns
  Art' 04-Jul-2015
Nice, challenging, flowy, fun to hunt on
Will definetely try to get a better time, completely screwed up the end bit on that run
  TMshock 07-Jul-2015
Really nice map, good for my cam4 practise because you have put some of these drift corners in it. Also hard to build a rally map which keeps you interested over 1.20 minutes. So good job rad, keep it.
  -Chaos- 11-Jul-2015
Good track. Pleasant route with a nice flow and it's pretentious to set a decent time. Well done.
That is a for you
  *Garfovsky 04-Sep-2015
Really flowy track, and overall just really fun to play.
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