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Track Name
Name: Drop The Pressure
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   smok3y
Version: 29-Aug-2007
Released: 29-Aug-2007
TMX id: 458518
LB Rating: 65,446
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night Vehicle: Stadium
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:45.62   CMC|Taylor+ 0:00.0065,446
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:45.72   CRO|See_g+ 0:00.1064,585
0:45.81   13ORGus+ 0:00.1963,811
0:45.83   smok3y+ 0:00.2163,639
0:45.83   dr-ukr.kota+ 0:00.2163,639
0:45.92   *speedy*+ 0:00.3062,864
0:46.05   maphios+ 0:00.4361,745
0:46.08   scala+ 0:00.4661,487
0:46.28   Zippage+ 0:00.6659,765
0:46.38   Etidu+ 0:00.7658,904
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
Replay is "locked" to protect solution (for 30 days).
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Author Comments

In Loving Memory of those who couldn't handle the Pressure
Drop The Pressure



Author Time:- 46.76

Custom Music:- DJ Mylo - Drop The Pressure

Wallpaper:- Click Me!!

Have loads of fun & Drop the Pressure on your opponent

Try this amazing map

streamline by   KoBe

User Comments
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  Bye Tom 31-Aug-2007
New Smok3y track, gotta try it!!!
  *speedy* 31-Aug-2007
will try tomorrow for a 45.5x
  smok3y 31-Aug-2007
*speedy* 45.92
The 1st person to catch the hidden booster at the loop
Hahhaahaa we are all n00bs

Now the Pressure really Drops
  Etidu 01-Sep-2007
Good game speedy !
  *speedy* 01-Sep-2007
I can do the part before the loop 0,10 faster...
I didnt gain the whole booster, so that could be 0.2 faster...
And the U Turn on platform good be 0.1 faster...
So i think a 45.5x is really possible

What does respawn master means?
What are we good in?
  smok3y 02-Sep-2007
He meant that we make good CP respawns in the maps for the slower players, so if someone crashes then the CP respawn route works really well
Sorry for late replies guys, i was out of station meeting my relatives, and wow when i come back i see some marvelous and really encouraging 's and comments im glad everyone really liked it this much - this track took me weeks to make this far.
But tell me why aren't the others trying to beat the WR, the hidden booster has been discovered by *speedy* now so we should see some rocking times but i do agree it is hard to catch that booster well and still manage the remaining transitions well but *speedy* you did it really well and maphios has cooked a real lovely time too
  *speedy* 03-Sep-2007
mabye i will beat it...
But i dont think so... Tomorrow is the first school day...
And as you know i'm living on a ship... So no computer in the week...
But in the weekend the party can be started
  smok3y 03-Sep-2007
Ya Ya see ya on the weekend party
  Zippage 04-Sep-2007
  smok3y 04-Sep-2007
Lolzz Zippy
-HQ-CeLoX thnx for the awesome m8
Squirrel ehehhe thnx a lot for that sweet
CRO|Low_B glad you liked it m8 - duo time on
pitstep thnx for the lovely Boss
Sivert wow thats one awesome from a legend
*speedy* now i have no words to mention as how much i loved your and how much i read it again and again - it's a damn masterpiece, one of the best 's i have received so a million thnx to you m8
ukrgman thnx for the lovely feedback and
Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) glad you liked it m8 thnx for the super
V1rus =FR= thnx for the super buddy
etidu29 well it's really nice that you think this is my best so far
Emil Hjelm now that's one awesome from one awesome mapper and racer
Bye Tom thnx for the superlative m8
p.o.b. KekX and a great A:ward:
KAKASHI thnx for trying and taking the time to m8
crooms you are one amazing guy i have known over the years, thnx for being such a lovely pal
Mikealange wow now that leave sme out of words
[CMC]Sandder The legend gave me an and that's an honor
KoBe i know you are more of a FS player than a SS player, so thnx for the still
13ORlilo awesome m8
scala ehehe for once i made something that was addictive to you and im really happy, thnx m8y
Punisher thnx for such a beautiful and lovely i'll always cherish it best of luck in your life my friend
  Etidu 04-Sep-2007
I was doing 0.50 better than my time (46.38 - 0.50 = 45.88 )

Edit : Catch the hidden booster is not the hardest for me. I think it is the first 10 seconds.
  smok3y 04-Sep-2007
That's really unlucky etidu I'm sure you'll get a better time soon
  Fluffski 04-Sep-2007
Im slowly going down the top 10.
Time to race some more
  smok3y 04-Sep-2007
Fluffski don't forget to catch the hidden booster after the loop to the platform, hidden close to the right edge
13ORGus thnx for the awesome comments and and woota crazy time
bachl hey hey welcome back, i was wondering where had u been, thnx for the lovely
Fatal1ty-Studios wow now that nick reminds me of Mortal Kombat, thnx for the lovely
Nibor wow some aweosme words and there m8
CRO|See_g glad you liked it and welcome back, thnx for the lovely and a crazy time
RoJA yet again a marvelous feedback and
JumperJack surprise surprise, look who is here thnx for taking out sometime m8, always love to see and hey missing you here buddy, thnx for the awesome A:ward:
  CRO|See_g 07-Sep-2007
after a long vacation i'm back.muahahaha
  CRO|Low_B 07-Sep-2007
Lol,nice time See!
  poligor 30-Jan-2008
i took a first time in 100% STADIUM in DROP THE PRESURE with 45.49
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User Awards
Showing 59 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Mikealange 02-Sep-2007
Another marvelous track Maestro,

A lot of hours of works to calculated jumps. I really like these switches behind platforms jump onto tracks at 45° degrees. Fun to drive and hard to get the cruisin speed and hit the hidden speedboost...We call here an addictive track !!!

Great construction smok3y, a lot of details in there. Really nice screenshot too, not easy to put that in your intro but I imagine the monster try to catch the car in movement.

Origins ideas in there. Like someones said: you are a legend smok3y !


  Sandder 03-Sep-2007
Another great track by smok3y
Nice start with the 180
Good speed
Awesome platform racing
The screeny is superb as usual
  KoBe 03-Sep-2007
sory i'm late but i was very busy

marvelous track dude!!
great speed!! awesome jumps!!
cool ideas !!
very fun to play! bit addictive
but i dislike ss

anyway Great work!!
Big 4u

  lilo 03-Sep-2007
your masterpiece until now
nothing else to add....
Maybe the Stadium Mod Masterpiece...

  scala 04-Sep-2007
n1 matey
  CraxX 04-Sep-2007
I think this will be my last for some time but i think that u are the man woh deserves it

We now us since 1/2 hear or so when i was asking u to drive my "crap-track" but u did it . from this moment i started to realize what tmX is...not only a site for uploading for find some friendz and in this time i found a of the best --> you!!!!
It was great to drive ur tracks and fight for the wr ....i'm from TMN and i love letz talk about the track:

Even i thought: man again a stadium track anytime u must be out of ideas but u rocked me again :Y .....

--amazin' start

--great jump to the platform

--cool jump back to street

--nice fullspeed-curve into the loop

--fantastic jump to the corkscrew

--then again wonderful platformparts connected with a great street-section

--great loop and awesome jump at the air-crush

--incredible bump on street to platform to the finish

So here m8 get ur platin

cYa soon CraxX
  13ORGus 05-Sep-2007
WOW !! I can't say anything else

But I'll try.. ^^
Amazing track, one of your best on my mind!
Nice speed, superb transitions, nice screenie and really nice MT work, as usual
It seems that all is calculated on it, so it's a real pleasure to drive on it

I'm completly addicted, thx Master Smok3y for this track!


  bachl 05-Sep-2007
Year mow when i came home from america i testet my second Track.I found this one
and Wow Nice. Very well
Great new start idea, super flow and Wonderful Mt work:
Cool intro (or should i say cool half gps?) very nice done
ingame is usual only cam and great outro super effect
  -Fatal1ty- 05-Sep-2007
Nice Track, cool Jumps ,good Speed and Flow From me:
  Nibor 05-Sep-2007

Fantastic Stadium Track - excellent Outro

  CRO|See_g 07-Sep-2007
again smokey very nice track.deserves award
  .roja 08-Sep-2007
hmm how to say m8...
how to build that amazin, awesome and perfect map damn
Awesome m8 just awesome.
The transitions
so smoothy...
omg all is perfect smok3y
Great MT work
Ju$tAfReAkY map
  JumperJack 10-Sep-2007
and you've made another cool stadium track, mate!!

however, it's late already, and i don't really feel like going for a record...

but it's really an awesome track!!

an for you
  (Sd) Freak 18-Nov-2007
nice one
  Pocho *offline* 21-Nov-2007
it's awesome!!

great speed, I love the transfer to the banked roads, excellent platforms!
the music is quite nice, but I like more the shortest version of Drop the Pressure
fantastic outro
same as screenie

  dr-ukr.kota 31-Mar-2008
Another minblowing track from you you always seem to amaze me.

i love the jumps! and the platform! and the air pillows! or in other words i love it al!! I love the nations style airbags, they seem to have ben forgotten in the time of modern patforms You are definatly one of my favorite track builders, not only because this track is good, but because the standard of your tracks never drop! Theyre always smooth full of action andfull of fun:) Just amazing from me (I have lost count of how long time i practiced this track lol)
  Kiko31.F® 20-Apr-2008
OMFG ! Smok3y
This track makes me very happy
'cause I your sweet-platform, all drops, loop, curves
The Screenshot is just a pure wonder

I don't know what write .... >> Speechless
Maybe just say that a perfect track

-=~> ( ) <~=-

  NLpwf 19-May-2008
Omg 0,o
This really is the best track I have ever seen 0,o
I was not planning on awarding any tracks on TMUX or TMNX again and stay on TMNFX...
but this track just has to have an award
It just became my personal favourite

So here is a very very very big award for u m8

Make more tracks like this one !

  BLASTER 01-Sep-2008
Nice map, very amazing !
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