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Name: Download hot line tour Nr.5
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wardav
Version: 15-Nov-2014
TMX id: 4573521
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 69,833
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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0:51.08   moontrane+ 0:00.0069,833
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0:51.58   _cros_+ 0:00.5065,731
0:51.87   rpee89+ 0:00.7963,353
0:52.55   Daniel8+ 0:01.4757,774
0:52.65   Psikopate+ 0:01.5756,955
0:52.82   AllSax+ 0:01.7455,560
0:52.89   -Chaos-+ 0:01.8154,986
0:53.08   OLDA_X+ 0:02.0053,427
0:53.14   Alex BF+ 0:02.0652,935
0:53.20   rulz+ 0:02.1252,443
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Author Comments

Ahoj, Salut, Hi, Ciao, Cus, my friends and .
"hot line tour nr.5 - ELEMENTS OF LIFE ".

I thought It´s my last map of series " Hot Line Tour" ( but maybe map Nr.0 will be)
This map is an anothher special gift for You. My last Hot line tour NR 4 was confortable and .. I can say little easy. But inside of this map there is my life and I hope You felt it also.
Map "Elements of life" this one is litlle harder and maybe You dont like it in first time, becouse its little harder then Nr.4. But what are elements of are life ? - Life is live. Life is hard, but if You find good way in Your life is more easy, amazing and beautiful . Yes this is my natural message to You ... .
And, what I prepared for You? I included many of my life and want to present to You map which is more attractive for You. The start is "smooth" with landing + off road breaking and next TM connection to road. And what else ! Now the tree is not your enemy, but its Your friend
What I rly like is angle jump over the house aming on "elements of life - tree" and tricky landing. There is many ways You can land smooth or wig-wag, but You can land smooth as You can.
Another nice part I like very much is landing on cross between bridge and GP. This part was flat first time there was only flat landing on GP block so but with my son again we improve it to smother landing.
And music... I have just now choice this one . First I prepared had chosen music Adagio for spring ( this one im going to use on track Nr.0 . I use it maybe next time in a far future
What else, there is a track for Your relax time and comfortable ride on. I remade intro, made good outro IMO. I made track which would be good for You and for time You can spend with TM.
Again feel the fresh air of origin coast mood and mod, feel and eat the natural coast without mix, scenery. It is my small gift for You in November 2014. My wish is You find natural refreshing and relax feeling mood inside track which is flying from me to You.
Enjoy this track, I am happy be with You. Note : I tuned this track more than 2 weeks to be good and great for U. The landing on GP was reworkered by my son. First version I going to post tomorrow on beta area to see what are difference between rought and tuned version .

GPS : 2 cars
Outro and Intro
Blockmix : NO
Respawn : Yes
Custom music : Dj Testo - Elements of Life (radio life version )
Have a nice time spend on this track, wardav

User Comments
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  wardav 15-Nov-2014

AllSax - thank You for Your + comment. Very nice WR - fast and good. Smooth - there is some speed elements which give You smoother jumps But I dont solve it, I am glad You like this track.
Daniel8 - thank You for nice:award: man and nice WR
_cros_ Ciao amico - what a beautiful comment I cant say nothing more that grazie di cuore ( thank You very much ). But one think more - first time sb. find rly nice simile "Bohemian Glass" I am rly surprised by it. Thank You again for nice word what pleased me. amico. MT I dont think I am good in it but I think to did it in my best
moontrane - hi mate - You are not from Moon but from Mars I think Your WR is that is exactly what we wanted to show where it can be smooth  But it can not. AMAZING worjk an thank You for this perfomace of smooth ride on and You spent on.
hb hallo mein freund. amazing words You posted and I am pleasend again You are here on and have eye on Us. I am pleasant You also like track which is not so easy and You like MT. First time I wanted posted this series withouz any MT becouse "online" but I decided I spent some additional hours with MT bceouse I like it.
jackino nazs´dar kamaráde, dík za pohárek a jak jsem již nekolikrát napsal, rád bych od tebe videl další mapu
mracoris thank You for nice comment - I have been assisted my son I have not sur by lending and we found together this smoother solution.
rulz thank You mate, yes some runs need to have a good course to this life
rpee89 You wrote many nice and kind words and comment about map. Also great WR fast and mooth as silk
Psikopate merci pour and fast WR time
The Masterm!nd of Masterm!nds! thank You for from person as You ( 2006 estabilished on ) appreciate it and I am like You are here. Yes I also dont like tunnel wallride, but I tried it
Alex thank You mate cheers
Nibor glad to see You m8 on my track - thank You fro nice comment and award
OLDA_X rly nice to see a master on my "normal" map - glad to read Your comment and glad to see You like this map.
Zyre rly nice to see a master on my "norma-hardl" map - glad to see You and read Your comment I am You like my map.
  _cros_ 17-Nov-2014
Originally posted by Wardav ...
... MT I dont think I am good in it

LOOOOOL What are you saying? Maybe I read it wrong !!
  wardav 18-Nov-2014

First time becouse it was online trours I had not plan to made MT work. But I realsed its some good additional work for stuff and IMO its nice to spend some hours with MT which is inludes and offers in TM game
*21.11.2014 I am sorry - Untuned version - I would like to poste it on Beta, but Its not possible, becouse its appeared every time on normal TMX. So next time. Maybe I need first time to post on beta and after release on TMX I dont know
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User Awards
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User Award   AllSax 16-Nov-2014
Nice track Wardav!
Funny to drive and challenging: one little jump to right is a little bit out of smooth ... or I can not do the right jump
Nice MT and presentation!
< >
User Award   Daniel8 16-Nov-2014
Great track... nice design ... very perfect jumps
I like it!

> <
User Award   _cros_ 16-Nov-2014
Bohemian Glass

Ciao Mate, this I think playing this great track. Years of study and practice of the artisans to create small but fragile masterpieces. Similarly here you've put your whole class and experience, a great job but it must be handled with great care. The part after the third CP (curve right uphill - left chicane - uphill - Jump) should be guided very "delicate" (just like the famous Crystal) that point is crucial, after that is heaven or hell. In my opinion, even the tunnel is quite risky, is required a lot of precision to the wallride (and even a bit of luck). The scenery looks created by mother nature for a perfect feeling coast. Your MT Job is one of the best in TMX currently, gives a lovely shine to your bohemian glass. Great work as always my friend, now I put the glass on the shelf and occasionally give a dusting to it (always very gently). THX for this precious gift !


It 's always very nice time spent on your track
User Award   moontrane 16-Nov-2014
Very nice transitional track with some challenging parts Big fun to hunt Great intro and superb outro
User Award   hb 16-Nov-2014
Hello my friend,
hot line Tour # 5. just phenomenal. A great gift for us from you. Thank you!
The track layout is simply "amazing," with 15 connections from easy to difficult.
And all just great integrated in the track layout. I'm excited.
Moreover for me, sums up exactly how important the track, this great placed and beautiful to looking Scenery from you.
For me, no question is the No.5 the number 1 of your series. Run a few were already required to master the track but then this already provides an exhilarating driving pleasure and entertainment.
The no. 5 is, you have mentioned it a little more difficult but suitable for a training for (almost) every driving skill ability.
A little good intro and moontrane has already mentioned. But I repeat: a superb outro.
Also all other stuff like GPS, Screen, MT etc.etc. first class; As usual, professionally developed and implemented.
so; Respect again. Before your great power and here is a well deserved award
User Award   jackino 18-Nov-2014
Jako vždy SUPER
User Award   mracoris 18-Nov-2014
Track is just superb (or not even just). I can't see it as a track, more like a piece of art. What is even bigger factor, that you have been assisted by your son! You really convinced me that this track has everything that went through or is important part of you. I believe this track means to you more than i could ever understand
User Award   rulz 18-Nov-2014
Wow !! Fantastic work. I really like this track for the special and interesting challenges you created. It takes quite a few practice runs to complete the course but once you get it, it's a lot of fun to race Love your style, the scenery and as always excellent MT work. Thank you wardav for another great addition to the Coast world >>> <<<
User Award   rpee89 19-Nov-2014
Your work on these coast tracks is always of the highest caliber, and this one isn't an exception to the rule. The transitions are very tightly calculated and smooth, so with optimal speed this track is really flowy and fast. The turn after first short offroad part is extremely easy to drift with maximum speed, but it also gives nice challenge for the driver to control the car in this kind of situation. The diagonal roof rump to the upper platform is nicely thought, also liked the small drop to the GP road. In overall, this is another high quality coaster from you, displaying your experience as a long time mapping master.

User Award   Psikopate 20-Nov-2014
great one(MT too)
User Award   s8ndm8n 21-Nov-2014
I'm gonna have to agree with the others here and say this is a good track
I just don't like the tunnel wallrides in Coast- nothing pretty about them imo...

Great outro too btw
User Award   Alex BF 22-Nov-2014
perfect online track...addictive as
User Award   Nibor 02-Dec-2014
fantastic track with great transitions,
awesome design and cool MT work

excellent work, David
User Award   OLDA_X 17-Apr-2015
I like your creativity . The jumps are cool, the scenery perfect a lot of succesful map
User Award   Zyre 27-Sep-2015
Nice Tour here Wardav - very tricky in places and kind a hard for me to master it
I'm a second away to throw Rulz out of top ten, but I'll try again

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