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Name: Download Hot Line Tour Nr.4
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wardav
Version: 06-Oct-2014
TMX id: 4563042
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 42,984
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night Vehicle: Coast
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0:57.14   moontrane+ 0:00.0042,984
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0:57.26   _cros_+ 0:00.1242,442
0:57.72   ketrab+ 0:00.5840,366
0:57.78   Alex BF+ 0:00.6440,095
0:57.80   rpee89+ 0:00.6640,005
0:58.02   rulz+ 0:00.8839,012
0:58.10   Psikopate+ 0:00.9638,651
0:58.14   OLDA_X+ 0:01.0038,470
0:58.16   Daniel8+ 0:01.0238,380
0:58.29   hb+ 0:01.1537,793
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Author Comments

Hello friends and .

No more tear(s)
We are still here(s)
We´ve spent a lot of time
To be sure You are fine
is still our mother
and You are still my brother.
is our kind of Us
is our natural gas.
There is my ....
"hot line tour nr.4 - NO MORE TEARS ".

After some convinience about my Nr. 3 I had made this track - maybe 2-3 months agou ? I dont know.
This track is not fast built , there was only fast think about Your´s little disapointed oppinions on my last hot line maps.
Now I would like to present my normal style and work. Many things I´ve learned from great builders of , many good and relax beautiful old times, many good feelings of Yours and many pleasant world I tried to get into this map. ...and TM game are included in.
This track I turned to beautiful night coast mood This track shoud be give You an energy to be here.
So have a fun ,have a peace with TMX Nr.1. I dont know how will looks like TM2 Coas Nr. 2 if there will be. But I think will be great as this our beauty coast Nr.1 be looks like.

Some little words ... start was boring and I asked my son to improve it. So start part to 1st CP was extented by my son.
P.S. Be careful of the tree - its my natural mesage to You
Feel the smell of origin coast mood and mod, feel and eat the natural non-mix and origin scenery.
It is my gift for You in October 2014. My wish is You find refresh and relax feeling mood inside track which is flying from me to You.

Enjoy this track, I am happy be with You.
GPS : race and helicop
Outro and Intro is now done by my normal style
Blockmix : NO
Respawn . Yes
Custom music - DJ Tiesto - No More Tears
Have a nice time spend on this track, wardav

User Comments
Showing 6 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  wardav 06-Oct-2014
  _cros_ 07-Oct-2014
I forgot: Congratulations to Tom for the excellent extension
  hb 08-Oct-2014
Hi buddy,
I had, notifies you via PM about my "problem of time".
But still I could not help but have, once again, write a few more words.
I could not help it, the track is just too good.
  ketrab 09-Oct-2014
i haven't driven Coast for few months... awfull time ;< gg guys.
  Alex BF 10-Oct-2014
couldn't resist for a 57:xx
  wardav 10-Oct-2014
My world friends. Thankk You very much awardes. Thank You very much for amazing awards.
I am rly glad to see so many nice builders and players on I read every Your awardds and comments. It is like as good meal. I saw many times Your great WRs. What a beautiful. I can´t find words wich can belong Your awards. In this time a rly appreciate Your work - mean awards, comments , WRs. What I need to add is one thing. I know, I sometime "little" criticize Your maps. I could expact Your revenge, but I am rly nicely surpriced You are here in award section and You posted me so nice and readable and repeatable sentences. I am rly like that there is no fight and combat.
In this time I am little bussy, but I am happy with You. I think many good old faces post till end of this year map. I am shure I will try many good maps od new faces. I am sure We rare here
For this time I send to You my big bone :
Alex BF
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User Awards
Showing 18 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   kaugummi59 06-Oct-2014
work & good Ideas =
User Award   _cros_ 06-Oct-2014
I want to start with the last part of your Author Comments: The time spent on this track is really wonderful. Finally, your own coast track and finally an excellent job overall. Perfect flowing speed track with jumps "smooth as oil." The Coasters know that the "damn" coast car have some problems with the jumps and landing on some types of blocks. To get a result like this, it takes years of experience but also many tests to calculate distances and angles landing. In other words, you have a deep love for this game and spend a lot of time to it. Scenery: I think this track shows that coast is graphically the best environment ever. Responding to your comment: I would like to say that for me after Coast ... only Coast , I hope that Ubisoft / Nadeo understand this simply concept. MT: Here not only experience but also creativity and talent (I Love your Long Shot Cam in Outro). This really is art and at this time a few active players are at a level like this. I have the great fortune and honor that two of the best MTrackers as Nibor and you are my good friends, I still have much to learn from You. To new mappers I would say enjoyed yourself and learn with great tracks like these, if you like Coast this is really the right place. My friend did not know what else to say except Thank you!


no more tears but a little sad if one day all this will end
User Award   Alex BF 06-Oct-2014
really cool coaster with great flow and smooth jumps
User Award   WAB 06-Oct-2014
What can I say? Once again a successful job, well done
User Award   rpee89 07-Oct-2014
It's good to see new track from you after a while, and that you have preserved the level of quality in your tracks. The route is well build for smooth and fast driving typical to your style with beautiful scenery in a night mood. I see that you have let nature take over on the second ramp jump, but it also makes this jump quite tricky even if you know it before hand. This small notion aside, your work is again really appreciated and the track is a pleasure to drive

User Award   Daniel8 07-Oct-2014
Great Track.. Had much fun!!

But I hate the tree

User Award   hb 08-Oct-2014
Hello my friend,
a truly remarkable and excellent track made by you.
And how rpee85 noticed also I'm looking you, once again, have done a noteworthy Coaster.
The intro is short but just to look very nice and the small game is well done.
The Track. Just wonderful. Great atmosphere, great track layout, successful flow, very good challenges and made great connections.
A package which once again stands as a track builder for your great and excellent skills.
And the track is a lot of joy and fun to drive. The absolutely gorgeous, well-set Scenery with the Nightmod give a flavor which gives the track a special, very positive note. I am of this track with "everything included" just enthusiastic.
The extended version of your son was a great idea.
Experience the outro, lovable and good, the track with the great atmosphere and scenery again; just "adorable".
For your exceptionally good job (Tom included) which your excellent skills in "Coastbuilding" and all other things belonging to an excellent track you'll get from me of course a well-deserved award.
>>>>> <<<<<
User Award   moontrane 08-Oct-2014
Very excited about your new track Great and challenging track Beautiful scenery and mood Solid media tracker work All in all top notch work again from you and your son
User Award   rulz 09-Oct-2014
I just do not know what to add to the extensive wonderful comments you received for this track. I could say: " DITTO " and leave it at that but I will add some of my own observations. This track is typical of your style and I am glad to see you are back making tracks again. I love the start and all the way up to the "tree". Thank you Tom But I have to say: "I hate half ramps" and it took me awhile to finally get it right The rest of the track is fast and very tricky in that even the slightest of skids or sloppy landings can lose a lot of time. The more I raced the track the better I liked it. Each time I raced it, it took less time. Very nice practice track for honing skills MT work as always is beautiful. Thanks for a great addition to the Coast environment.
User Award   jackino 09-Oct-2014
Jako vždy dobrá práce
User Award   j-a-m 09-Oct-2014
Hey David, nice to see another great track, again a funtastic work from you and your son
User Award   ketrab 09-Oct-2014
super David, super! <3
User Award   mracoris 10-Oct-2014
As always your track has your tipe of a flow. Beautiful scenery, great transitions. AWESOME work, very fun and huntful track !!!!
User Award   timmy_gk 10-Oct-2014
This track was great fun to drive, not only because of the music. From begin to end every turn was quite easy to drive and every drop was very smooth. I'm driving quite bad times in coast atm, because of building Stadium tracks, but it was great to see, that the tracks work at every speed.
The MT was great too. The outro seems to be simple, but it is giant fun to watch it.
All in all it is a very enjoyable coaster with a nice MediaTracker and with a nice atmosphere! This is one of the less tracks where I think I didn't waste time while driving. Such tracks are rare and can be built just by a few authors.

User Award   Nibor 12-Oct-2014
one word: BRILLIANT
User Award   Psikopate 13-Oct-2014
User Award   AllSax 29-Oct-2014
Nice track!
< >
User Award   Bourbonstreet 16-Nov-2015
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