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Name: Download FreAk sTYLe ACaDemY
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Docteur Kuku
Version: 16-Dec-2006
Released: 16-Dec-2006
TMX id: 45276
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 16,755
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Bay Routes: Multi
Length: Long Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Bay
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0:02.04   Docteur Kuku+ 0:00.0016,755
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0:02.04   Xmastree+ 0:00.0016,755
0:02.04   S&C'Eld+ 0:00.0016,755
0:02.04   caveman+ 0:00.0016,755
0:02.04   stOppuhr+ 0:00.0016,755
0:02.05   JumperJack+ 0:00.0116,262
0:02.05   abu00123+ 0:00.0116,262
0:02.06   fastforza+ 0:00.0215,769
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Author Comments


This is the project I've worked on last weeks... during my loooooooong "offline mode" nights.
It is built for fun and for stunt skills improving.

FIRST YOU NEED the mediapack (about 800 Ko) wich contains custom sounds and signs. Unzip it under your \My documents\Trackmania United\ and everything should be right

How do I play this stuff ?

Basically, it's an objective map. After the intro, drive to the information desk, and choose your skill level (from "easy" to "freakstyle" ) to get some objectives to reach, and enjoy the show !

Oh, and... Will you find the secret mode ? Will you complete it ?

Have fun m8tz


User Comments
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  Docteur Kuku 16-Dec-2006
Yoooo Troja
Quick and great award
  Trojaner 16-Dec-2006
Replay will come, but i dont know yet how many and which stunts i will make for this ...
  Docteur Kuku 16-Dec-2006
I made a 10 min long freestyle stunt video, mostly based on this map, but due to the size of the file (190 mo), I'm still looking for a place to host it...
Some news soon (got 1 long and 4-5 short funny videos, should be nice to watch ^^)

edit ok upload don for the vids, I posteds the links on the forum (general chat / video combo )
  smok3y 17-Dec-2006
I think i beat Michael Jackson on break dancing
  Docteur Kuku 17-Dec-2006
lol smok3y

I'm glad you like it m8tzzzzz
  smok3y 20-Dec-2006
Ive been trying a few more stunts....
Boi if i make a video it'll go for Oscars
  Djoszee 05-Jan-2007
two seconds, lmao
  Docteur Kuku 31-Jan-2007

Looks like nobody found the secret mode...

So here is a small clue for ya...

You probably need some brand new glasses to find this invisible secret mode. I think they got some at one of the 2 Brooks Brothers Shop...

  xG|Kanye 13-Feb-2007
Why dont this map have more awards?

This map is Friggin Awsome! Someone put it in the Spotlight! People need to discover this masterpice of a map

And KuKu, please link the video here.... I cant find it at the foum
  Docteur Kuku 13-Feb-2007
@ Kanye: Link for the video topic guess you didn't found it cause it's in "general chat" forum

If you think this map is under rated, you can recommend it ( forums / your tracks / recommend a track)
  Jet777 04-Mar-2007
I found secret mode!
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Trojaner 16-Dec-2006

WOW - what a superb track...

Fantastic, superb, great, perfect, clever,
cool, MTs the whole track with ...

I'm speechlees ... - really awesome ...

The track is not describe with words, anybody should see this fantastic work

Greets Troja ...
User Award   smok3y 17-Dec-2006
I agree troja
This map is sheer brilliance....
The map...
The MT work...
The design....
The thought process behind it...
The execution...
User Award   p-devil 17-Dec-2006
Great track, brilliant ideas!
Nice Mt work, of course!

I haven't managed to do many objectives in a row yet, but I've done some nice stunts and had a lot of fun.
User Award   bluebottle 17-Dec-2006
never seen such a great map before!!!

Brilliant work!
User Award   X-ray 18-Dec-2006
Wow... awsome! I had hours of fun with this map
The MT and the Mediapack are wonderful, I love those sounds Muhahahaha...
The objective idea is really something new and refreshing, it took a long time to finish all of them (yes, I did but I don't think all red ones are possible in one run).
All those ingenious stunt are just great, every kind of trick I can think of is featured.
To sum it up, this track is freestyle power at its best - A must-have for stunt lovers Don't hesitate guys, get it!
User Award   aGnam 20-Dec-2006
Beautiful track, fun and diversity ideas
i like your job
User Award   Andree 25-Dec-2006
If you like fun MT work then look here on this track: its freakin' awesome
So many path to explore
So fun
A track for doing all stunts you have ever dreamed of
Superb work

User Award   xG|Kanye 01-Jan-2007
This map is simply maybe the best I have tryed.. EVER! Will go into "All time Favorites" when people discover it, I promise.

User Award   saar 03-Jan-2007
Good track good evreything good stunts cool break dance
User Award   looo 12-Jan-2007
Great idea. The breakdance part is awesome.
Super Intro.
User Award   Jet777 13-Jan-2007
I should not be the 12th person to award this track.
I should be the 21289308724085307459391054th.
User Award   JumperJack 02-Feb-2007
well, what do you think about it?! from now on, i'll call you the master of stunt tracks...

because you are...

i'm speechless, this track deserves many many many many many many many many many many many more awards...

the towerclimber is one of my favorite!!

speechless, i'm just speechless...

an for you
User Award   puinbakker 06-May-2007

Wawooooooooh, only 14 awards here??
This is freaking awesome hahaha, it's brilliant
If you manage this no other bay-track is too crazy
Brilliant intro, great sounds en great signs... (moooooeeeeeeh)
Great different paths, truly amazing MT work, and great to see the different outro's who still look nice
I managed almost every obstacle... though the spiderman 100 I couldn't reach
Nice n tricky boat combo, awesome lucifer jump great sounds
That feeling when you're driving to moumoute over the bars and you look down awesome, what a hight
The stadium air though is a little tricky... but you jump out of the MT range of it, and get level 10 easily that way
I didn't cross the bridge exactly the way it should I hitted the post of the bridged, and then reached the finished (never touche the second part of the bridge or the loop-part)
The chinese pot looks easy, but with that open part in it, it's quite tricky.. and when you reach it, the moooooeeeeeeh-sound makes every try worth
Only thing I didn't really get was the 'back to business' jump, I jump that boat from three directions... and it all worked, still don't know what the use of it is
Superdulaxaah track all in one, you really are NUTS (in the positive way)

Brilliant Track, Awesome Job!
Damn, I forgot the disco part hahaha, awesome

User Award   Siem»LT 30-May-2007
one word:Perfect!
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