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Name: Download [TMXCh] Doriath
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   rad
Version: 07-Apr-2014
TMX id: 4515485
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 34,362
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Rally Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Rally
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:35.98   Marius 89+ 0:00.0034,362
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:36.13   TMshock+ 0:00.1533,502
0:36.16   riolu!+ 0:00.1833,330
0:36.37   spedzo+ 0:00.3932,127
0:36.40   darkness__...+ 0:00.4231,955
0:36.41   *Garfield+ 0:00.4331,898
0:36.47   Lolita+ 0:00.4931,554
0:36.58   Red Shreder+ 0:00.6030,924
0:36.86   berrymaster+ 0:00.8829,319
0:36.91   rad+ 0:00.9329,033
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Author Comments

Have fun

Thx shock !
Thx *Garfield
Thx berrymaster
Thx jackino
Thx Raul Vad
Thx kaugummi59
Thx smz
Thx -Chaos-
Thx mracoris
Thx hb
Thx Lolita
Thx wardav
Thx gropapa
Thx riolu!
Thx spedzo
Thx darkness__star
Thx gadoweldosd

Coppers Competition on this track:

User Comments
Showing 17 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  ketrab 07-Apr-2014
Niby Fun jest. Ale zjebales sprawe tak jak ja zjebalem ostatni nawrót.
Nie ma MT, nie ma smootha. Jest Fun i Tech, ale to za malo.
Sceneria tez nie zachwyca... Malo punktów za to dostaniesz od sedziów.
Ale awardy zbijesz na coppers competition ^^ Wiec GL BOTW.

Don't be nosy and don't translate it
  rad 07-Apr-2014
I'm not a good mapper and I know I can't win or even get into top3.
I uploaded it with a TMXCh tag simply because then more people will try it, that's all.
I'll focus on driving phase in TMXCh though I don't have much hope to get into top3 there too

Besides, I don't think my tracks collect awards because of CCs. Maybe one or two last ones get some because of this.
  TMshock 07-Apr-2014
Under 36 sec....

Don`t know if trying or just calling Sandder
  rad 07-Apr-2014
Wanted to make sth harder on rally since 2 weeks ago it turned out to be too easy. The 100C challenge is quite easy though. Yeah, that dirt is not too good, tbh I didn't know what else to do, had something else there at first, even worse.
  TMshock 07-Apr-2014
The sentence with Sandder was more a joke ^_^ Under 36 sec is certainly possible
  rad 07-Apr-2014
But seriously, I don't think sandder is going to try this one before competition is over, I think he's away.

The better times you guys are driving the more sure I am that 35 is possible
  TMshock 08-Apr-2014
I think I was a bit too hasty. I can get 0.10 at the start and I hope the rest at the end. Hard challenge but as long as the contest is not over I continue trying it
  rad 08-Apr-2014
Great, thanks! And nice time.
  -Chaos- 09-Apr-2014
I would like to see a little longer tracks. The latest of you are only 3X secs short.
  rad 09-Apr-2014
Yeah, sorry, I'm recently running out of ideas quickier. I'll try to make sth longer for next week. Also sorry for tmo envis only.
  Lolita 10-Apr-2014
I feel bad for hitting the grass in the last dirt section. Lost my chances for .3 there

I will probably improve this time later if I have the time.
  |PT| CakeyFA 11-Apr-2014
36 is insane
  TMshock 13-Apr-2014
Actually I wanted to hunt it today a bit, but I am ill..
  darkness__star 13-Apr-2014
You can gain .2 on my start, I don't think 35" is possible, but 36.0X is possible with a great start, so maybe 35" is possible with a perfect run
  riolu! 13-Apr-2014
yes, 35 is definitely possible. hard, but possible^^
  Marius 89 13-Jun-2014
As you see
  rad 14-Jun-2014
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 17 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   TMshock 07-Apr-2014
I think the track is good. I dislike the dirt corner a bit. It makes your time. The rest is not challenging but it has some nice innovative lines I really like like the long asphalt corner at the start. All in all it`s enjoyable
User Award   *Garfield 07-Apr-2014
Too lazy to do better than my time. Maybe I'll try again later. However, under 36 would be completely impossible for me.
And here's ya award

Edit: I honestly don't think under 36 is possible... or I'm missing some trick here. I played this like 30 times and I couldn't beat my 36.41. That first dirt turn is almost impossible to do perfectly.
User Award   berrymaster 07-Apr-2014
Nice map ! Not very difficult but fun
User Award   jackino 08-Apr-2014
User Award   Raul Vad 08-Apr-2014
Yeah, very cool map.
User Award   kaugummi59 08-Apr-2014
User Award   smz 08-Apr-2014
User Award   -Chaos- 09-Apr-2014
Nice short track. Simple route, convenient for most skills. I had some fun.
That is a for you
User Award   mracoris 09-Apr-2014
Great track, wery enjoyable route, awesome tricky turns and nice finish. Had fun !
shock ! said that he dislike's the dirt corner a bit. It makes the time. Well, can't blame him for that but i'm compleate oposite, somewhy i love things that make your time, so for me it was perfect
ketrab - "Sceneria tez nie zachwyca..." it doesn't have to be spectacular harmonic atmosphere is more important in my opinion
I shouldn't write stuff like that, but can't fight my personality :DD
User Award   hb 10-Apr-2014
Very Well done Track from the LOTR series. Although looks simple but I had my time to reach dam.. much trouble.
But learned a lot and had fun.
For your good work here >>> <<<
User Award   Lolita 10-Apr-2014
Nice and easy

User Award   wardav 10-Apr-2014
I am not agree with first K-comment. Track is smooth,
MT - doesnt make track/s,
But rules was set and points ...

What more there is flow layout and good rally track.
This track is nicer that overmixed tracks around .
Keep Your natural work...
This track is my another favorite one.
Good for online , servers and off-line.

User Award   gropapa 12-Apr-2014
Good !
User Award   riolu! 13-Apr-2014
Sweet map, liked everything except the last drop which is buggy from time to time.
User Award   spedzo 13-Apr-2014
The map is lacking some extra snazz, but nice for a little hunt.
User Award   darkness__star 13-Apr-2014
Really good and challenging track!
>> <<
User Award   gadoweldosd 22-Apr-2014
feels very natural. it wasn't the track that forced me to drive a certain line, feels like I wanted to go there anyways nice track
> <
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