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Name: Download [TMXCH] Infinite Universe
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   SimplyNick
Version: 03-Apr-2014
TMX id: 4513480
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 35,328
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Bay Routes: Multi
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Bay
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:45.03   WAB+ 0:00.0035,328
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:45.14   Marius 89+ 0:00.1134,810
0:45.56   TMshock+ 0:00.5332,833
0:46.12   Lolita+ 0:01.0930,197
0:46.22   |PT| CakeyFA+ 0:01.1929,726
0:46.29   »Jan'+ 0:01.2629,397
0:46.36   _firestorrm+ 0:01.3329,067
0:46.57   rad+ 0:01.5428,079
0:47.08   -Chaos-+ 0:02.0525,678
0:47.41   FiahRose+ 0:02.3824,124
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Author Comments

How's it going ?
This is my first map for the TrackMania Exchange Championship 2014!!
This is just a fun, pretty easy going and speedy track
Awards is very appreciated

Thx For Playing

Screenshot Ketrab


Author: 0:48.37
Gold: 0:51.32
Silver: 0:57.43
Bronze: 1:08.36

Auto Cameras

CP's: 6
Loops: 2
Length: 48s
Difficulty: Intermediate

Having trouble at some loops with occasional bugs. Air braking helps.

Have fun
And good luck all for Challenge 2014!!

Peace !

Thx for
Thx for wardav
Thx for j-a-m
Thx for Ketrab + Thx for Feedback
Thx for hb
Thx for WAB
Thx for kaugummi59
Thx for shock !
Thx for _firestorm
Thx for Raul Vad
Thx for »Jan'
Thx for Basskid

User Comments
Showing 18 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  wardav 03-Apr-2014
You should add screeen ! My advice
  ketrab 03-Apr-2014
For screenshot:
this -=1=-
or -=2=-
  SimplyNick 03-Apr-2014
Wardav --> was gunna ask someone to try make one for me
Ketrab --> Thanks also for screeny
WAB --> lel! that cut is so luck.. I tried to make it so you couldnt
Vincent --> That's your opinion but thanks for the feedback
  ketrab 03-Apr-2014
@hb - nick is a judge
  WAB 03-Apr-2014
the first HP is a good accelerator
  hb 03-Apr-2014
@ ketrab
ok, and where is the problem?
Even judges need luck
  ketrab 03-Apr-2014
hah, you're right xD
  Vincent 03-Apr-2014
Sorry, but I can´t award the track, because most of the checkpoints don´t work for respawn. That makes it very hard to learn the route, because you always have to start all over from the beginning. That´s a serious flaw for me.
  _firestorrm 04-Apr-2014
srsly Wab? 0.01?
  Lolita 05-Apr-2014
Well I made a new wr It has a very bad first platform turn though because I got too much into the right in the jump but the loops are crazy good.
  WAB 05-Apr-2014
as simple as that is not the route to go at full speed.
The transition after the third CP is very difficult
  TMshock 07-Apr-2014
My problem is more the looping after the many boosters. Buggy or I am to dumb
  WAB 07-Apr-2014
The Route ( Loop ) is not designed for this speed
the normal route is working properly
  SimplyNick 07-Apr-2014
The route is made for the speed of the normal way to do the track
ex. the red boosters at the HP
or loops were pretty hard to design best for the normal speed of the map
Anyway keep cutting and hunting lol
  TMshock 07-Apr-2014
I know guys, I already drove the normal route and asking myself why WAB is so fast. Now with the red booster and the booster before the loop it makes challenge very hard.
  WAB 08-Apr-2014
the last CP I was 0.17 faster, but then you come shock
  TMshock 09-Apr-2014
I take a much wider line at the end for a BIG comeback
  WAB 09-May-2014
most anger makes the loop
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 11 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   wardav 03-Apr-2014
Nice and good map.
Its respawn, fun and should suit to each kind of driver

User Award   j-a-m 03-Apr-2014
User Award   ketrab 03-Apr-2014
I love this style, Nick.
Speed with nice transitions, loops etc.
MT is well made - nice for eyes.
Nice map name's colour ^^
But scenery... in ground is ok,
but in the air... you should work at scenery in air.
But is ok, Nick! ;] Hah, I'll make screen for you.

User Award   hb 03-Apr-2014
Very nice track. Good track design with lots of driving pleasure. Suitable for any ability. MT is good and all other stuff is nice.
4you> <

good luck for the TMXCH
User Award   WAB 03-Apr-2014
Yes, this is a very good map
to drive makes a great fun
good work
User Award   kaugummi59 03-Apr-2014
User Award   TMshock 04-Apr-2014
Nice transitions. The loops are very speedy which I really like. I think the track really deserves an award because it is so smooooth
User Award   _firestorrm 04-Apr-2014
ha! challenging!

User Award   Raul Vad 05-Apr-2014
User Award   »Jan' 16-Apr-2014
Very nice one, the speed makes me try and try harder for a better Time. The loops feel sometimes veeeeeeeeery annoying as they cause buggs and destroy good runs

> <
User Award   Basskid 21-Apr-2014
Cool Fast Map
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