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Name: Stealing Hubcaps
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Sivert
Version: 25-Aug-2007
Released: 24-Aug-2007
TMX id: 451168
LB Rating: 36,046
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Desert Routes: Multi
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Desert
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:44.53   Acid+ 0:00.0036,046
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:44.84   rad+ 0:00.3134,540
0:45.18   ludix+ 0:00.6532,889
0:45.31   MB:Bobo+ 0:00.7832,257
0:45.58   pulci+ 0:01.0530,946
0:45.68   Deng+ 0:01.1530,460
0:45.83   =ITA= Quistis+ 0:01.3029,732
0:46.24   DaKKoN+ 0:01.7127,741
0:46.38   [CMC]Zeo+ 0:01.8527,060
0:46.80   CMC|Taylor+ 0:02.2725,020
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Author Comments

You been naughty, now you have to face the consequences

This was put together for the tmx monthly august hosted by Jozii
It is a track made in some 16 hours straight

It's a rally with paths for the beginner and the experienced driver.

Custom media will autoload, you have to restart the track to see the intro correctly If you don't want to wait for it, download mediapack here. Extract to MyDocuments\TrackManiaUnited and the files should go to the right places

Custom composed music
Custom images and sounds

My taste in music is probably not shared by the bulk part of players but it's my track so you have to endure it
I love comments and or awards
Have fun racing

070825 Changed the last jump that everyone seemed discontent with

User Comments
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  Sivert 24-Aug-2007
Upload a replay for you to see the fast route

Thanks ShoK, glad you like it
Thanks ohei2, I'll put up a mediapack
Thanks CRO|Bare, nice award
Thanks eT DeaTh, cool award
Thanks OLDA_X, great award
Thanks MiniZyko, smashing award
Thanks Andree, always pleased to get an from you
Thanks J@NN3, wow great award
Thanks tmjonas, awesome award
Thanks chris_du_21, great award
Thanks ByeTom, my fav... you like the music
Thanks TimeBreaker, you know I love your awards
Thanks Kendar, a quality award
Thanks 50cC PetitCoeur
Thanks pitstep, nice award
Thanks shell animal aka skal, great award
Thanks Mirco the Racer, awesome award
Thanks [ATP]Speedy, love your award
Thanks maphios, excellent award and supertime
Thanks Sk84funPrzemo(Loony), great award
Thanks RKO 90 =ITA=, brilliant award
Thanks *speedy* for your excellent award
Thanks Bigxxx, superb award
Thanks DUFFKING, great award
Thanks broadsword, great award
Thanks DaKKoN, excellent award
Thanks smok3y,once again I love your award
Thanks RaÎn3r87, very nice award
Thanks Dartz4, brilliant award
Thanks =ITA= Quistis, great award
Thanks TYZZ, really nice award
Thanks pulci, great award
Thanks MasterGary, an award that makes me proud
Thanks MB:Bobo, makes me feel gooood!
Thanks ludix, nice award, excellent time
Thanks SkunkY, glad U like it
Thanks F1, love the award
  TimeBreaker 25-Aug-2007
just yesterday i was thinking about when the next sivert track will get released
  Bigxxx 25-Aug-2007
I'll try it soon
I disslike desert but i will try ;-)
  Sivert 25-Aug-2007
Ok folks, your whining about the last jump paid off, I updated the track Yesterday after some 14 h of straight building it didn't seem to matter that much (having learnt to drive it). But I really understand your point of view so I apologize for not having fixed it before publishing
  Andree 25-Aug-2007
Thx for updating the track, much better to avoid the lucky landing
Great work Sivert
  TimeBreaker 25-Aug-2007
lol my award is about the first version and i didnt lknow it
what do you guys have against the last jump in version one? i never crashd there in about 10 times
and i liked it made a 46.4 in v.1 new end sucks for me
  CMC|Taylor 28-Aug-2007
Ok, I updated my comment
  Sivert 02-Sep-2007
Awesome time MB:Bobo
  MasterGary 06-Sep-2007
Lol Sivert m8

I got into the top10, beating your time by 0.01 (did a 47.78)

Award is there (just feedback about MediaTracker so far, I have to redrive it later or tomorrow to give a correct feedback about the track)

But I know (after 7-8 runs) that it is worth an award (imo )


***EDIT on 7/9***

Award completed
And a 47.67 uploaded
  MB:Bobo 07-Oct-2007
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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  CMC|Taylor 27-Aug-2007
OK, here I am I was forgetting to update my comment xD
A really interesting desertmap, great for WR hunting
I liked the tricky start and the wall
Cool smooth drop and nice off-roading
Really hard middle part, not easy to take at fullspeed
Nice long jump and another off-road
The finish is a bit boring to my eyes... and the final jump is a bit buggy

Anyway, great overall work!

RKO 90
  *speedy* 27-Aug-2007
I man, i really hate desert...

But this!!! This is genius work!
I love the intro... Very simple and very cool
Great race... Cant say much about i only can tell you that my fastest race is 48.xx
and that was my 2nd ride
I think i was very lucky xD
Thnx for the great track
So for the work a big award

  Bigxxx 27-Aug-2007
LooL but your map is awsome , this style is great cool techy turns , cool tricky fun
The scenery looks good too , a little bit to hard for me to drive but cool
Ahh and great media pack
for you
  DUFFKING 28-Aug-2007
I hate desert but this is pretty good Lovely layout, design and ideas, and excellent MT work as I've come to expect from you
  broadsword 29-Aug-2007
Excellent track!
Great driving
Brilliant MT
Great music
  DaKKoN 29-Aug-2007
Funny intro/outro
Good race-path and a few challengeing turns.
Nothing spectaculair but good fun
Should be great online to

  smok3y 30-Aug-2007
One heck of an awesome desert map
This is ultimate speed + tech combo
I loved the MT work
Superb Intro
I had a gala time running after stealing the hub caps
Fell through the hole even after watching the well depicted warning sign
I am surely blind i must say
This is one amazing map sivert
Yet again you prove your prowess that you make awesome original maps
Loved the MT work in the outro - a pleasure to watch
  Dartz4 31-Aug-2007
Excellent track, drove it online. very fun to play, especially the hole is really exciting.

Very nice start, cool transition to the bevel edge, nice pipe and a very cool and smooth jump over the loop. As smoother you drive the ramp, the faster ur after it, nice effect. Good groundpart and the following slalom to the big jump. Cool finishingcurves with the (damn) hole - i always drove in - and the great reusal of the mentioned hole. Overall a very funny little and speed track.

An for you.

- Dartz4
  =ITA= Quistis 31-Aug-2007
great desert track!
  tyzz 31-Aug-2007
cool map

cool new ideas
cool start
awesome speed
cool new combo of stunt
cool screnie
cool mt(intro is cool nothing special but cool to watch)

  pulci 03-Sep-2007
exellent trac, very nice
  MasterGary 06-Sep-2007
The "this is not good" is cool

MediaTracker = 9/10

Awesome idea, and well done

It looks great, I love the cams
And when we see the guy who chases us, awesome
But ... sometimes, when my car is on 2 tyres, the cam gets "under the road"

Track = 9/10

Flowy start + nice wallride
Nice offroad
Great jump to offroad
Nice pot hole
Very hard turn (imo)
Nice finish

Overall Rating = 9/10

It's very fun to drive
Here is my for you (but stop stealing please )

PS : The music is special, but funny

by 5ocC MasterGary
  MB:Bobo 07-Oct-2007
one of my favourite track... awesome
  ludix 17-Oct-2007
Nice track!
  SkunkY 20-Oct-2007
After a bit of practice its a very cool and fun track with cool jumps and nice mt as usual.
Nice work!
  F1 29-Jan-2009
Well planned with all the varied mix of sections, off road bits and jumps - Great fun to drive on
  rad 14-Jul-2018
Nice track here. Fast, challenging, fun to drive. Good job
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