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Name: Download Nardol
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   rad
Version: 16-Mar-2014
TMX id: 4507311
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 31,963
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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World Rec.ByDiff.Score  LB
0:48.86   Red Shreder+ 0:00.0031,963
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
0:49.30   rad+ 0:00.4430,236
0:49.77   darkness__...+ 0:00.9128,391
0:50.83   berrymaster+ 0:01.9724,230
0:51.06   -Chaos-+ 0:02.2023,328
0:53.57   hb+ 0:04.7113,476
0:54.12   mracoris+ 0:05.2611,317
0:54.77   wardav+ 0:05.918,766
0:55.44   jackino+ 0:06.586,136
0:58.35   Frx ben75+ 0:09.490
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Author Comments

Have fun

Coppers Competition on this track:

Thx FT»@ndy
Thx hb
Thx jackino
Thx Red Shreder Yeah, my problem seem to be that my tracks are very flowy and more simple or less flowy and with more diversity. Can't seem to find the way to combine flow and diversity well.
Thx darkness__star
Thx gadoweldosd
Thx mracoris
Thx Frx ben75
Thx berrymaster
Thx dokydom
Thx wardav
Thx Sriver

User Comments
Showing 15 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  hb 17-Mar-2014
I still have times practiced, but more did not
  jackino 18-Mar-2014
a lot of sharp turns and the last jump too much of anything
  rad 18-Mar-2014
Which jump do you mean? :/
I can see that this jump through the hole is not easy :/
  jackino 18-Mar-2014
When you go slowly so you jump right into the hole, but otherwise OK
  Frx ben75 18-Mar-2014
Can you add a GPS please? After the 2nd jump, I don't find the good way. I always come back to the start.
  rad 18-Mar-2014
Sorry ben, but I'm too lazy to learn how to make GPS. Tried to make it few times but failed. :/ I guess you're talking about the place where you have to jump a little to the left to the black wallride-thingy. Try watching some of the replays uploaded here if you can't see it, sorry for it I thought that this track is intuitive :/
I liked this track, but after reading your opinions I feel that it's bad Guess I'll be back to making easy intuitive desert tracks since next time.
Thanks for your comments/replays/awards
  Frx ben75 18-Mar-2014
I have downloaded your replay, but this jump is not easy for me.
I don't like the jump with the hole. I am always forced to respawn because I am probably too slow. Maybe, the hole would be removed.
I don't think I will give an award for this time unless you change the 2 jumps!
  rad 18-Mar-2014
I'm not fan of updating maps like this tbh. Can't change anything while competition is running anyway.
Thanks for replay
  Frx ben75 18-Mar-2014
I admit I haven't good skills. Of course, I have just given my own opinion.
<== noob
  mracoris 21-Mar-2014
Frx ben75 - Don't use that word it is made to offend beginners. Try to focus at the tunel and you will get trough the hole, but yeah... desert car is not the easiest, especialy with keyboard. Good luck and have fun (And to make it clear. I didn't called you a beginner )
  rad 21-Mar-2014
Yeah ben, don't call yourself a noob because you're not a noob
  Frx ben75 22-Mar-2014
Maybe, I need to have some practise!
I hope your next track will be a bit easier.
Edit: I have improved my time and I think I can do better.
I always dislike the 2 jumps, but I have passed the jump with the hole even if it is a bit tricky.
Quote ...
desert car is not the easiest, especialy with keyboard.

I agree!
@rad: I give you an award because you have said I am not a noob.
  Red Shreder 22-Mar-2014
Here's the 48 !
  rad 22-Mar-2014
gg RS! It looks like you're going for a win this week since sand and riolu lost interest in this probably
ben: thank you, but if you don't like my map then just don't award it, there's no pressure I'm not making these maps to collect dozens of awards, or get into BOTW or BOTM with them or sth (even though I had like 3 BOTW maps recently for some reason, so is this one atm). My main goal is to create maps that people will have fun driving on and to see some records hunting on them. It's always nice to see some awards though, few awards already show that the track is ok and one of the goals is reached
So thank you for driving my track and I'm happy that it was so challenging for you that you have been driving it more than few times even though some parts were frustrating for you
  Frx ben75 23-Mar-2014
I give an award because this track is not so bad.
Your tracks are much better than mine even if it is not perfect. It can't be the taste of all.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 12 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   FT»@ndy 17-Mar-2014
User Award   hb 17-Mar-2014
Great Tech Track 4 you
User Award   jackino 18-Mar-2014
User Award   Red Shreder 19-Mar-2014
I like the ideas here, particularly the jump through the hole. It's easy at first but much more difficult with more speed, and thus more entertaining than your previous desert.

All jumps' landings aren't that flowy but it works anyway

> <

Red Shreder
User Award   darkness__star 20-Mar-2014
Nice one! Really challenging and quite fun
>> <<
User Award   gadoweldosd 20-Mar-2014
really nice track
I had problems with the jump through the hole though.. my back tires fit perfectly on that edge
> <
User Award   mracoris 21-Mar-2014
Nice track, love the jump to the black wallride thingy as i said somewhere, preaty hard, but it's a part of fun too in my opinion
User Award   Frx ben75 22-Mar-2014
This track is fun to play even if I don't like some jumps.
Good job!
User Award   berrymaster 23-Mar-2014
Nice map ! I am not a desert specialist but you deserve your
User Award   dokylis 23-Mar-2014
User Award   wardav 23-Mar-2014
When I read looong comments I decided to try this map.
Rly, rly good challenge with oldschool design inside.
Its respawn and we need only follow signs.

Good work

User Award   Sriver 27-Mar-2014
great one!
fast, fun - and not too hard!

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