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Name: Download Celebdil
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   rad
Version: 09-Mar-2014
TMX id: 4505027
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 50,195
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Snow Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day Vehicle: Snow
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0:44.86   darkness__...+ 0:00.0050,195
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0:44.99   Darki+ 0:00.1349,322
0:45.02   X_Darkman_X+ 0:00.1649,121
0:45.31   Lolita+ 0:00.4547,174
0:45.32   apee+ 0:00.4647,107
0:45.42   »Jan'+ 0:00.5646,435
0:45.45   rad+ 0:00.5946,234
0:45.74   berrymaster+ 0:00.8844,287
0:45.97   -Chaos-+ 0:01.1142,743
0:47.19   Snado+ 0:02.3334,552
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Author Comments

Have fun
Coppers Competition on this track:

Thx wardav
Thx hb
Thx kaugummi59
Thx Adhan28
Thx Darki
Thx jackino
Thx FT»@ndy
Thx Frx ben75
Thx Raul Vad
Thx -Chaos-
Thx »Jan'
Thx X_Darkman_X

User Comments
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  hb 09-Mar-2014
I know you mean this with the track title

Called the Silvertine, one of the three peaks in the Misty Mountains that lay above the ancient dwarf-city of Khazad-dûm.
  rad 09-Mar-2014
Yeah, was looking for some snowy mountain from Middle Earth At first I wanted to call it Caradhras, but then I thought "Caradhras" somehow doesn't fit the track colour I usually use (gotta change it finally).
btw, Misty Mountains = Hithaeglir in sindarin so it's quite a fail since Hithaeglir is desert but well, it's just names.
  Snado 10-Mar-2014
you know. i post non-sense award. but this track is really great
  rad 10-Mar-2014
lol "unique" award indeed, thanks for it ;D
  darkness__star 10-Mar-2014
A bit too easy to play in my opinion
Anyway thanks for the challenge
  rad 17-Mar-2014
I need your login in order to send coppers, 3 Pigs. Can't send pm since you have it blocked
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   wardav 09-Mar-2014
Easy but challenging....
Very nice old class layout
for every kind of players.
Sup for off/online.
I like it eventhought I am not good at snow.

wardav for symphatic map.
User Award   hb 09-Mar-2014
Oh yeah buddy, again a short Track, but very good.
Once again, more of a challenge but suitable for any driving skill ability. Very varied track design where the driving fun.
Scenery, well, not rich, or not there.
But for this track yet from me for you a well-deserved award.>> <<
User Award   kaugummi59 09-Mar-2014
Good Race on &
User Award   Snado 10-Mar-2014
whoa. great track for Record-hunter.

The loops, banks, turns, and final ice is GREAT.
also suitable in any skill level. Pros for the win. Beginners for the Training
the thing is. its really awesome. but i have many games, many tracks.
and sometimes. old track saved in my HDD is getting boring
but though. this thing is good enough for a server. with Pickup Trucks

yea. its enough for me. you know. you get an FREE award for an good track

award music ceremony:

dadadadadododododo (trumpet)
jreeng dolot dolot bang kum pang (drums)
teledoet tot pengkeleng pong tuleng (Piano)
dodododododododoododdodo (DRUMS)

AAAAAAAAAA-WARD !: >>> <<< (drums)

User Award   Darki 10-Mar-2014
Hey man,
great work here. Really simple, but still very challenging.
I had much fun on this little huntermap, imo it could be a bit longer. Moreover I miss some tough turns and transitions.
All in all enough for an award
User Award   jackino 10-Mar-2014
User Award   FT»@ndy 10-Mar-2014
nice hunter
User Award   Frx ben75 10-Mar-2014
I am not really a fan of tracks, but I admit your track is a good surprise. I prefer it because some FS tracks are overrated. (of course, this is just my opinion) At least, your track is not too hard even if the first tunnel is a bit tricky. It is fun to play and it is a good challenge.
Good work!
User Award   Raul Vad 10-Mar-2014
I like so much this track.
User Award   -Chaos- 11-Mar-2014
Good Tech track. Moderate difficult route and an enjoyable timehunt. Nice challenge, well done.
That is a for you
User Award   »Jan' 14-Mar-2014
Nice one, easy but challenging

> <
User Award   X_Darkman_X 09-May-2017
Funny Map great to Play
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