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Name: »overheating«
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Wouter4009
Version: 08-Mar-2014
Released: 08-Mar-2014
TMX id: 4504646
LB Rating: 10,028
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Desert Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Desert
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0:40.26   rad+ 0:00.0010,028
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0:42.09   Wouter4009+ 0:01.837,293
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Author Comments


This will be my last track.

At least, for now. My computer has started to overheat awfully badly and it shuts down when it gets too hot. TrackMania seems to make it overheat very bad. I tried removing dust from the fans but it didn't seem to help. Until it works, i don't want to take the risk again of making a track whilst my computer might shut down, like i did with this one.

The track itself is an awesome Desert speedtech track with a lot of unique transitions and cool stuff. I seriously hope you like it, as i've spent loads of time on it, crashing and not crashing. You may notice there's no proper outro, you guessed it, the risk was too high to build an actual outro without shutting down. Still, the track is lots of fun and i'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Have fun!


MT (intro, ingame, outro-ish)

Author Time: 0:42.09
Coppers: 3454

Funfact: I was thinking of doing a really stupid name, but then i thought - hey, let's name it Overheating because it fits more.
Bigger screenie: Click!

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Thanks for awards:

Thanks to dokydom!
Thanks to FT»@ndy!

User Comments
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  rad 08-Mar-2014
I'm having same problems (though mostly at summer). Try lowering graphic settings in tmuf/scan your computer in case there are some viruses that confume your CPU/turn off programs you don't use and they use CPU/buy or make yourself a cooling pad if it's a notebook.
  Wouter4009 08-Mar-2014
Yeah, it's a laptop. Weird thing is that it didn't do this before. I remember about a year or two ago, in the summer, it was around 35 degrees and my laptop was working fine. And a few weeks ago it worked without any problems. And then. Suddenly, it shut down and i had no idea why. I'll see what i can do, ofcourse.
  rad 08-Mar-2014
Hmm, this sound to be too sudden to be just because it gets older. Might be indeed that some fans stopped working, something is wrong with graphics card or something, or really some viruses. Can't think about anything else :/ I'll try the map later.
  dokylis 08-Mar-2014
maybe put something under the laptop so it will have more space to cool.
  Wouter4009 08-Mar-2014
Yeah, i was thinking of getting a cooling pad or something. I checked for viruses and there aren't any.

Also, i checked with SpeedFan a few days ago and without having nearly any programs on, it gets up to about 80 degrees celcius!

EDIT: I just played some TM and it got up to 102 degrees. Isn't that the cooking point?
  rad 08-Mar-2014
Intel limits are somewhere around it if I remember well (I mean then notebook should automatically shut off). 80 is still way too much though.
(I play tmuf now on lowest settings and my processor and graphics card are both around 75°C which is too much as well. Gonna be terrible in summer.

Edit: sorry, I hate this loop.
  Wouter4009 10-Mar-2014

My dad screwed the entire laptop open and replaced some stuff. It runs well again, and it's definitely cooled down a LOT. Problem is that he accidentally broke the monitor... at least, it doesn't function anymore, it just showed a white screen. He definitely did a good job, except that the laptop turned into just a heavy keyboard. He wired another monitor up to the laptop, and everything works fine, except that i have to type half a meter away from the monitor, which is very annoying. Until i can get another monitor (the current extra one is dad's) and a keyboard, i definitely won't make a lot of tracks...
  rad 10-Mar-2014
Oh, that's not good :/
  Wouter4009 11-Mar-2014


It did that when i just got it and now it's doing it again. arghagrhgahrgharhrheghrghgrh
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User Awards
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  dokylis 08-Mar-2014
so awesome
  FT»@ndy 10-Mar-2014
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