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Track Name
Name: Warriors of the TMX World
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   wardav&_cros_
Version: 02-Mar-2014
Released: 02-Mar-2014
TMX id: 4501302
LB Rating: 48,932
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m 15s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day Vehicle: Coast
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
1:13.15   Sandder+ 0:00.0048,932
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
1:13.35   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.2048,129
1:14.23   spedzo+ 0:01.0844,597
1:15.07   moontrane+ 0:01.9241,226
1:15.09   »Jan'+ 0:01.9441,145
1:16.10   Cephid+ 0:02.9537,092
1:16.36   AllSax+ 0:03.2136,048
1:16.86   rad+ 0:03.7134,041
1:17.22   rulz+ 0:04.0732,597
1:17.34   Zyre+ 0:04.1932,115
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Author Comments

Hi friends and !

We are happy to present our 1st duo track : Warriors of the World

To the track :

_cros_ comment :
Wow is a great day for me. It is a long gestation, almost nine months, a baby, but Wardav has already talked about the history of this track. Both of us wanted a job very well done, according to our style. After a never-ending series of emails and continuous updates of the track (and a long break), we came to the end, I'm really happy and honored for this collaboration. It 'was interesting to work step by step in mapping, alternating wardav and cros parts. There are at least two points a little spicy, one from me and one from wardav, discover you! Aside from these two points, I think the track flows well, no surprises and traps, not too easy not too hard. Obviously natural scenery coast here, we like it. Thanks to wardav also for the exceptional MT work, really a great and hard work. I hope you have fun with our duo work and ... why not? other work together in the future.
We are all Warriors of the World.

wardav comment :
I am very glad that I can imagine this track. How was it? _Cros_ offered me a job do a duo track with him and I am rly happy we can present our work which was practically done in August 2013. Layout of this trackp was ready in 3-5 days if i remeber right. Than we were out of contact becouse family obligations atc. Now in March 2014 we had started to continue and we finaly finished it. I am happy with this track becouse I found a lot in common in architectural style my and cros´s. Practically try to say the differences between mine and his parts, and that's what i riddle for you. This track has not built quickly, we tried to did flow and intuitve layout. For first try can be harder, but after some rounds You can finish it easy. Ingame there is one "respawn guider text" and every CPs are too. Music our chosen idea, because we are still "older" warriors of the world. Some builders have migrated to MX and have no time to meet the good old mother. Therefore, and in particular we have here too and not only we, but also other many other good builders, players site leaders and even women builders. Thanks to _cros_ for exelent screen, soft CPs minimod and fun billboard. And I would like to thank to man from TMU@FUN who created for us cars.
We are all Warriors of the World.

Others info

Mod : original TMU + CPs soft by _cros_
Mood: day
Music : custom Manowar - Warrios of the Wolrd.
Blockmix : No
Lenght .. AT ..1.18:xx : )
CPs ... respawn all + one respawn way

Have a fun - wardav&_cros_

User Comments
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  wardav 06-Mar-2014
@Tobbe & Sandder I need to join to Your conversation and little to disturb U2. I´ve watched your driving more then half an hour and I can´t stop. It's better than a TV film. More the 5 sec minus AT Two "old" good faces od (2006 and 2007) meet each other and I have truly a great honor and I can´t express how pleased I am. TM is moving forward and we're still KB players. Yes 2 problems. Jump-house and landing, we could not be as fast as You, but when I saw You both landed almost at the end of the block and next drop you landed smoothly , I was satisfied. Yes Sannder really hit the roof when jumping to block on 23 sec and its might added speed I think . Tobbe it again flew else and went on ttrack really well. Just Tobbe's and Sandder's ride is incredible and big for U2 man. Thank You warriours of - Your ride fight I can say I will not see again. If I have Your address I would like to send to You bottle of good czech spirit (Slivovice). Instead of coppers . By the way, very nice skins cars both.
  FT»Tobbe 08-Mar-2014
Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I just can't get it all perfect into one run. Sometimes I randomly get a 32.7x start, which would give me a good 0.2s lead over Sand, but I couldn't match his speed through the GP turn shortly after and then overjump the whole landing on top of the hill, plus I still can't make the S turn as fast as he does. In the 6 hours of trying I had only one run that was capable of a 1:13.0x, but failed it in the left u-turn. Maybe Sand could show us the 1:12 anyway? (pretty please)
  wardav&_cros_ 08-Mar-2014
@ Spedzo - thank ypu for gerat time 1.14xx
@ Tobbe - You have not disappointed Us. We appreicated Your time you´ve just spent till now, You and Sand.
We are very pleasant that you spent so much time to posted times 1.13xx. Its really excellent.
Wardav 's offer still stands;)
  Sandder 09-Mar-2014
I gave it a good shot. Didn't happen though
had over -0.25 a couple of times before the house-jump, but always had a bad landing after that and lost all the time i gained.
  wardav 09-Mar-2014
BUT - thank You for Your good 1.13 times Mr. Sand and Mr.Tobbe.
There is some old mistakes in ... but We appreciated You had played and gave Your own rare time for special time on this map. for You guys.
We are old KB builders and we are appreciate that You noticed Our work
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User Awards
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  dokylis 05-Mar-2014
owow this is great
page 2pls
  rulz 06-Mar-2014
Very addictive track with great scenery !! Excellent design, smooth and fast Very challenging race I love the start The chicane at CP5 is treacherous and so is the long left turn before the last jump ramp Very nicely done you two !! Good job on the MT work I love it !
  Sandder 06-Mar-2014
I like it a lot. Always more time to gain and the length is just right.

I only have 2 problems with it:

1) That road block in the air at ~23 sec, if you have a good turn before it then it is quite easy to hit.
2) The house-jump. Again, with a good turn you can jump way over the landing block and not make the next small drop.

Still it was great fun to drive

  spedzo 07-Mar-2014
Addictive trying for a better time.
  rad 09-Mar-2014
Very nice map here. Good flow, cool ideas, nice jumps, good speed. Challenging, fun to drive. Good work
  AllSax 05-Nov-2014
ALL said!
Great job!
  uk.VR 10-Apr-2020
this is a beautiful smooth fast track, fun and exciting to drive, but because of the quality of replays currently uploaded i cannot submit one. Anyways.. i gotta award this for the great track that it is >>\/<<
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