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Track Name
Name: UC3 - Riskin' It All
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Andree
Version: 23-Aug-2007
Released: 23-Aug-2007
TMX id: 448656
LB Rating: 14,322
Track Details
Game: TM United
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Island Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset Vehicle: Island
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:55.27   Dengel+ 0:00.0014,322
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:55.45   NBAA+ 0:00.1814,042
0:55.73   8bit-Molot+ 0:00.4613,606
0:56.00   Marius 89+ 0:00.7313,187
0:56.41   tcq+ 0:01.1412,549
0:56.89   Co2+ 0:01.6211,803
0:56.92   Zeref+ 0:01.6511,756
0:57.05   Kent1+ 0:01.7811,554
0:57.05   Forgot10+ 0:01.7811,554
0:57.50   -Phil-+ 0:02.2310,854
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Author Comments

Track #34: Island

Track made for a funcup:

Have a little reuse of the quarterpipe in the start
Just pure racing with a bit skill and maybe a bit luck
No use of boosters
Since it was a cup i didnt add a intro for the track, should be nice for online also
The outro is a bit darker then the race with some nice camera
Bigger Screenie

Also this time i add a competition for the top 10 replays

1. place -> 1000 coppers 0:55.27 DEnGel
2. place -> 750 coppers 0:55.45 NBAA
3. place -> 500 coppers 0:55.73 USSRxMolot
4. place -> 300 coppers 0:56.00 Marius 89
5. place -> 250 coppers 0:56.41 tcq
6. place -> 100 coppers 0:56.89 Co2
7. place -> 100 coppers 0:57.05 Kent1
8. place -> 100 coppers 0:57.74 maphios
9. place -> 100 coppers 0:57.88 Feanor
10. place-> 100 coppers 0:58.39 [CMC]yaVuz

Competition FINISHED

User Comments
Showing 16 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Andree 23-Aug-2007
-:BIC:-Z-i-o-n so nice to see you enjoyed racing the track
Eagle your awardcomment looks like the ones i write
DEnGel your time is just Gonna be hard to beat this time OMG: 10 minutes later and you even crushed your first time. Its amazing to see your skill on island
Lethal so nice to see you here, i have made a track called Red Power Mania (updated and improved from the TMS version called Meltdown), it sure more your style
[CMC]yaVuz i have made one tech track to island before: "Take the Time by   Andree"
Bigxxx we all need to take the risk for getting a better time
Mr.Brow nice
CRO|Bare would love to see a non-stadium track from you, since my stadiumskills are very limited i cant finish your latest one
SniperZ always there to enjoyand award my tracks
tcq glad you enjoyed it and took part in the UC3. And the jump to the uphill is maybe the place to where you can gain or lose several seconds
pjw i havent buildt so many tech-tracks so its nice to see you enjoyed the race
maphios wonderful award and great replay
crooms always fun to hear my tracks are played online
Mirco the Racer indeed a bit different from my ususal stuff
Bye Tom no problem to keep it up when i get such -comment
Hubby a impressive award, you made me so glad, thx a lot
Sivert another wonderful by you
Vincent i think DEnGel's record is unbeatable
ARO didnt build any techy track in TMO,TMS and TMN. Just started in TMU, glad you liked it
Ebou nice to see you around again, gonna check out your newest track
pitstep enjoyed your latest deserttrack
Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) '
USSRxMolot nice to hear you enjoyed the track in the UC3, also great time posted here
BrummHummel if i had more time to test and make the track i might have fixed the ramp-problem. But you need a bit of skill or luck to make the time good now
Ville glad you enjoyed it in UC3
NBAA your first award given on TMU, so glad it was to me. Awesome time again my norwegian friend, you have won lot of coppers on my tracks
TYZZ awesome award
RoJa impressive award
MasterDisaster superb feedback
  smok3y 23-Aug-2007
Wow another Andree track and coppers for everyone
  *speedy* 23-Aug-2007
man... how many coppers do you have?
Insane much
  movo. 23-Aug-2007
Whhehe, im having around 6100
  Andree 23-Aug-2007
I got now over 10 000 coppers
Most of them i think i have got from Crusards manialink. Since we made a duotrack "The Golden Scarlet by   Crusard & Andree" i get some coppers when people download the track and mod from his manialink
  movo. 23-Aug-2007
Ahhh lol u lucker!
  smok3y 23-Aug-2007
LOL someone oughta make a duo map with me too then, anyone who has a manialink like crusard
  8bit-Molot 28-Aug-2007
Ok, first 55 here But 55.3 possible
  Andree 28-Aug-2007
WOW didnt think it was human possible to beat DEnGel on this track. I'm very impressed
  Dengel 28-Aug-2007
lol it was gg molotov !

but i am not beaten yet
  Andree 28-Aug-2007
I was expecting you to hit back DEnGel, i dont know anyone better then you on island
  Dengel 28-Aug-2007
thx but loko is better (and the crazy AE, there are a lot )
  Marius 89 28-Aug-2007
I drove this track and thought, that the redord would be 56,03 and I was very
surprised, when I've beaten this time. Now I see a new record. GG DEnGel!!!!
I'm not able to get this time, but I'm of course very happy about my pb now.
  Co2 28-Aug-2007
lol look at the rating >< Supertimes and not even 10k ^^
  Dengel 29-Aug-2007
thx marius but i am sure we will see a 54 soon

i was stupid that i posted a fast time so early @ Co2 sry andree destroyed your rating

so many great times by great drivers gg all
  NBAA 30-Aug-2007
GG Dengel, GG all

Yes, i think 54 is possible too. I'm not fast enough, but also couldn't manage to mix in the fastest runs together either.
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User Awards
Showing 35 user award(s) ... Award This Track
  Vincent 25-Aug-2007
Nice tech track - a pleasure to drive. But too bad that I can´t make a good time on it...
  » Ebou / Busy! 25-Aug-2007
Hey andree!
Long time no see!
Sorry for not checking out your tracks- hopefully some time this week

1st track back and it's something easy, but challenging!
some nice corners and jumps, but sure is tricky to get a good time!
Nice to see some different styles man! Just like take the time!
funny and cool screeny!!
For you andree >> !
  pitstep 26-Aug-2007
cool noslide action
fun to drive...nice layout ideas
  Sk84funPrzemo(Loony) 26-Aug-2007
Hey man!
Great track!
Fun to play!
Good ideas!
So for you
  Co2 27-Aug-2007
nice one Andree

  8bit-Molot 27-Aug-2007
Cool track Andree! I drove this one in UC3 and i liked at once!
So a big for you! Great work!
  BrummHummel 28-Aug-2007
Awesomazing track!
wooonderful techy with some cool combinations and great speed!
the idea for the reuse is great but i absolutely hate the jump from ramp to reuse... it´s the hell and the point why i don´t will spend more time to get a good time... sry!
but the track itself deserves a real big award
great work (except the ramp )
  OLDA_X 28-Aug-2007
nice tech track

.... .... OLDA_X
  Ville 29-Aug-2007
Cool track
I've driven this in UC3, I was second after 8th round..
Anyway really fun to drive, on the warm-ups was sometimes a bit hard to find the route but I figured it out on the 1st "real" round.
Some cool ideas and crazy jumps/ droppings. Not hard, that's good, and nice speedtech
  NBAA 30-Aug-2007
Nice track. You need to be a little lucky in the uphill landing, but other than that a nice and addictive track.
  tyzz 31-Aug-2007
cool tach track

cool screnie with nice effect ^^
awesome speed
awesome flow
awesome curves it's all ^^
awesome road part^^

  Gman`w4 05-Sep-2007
great island tech... nice speed kl turns... nice ideas with the jump to tunnel and use of the ramps for platform and up and downhill cornering...really fun to play...
  .roja 12-Oct-2007
Hey andree. sry for my late award for that great Island challange.
i've tested this track before and i haven't seen the good construct and that awesome ideas
Great MT work and nice slide curves.
very good re-use and amazin jumps. =D
lovely speed and nice for WR-hunt.
Sry m8 for that late award
  MasterDisaster 13-Oct-2007
Late award
Great island techy track
I like your tech style: it's not ordinary and you always think about new stuff to build; also tech tracks allow you to explore all those weird transitions you would never put in a fullspeed track
Anyway, here are some nice jumps and transitions
Good scenery
Crazy and funny turns/layout
Great outro as always

  Seychellen 09-Nov-2007
island tech, very hard but great design
+ good parts
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