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Name: Download Back to Real Life
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   »Jan'
Version: 09-Aug-2013
TMX id: 4428092
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 29,313
Track Details
Game: TM United Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Coast Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise Vehicle: Coast
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1:00.40   Techno!+ 0:00.0029,313
Top 10ByDiff.Score  LB
1:00.54   FT»Tobbe+ 0:00.1428,905
1:00.84   viky27+ 0:00.4428,032
1:01.29   rpee89+ 0:00.8926,721
1:01.42   darkness__...+ 0:01.0226,343
1:01.51   mane+ 0:01.1126,080
1:01.61   Trackmania...+ 0:01.2125,789
1:01.74   MasterGary+ 0:01.3425,411
1:01.89   worf+ 0:01.4924,974
1:01.91   TMshock+ 0:01.5124,916
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Author Comments

Back to Real Life


Edit: 7.6.2014:Holy Sh*t, I'm still here^^ TM comes back to me again and again and, .....


I thought , "When you leave TMX, you leave it with a Track you never thought you could be able to build." Yea, I never thought I could build up a flowy, challenging Coaster like that...towards what kinda Tracks I uploaded when I joined TMX, they aren't comparable with this Coaster.
This is undoubtedly my best Track, my best Work ever.
The Track is not that easy, but should be online suitable as well (all CPs are respawnable). There are many curves and jumps to gain or loose time which should make a good challenge out of this Track. You will wonder about it first, it has many for me not usual Transitions ( I mean that I normally build different = noobish ) and my probably best work with MT and Scenery. I first thought of adding music like "It's time to say goodbye", but I luckily realized that it's not about me, it's about the Track and you to have fun. So I changed my opinion. It was important for me to upload this Track, tonight, cause I go on Holidays tomorrow early in the morning and want to offer you guys a coppers competition wherefore I prepared my server, too.


Some Track facts here:

Mood: Day
Music: Avicii - Wake me up <3
Coppers: 4967
AT: 1:02.66
: 1.03.49
MT: Intro GPS Loop Cam Respawn CP Outro


  wardav,   rulz and   MasterGary !
I don't know how to start, there were really brilliant. The Track wouldn't look like that, if they weren't there. They all helped me with there big driving and mapping experience. Thank you guys !


Now I wanna say goodbye to you. It was such a great Time to drive your Tracks, to let my Tracks be judged by you and to to have fun here. On TMX. Thank you all! Maybe we meet one Day again, probably in another Nadeo game. I'll come back in next holidays to see what's going on here. But after my trip I'll enjoy the last weeks here.
Goodbye !

User Comments
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  »Jan' 09-Aug-2013
Back Fuerteventura/Canarias Islands is worth a trip
Pls write your login for the Competition in a Comment, or PM me
Btw. Sorry for the long Author Comment

1 - Danny9910 nice to see you on TMX, thx for !
2 - wardav thx m8 for your really nice Comment, and especially for your big help in Beta !
3 - R4a»nic thx for your nice Comment and ! Pleasure to read it for me
4 - Trackmaniac Kim thx so much for always coming back to drive my Tracks thx for and very nice Feedback !
5 - Techno! thx for m8 and very nice Time !
6 - dokydom thx for your
  wardav 09-Aug-2013
Never say Never and Never say My last forever
I dont like this words in comment, rly dont like it.
Rest is OK. Have a nice holidays.

Nice screen .
Good music - not included in track - listen link
  Trackmaniac Kim 09-Aug-2013
Great Song
  FT»@ndy 10-Aug-2013
no sry,. the track is just boring. the jumps /drops aren't even smooth and i can't find any flowly section here. Sry but i didn't enjoy this track at all
  Techno! 10-Aug-2013
waiting for the track "Back to Trackmania" or "Back to Virtual Life"
  Enryx 10-Aug-2013
That song no no no no NO NO NO
Possibly the most over-rated of the year together with Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'

Luckily I dont play with sound so I'll try the map

P.s. I talk about how the song "sounds" not how 2deep4me are the lyrics
  _firestorrm 12-Aug-2013
Well. Solid work. No Big faults here. But still, I can't fully enjoy it somehow. I don't know.
  SimplyNick 31-Aug-2013
Another unlegit comp for keyboard players... cause of coast
Best was a 1.02.92 I should get extra bonus points
Laters Jan
  »Jan' 01-Sep-2013
All Coppers send

Coppers Compo closed !
I stayed in Top Ten, so everybody gets +75Coppers
1 Techno! 5k
2 Tobbe 2,5k
3 viky27 1,75k
4 rpee89 1,5k
5 darkness_star 1,25k
6 mane 1k
7 Kim 900cc
8 shock! 800cc
10 amundsaen 600
  -Chaos- 18-Mar-2014
Stopped playing at a 1:02.88. Well, nice track, but i don't like neither FullSpeed no fail, nor jump around style.
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User Awards
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User Award   River_Rat24 21-Aug-2013
Nice coaster! Haven't seen very many good ones lately. Too bad you're not staying to do more.
User Award   darkness__star 22-Aug-2013
For sure it's one of your best map well calculated jumps, challenging turns with a really good flow : everything is gathered to make a really good map
Here is a well deserved award
nice job
User Award   TMshock 24-Aug-2013
I am ill in the moment, so I can`t post a better time. I am too less conentrated. But to the track. The challenge is high. Many gaining-points. Scenery is ok. The track gives you enough alternation to try it again, so ye. Nice track
User Award   rpee89 24-Aug-2013
Really nice work on this coaster Jan, I hope it's not your last one because it is the best track in a long time here

Many kinds of transitions and nice flow all the way to the end makes this track lots of fun

( login: rpee )
User Award   viky27 30-Aug-2013
Really nice track.
A bit hard to master, but fun to drive.

Login: viky27
User Award   asrock 02-Sep-2013
Nice track for online server
User Award   Zyre 18-Dec-2013
Top racing - fast, tricky, smooth and addictive - Did I mention that it's well -

MT ++

User Award   1967 20-Dec-2013
Very nice Coaster Top
User Award   VY Cma [out until summer] 26-Dec-2013
[+++] Great Veeery well big
User Award   SkunkY 29-Dec-2013
Solid coaster
User Award   MasterGary 07-Jun-2014
Cool screen, great MT!
Track is fantastic - rest has been said in Betatest
Truely deserved
User Award   timmy»UD 13-Jun-2014
great track
User Award   uk.VividReamer 19-Dec-2018
Impressive mapping!
> well calculated with a good flow, jumps and action everywhere.
..and you clearly know the mediatracker better than most.
But sadly i'm not fast enough to make the top10 list here..
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